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Frankenstein | Study Guide

Mary Shelley

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Frankenstein | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • November 17

    Victor brings the Monster to life; horrified, he flees.

    Volume 1, Chapter 4
  • Spring, following year

    The Monster takes refuge in a hut and starts learning from the De Laceys.

    Volume 2, Chapter 3
  • Winter, following year

    Rejected by the De Laceys, the Monster burns down their home and sets off.

    Volume 2, Chapter 8
  • May, same year

    The Monster kills William Frankenstein and frames Justine Moritz, who is convicted and hanged.

    Volume 2, Chapter 8
  • August, same year

    The Monster convinces Victor to make him a mate.

    Volume 2, Chapter 8
  • Spring, 2 years later

    Victor destroys the female monster; the Monster vows revenge.

    Volume 3, Chapter 3
  • Spring, same year

    The Monster kills Henry and frames Victor, but he is later exonerated.

    Volume 3, Chapter 4
  • Summer, same year

    Victor and Elizabeth marry; the Monster kills Elizabeth on her wedding night.

    Volume 3, Chapter 5
  • August 5, 2 years later

    While his ship is trapped in ice, Walton rescues Victor.

    Letter 4
  • September, same year

    Victor dies; the Monster appears on Walton's ship, mourns Victor, and leaves.

    Walton, in Continuation

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Prefatory Matter The title page contains the subtitle The Modern Prometheus and an epigraph taken from John Milton's epic poem Paradise L... Read More
Letters 1–4 Robert Walton, preparing to explore the North Pole, relates the progress of planning for his expedition in a letter da... Read More
Volume 1, Chapter 1 Here Victor Frankenstein begins his story and takes over the narration. He recounts his early years. Victor traces his f... Read More
Volume 1, Chapter 2 When Victor was 17 years old, his parents decided that he should attend the University of Ingolstadt in Germany. Before ... Read More
Volume 1, Chapter 3 For two years Victor was a dedicated and determined chemistry student, working hard and making speedy progress. He says,... Read More
Volume 1, Chapter 4 Victor relates to Walton his success. He brought the Monster to life in November. The process by which the Monster was a... Read More
Volume 1, Chapter 5 As the flashback continues, Victor relates that Henry gave him Elizabeth's letter, which was filled with family news and... Read More
Volume 1, Chapter 6 Victor's relation continues. His happy mood abruptly ended back in Ingolstadt on receiving a letter from his father, inf... Read More
Volume 1, Chapter 7 As Victor's story continues, Justine's trial took place later that morning, and the entire family attended. Victor, terr... Read More
Volume 2, Chapter 1 As Victor explains to Walton, his mood sank even lower, as he was "seized by remorse and the sense of guilt, which hurri... Read More
Volume 2, Chapter 2 Victor explains that he and the others spent a day in nature, near the Arve River, and Victor's "grief" was "subdued and... Read More
Volume 2, Chapter 3 The narrative voice shifts, as now the Monster is telling the story—which is, really, Walton's recounting of Victor's re... Read More
Volume 2, Chapter 4 The Monster was especially impressed by the gentle way the De Lacey family members treated each other, but he noticed th... Read More
Volume 2, Chapter 5 One day, the Monster saw a beautiful young lady arrive at the cottage, to Felix's great delight. She is Safie, the woman... Read More
Volume 2, Chapter 6 Here, the Monster recounts the history of the De Lacey family. Some years before, they were wealthy and distinguished in... Read More
Volume 2, Chapter 7 Continuing his narration, the Monster relates that one evening he found a suitcase of books (Paradise Lost, Plutarch's L... Read More
Volume 2, Chapter 8 That night, in a fury, the Monster declared "everlasting war" against all humans, especially Victor Frankenstein. Later,... Read More
Volume 2, Chapter 9 The Monster has finished his story, and Victor becomes narrator again, continuing the events of the past. The Monster in... Read More
Volume 3, Chapter 1 Not eager to begin his work, Victor relates, he procrastinated in Geneva and found "returning tranquility" on the lake. ... Read More
Volume 3, Chapter 2 Victor and Henry lived in London during the winter. Their touring and stay in London failed to rouse Victor from his dep... Read More
Volume 3, Chapter 3 Victor recounts that as he worked on making the female monster, he thought back three years to when he had built the mal... Read More
Volume 3, Chapter 4 In front of the magistrate and several witnesses, Victor learned that the body of a handsome young man washed ashore. In... Read More
Volume 3, Chapter 5 Victor relates to Walton that he and his father then went to France. During this trip, Victor told his father he was res... Read More
Volume 3, Chapter 6 Victor continues his relation. He and Elizabeth walked along the shore near the inn where they were staying. Back at the... Read More
Volume 3, Chapter 7 For months, Victor chased the Monster across the globe, the desire for revenge keeping him alive. He first spent the nig... Read More
Walton, in Continuation The novel closes as it began, with letters Walton writes to his sister. In the first of these final letters, dated Augus... Read More
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