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Mary Shelley

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Professor Regina Buccola of Roosevelt University explains the main characters in Mary Shelley's book Frankenstein (1818).

Frankenstein | Characters

Character Description
Victor Frankenstein Frankenstein is the scientist who created the Monster. Read More
The Monster The Monster is the eight-foot-tall monster Victor Frankenstein creates. Read More
Robert Walton Walton is the Arctic explorer whose letters to his sister open and close the novel. Read More
Henry Clerval Victor's closest friend, Henry is a fellow student at the university. Read More
Elizabeth Lavenza Victor's cousin, Elizabeth is also his adopted sister and, later, his wife. Read More
Alphonse Frankenstein Alphonse is Victor's father. Read More
Justine Moritz One of the servants in the Frankenstein household, Justine is framed for the murder of William Frankenstein. Read More
Agatha De Lacey Agatha is a French exile and the daughter of M. De Lacey, whom she treats with great kindness and deference.
Felix De Lacey Felix is a French exile and the son of M. De Lacey. He is in love with a Turkish woman, Safie, and rescues her and her father at great personal danger.
M. De Lacey The head of the family of exiles the Monster hopes to join, M. De Lacey is old, blind, and poor. Descended from a good family in France, he lost his fortune, social standing, and home when he helped Safie's father, who later betrayed him.
Caroline Frankenstein Caroline is Victor's mother, who dies of scarlet fever after nursing her niece/daughter Elizabeth through the same illness and expressing her long-held hope that Victor will marry Elizabeth.
Ernest Frankenstein Ernest is Victor's younger brother.
William Frankenstein William is Victor's youngest brother and the Monster's first victim.
Mr. Kirwin Kirwin is a judge in charge of Victor's trial in Ireland for the death of Henry.
M. Krempe An arrogant science professor at the University of Ingolstadt, Krempe is one of Victor's teachers and mocks him.
Magistrate The magistrate is a criminal judge in Geneva to whom Victor relates his story about the Monster.
Daniel Nugent Nugent is a witness in Victor's murder trial in Ireland.
Nurse The nurse cares for Victor while he is in prison in Ireland.
Safie The beautiful Turkish woman whom Felix De Lacey loves, Safie leaves Italy after her father's betrayal of the De Laceys and makes her way to that family.
Safie's Father A treacherous Turkish merchant, Safie's father is helped by Felix De Lacey but then betrays his family.
Margaret Saville Margaret is Robert Walton's sister and the person to whom he addresses his letters.
M. Waldman A kindly chemistry professor at the University of Ingolstadt, Waldman supports Victor's ambition and teaches him a great deal about chemistry.
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