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David Mamet

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Glengarry Glen Ross | Infographic

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Check out this Infographic to learn more about David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross. Study visually with character maps, plot summaries, helpful context, and more.

glengarry-glen-ross-david-mametShelly Levene, Act 1, Scene 1on’t look at the board, look at me.Sources: A.V. Club, Encyclopaedia Britannica, The Paris Review,David Mamet: Language as Dramatic Action by Anne DeanCopyright © 2017 Course Hero, Inc.LeadsGood leads advantage some, creating the offices pecking order.RacismRuthless and unethical, characters slur Polish and Indian leads.WELCOMEMotifsSpeech & LanguageCharacters swear and speak crudely to assert their dominance.&*#%!#@%&!Romas gullible client; tries to back out of a deal at his wifes insistenceJames LingkSmug, vindictive office manager; sabotages other characters out of spiteJohn WilliamsonRuthless, top-selling salesman; always looking for a way to pitch a saleRichard RomaAging, unsuccessful salesman; robs the office to sell leads to the competitionShelly LeveneMain CharactersKnown for “Mamet Speak,” a distinct blend of profanity and poetry that conveys character and story, Mamet won the 1984 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for Glengarry Glen Ross. Inspired to write the play by conversations overheard at a restaurant, Mamet also drew on his own experiences working in a property sales office.DAVID MAMETBORN 1947AuthorPersonal success comes at the expense of others, and failure is stigmatized.Success & FailureOnly the most successful and powerful in the office are considered “real men.”Masculine SuperiorityThe best opportunities go tothe most successful and unethical salesmen.Immorality of CapitalismSet in the early 1980s, Glengarry Glen Ross is a searing drama about masculinity, the price of success, and morally corrupt capitalism. In a dog-eat-dog sales competition, four real estate representatives fight ruthlessly to keep their jobs. Who will survive to sell another day? Always Be ClosingTHEMESEnglishOriginal Language1983Year PublishedDavid MametAuthorGlengarry Glen RossDramaPlay

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