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March 5th, 1971




Go Ask Alice is a 1971 novel about the life of a troubled teenage girl. It is written by Beatrice Sparks in the form of the diary of an anonymous teenage girl who becomes addicted to drugs. The diarist's name is never given in the book. The novel's title was taken from a line in the 1967 Grace Slick-penned Jefferson Airplane song "White Rabbit", which is itself a reference to a scene in Lewis Carroll's book Alice's Adventures In Wonderland where Alice eats a cookie that makes her grow large. Go Ask Alice is presented as an anti-drug testimonial. Claimed to be taken from an actual diary, the story caused a sensation when published, and remained in print as of 2012. Revelations about the book's origin cast doubt on its authenticity and factual accounts, and the publishers have listed it as a work of fiction since at least the mid-late 1980s. Although it is still published under the byline "Anonymous", it is largely or wholly the work of its purported editor, Beatrice Sparks. Some of the days and dates referenced in the book put the timeline from 1968 until 1970.


Richie, Alice, Joel, Sheila, Chris, Roger

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