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Go Set a Watchman | Characters

Character Description
Jean Louise Finch Jean Louise Finch is the 26-year-old daughter of widowed lawyer Atticus Finch, and Hank's girlfriend. She is the grown-up "Scout," child narrator of To Kill a Mockingbird. Read More
Atticus Finch Atticus Finch is the father of Jean Louise and her brother, the deceased Jem. He is a respected lawyer in Maycomb, Alabama. Read More
Henry "Hank" Clinton Henry "Hank" Clinton is a young lawyer and was a close friend of Jean Louise's deceased brother, Jem. Atticus treats him like a son, and he hopes to marry Jean Louise. Read More
Uncle Jack Dr. Jack Finch, a well-educated physician and the brother of Atticus and Alexandra, has a special place in Jean Louise's heart. Considered eccentric and a little crazy by some, he is the person Jean Louise goes to for straight answers. Read More
Aunt Alexandra Aunt Alexandra, sister to Atticus and Jack, is a relative with whom Jean Louise finds herself in frequent conflict. Aunt Alexandra represents the views of many upper middle-class white Southerners in the 1950s. She is a live-in caretaker for Atticus. Read More
Albert Jean Louise's childhood friend is a waiter at the restaurant she goes to with Hank.
Miss Blunt Miss Blunt is Jean Louise's sixth grade teacher.
Calpurnia Calpurnia was the Finch's long-time black cook, but she left after Jem's death. Jean Louise's inner turmoil increases when she realizes that racial tensions have created distance between her and this woman who was like a mother to her when she was a little girl.
Albert Coningham Albert, referenced in a flashback, is a sixth-grade classmate who kissed Jean Louise, causing her to think she was pregnant.
Mr. Cunningham He is the owner of the ice cream parlor built on the site of Jean Louise's childhood home.
Jean Graham Finch Jean Graham Finch was Jean Louise's mother, who died when Jean Louise was two years old.
Jeremy Atticus "Jem" Finch Jem was Jean Louise's older brother, who died two years prior to the beginning of the story. Jem, Dill, and Jean Louise were close companions throughout their childhood.
Sarah Finley Sarah is a guest at Aunt Alexandra's coffee party held for Jean Louise.
Frank Frank, who is Calpurnia's grandson and Zeebo's son, accidentally runs over and kills a white man; Atticus agrees to defend him.
Francis Hancock Francis is Aunt Alexandra's son, an insurance salesman who lives in Birmingham.
James Hancock James is Aunt Alexandra's estranged husband; although still married, they have lived apart since he left her 15 years ago.
Charles Baker "Dill" Harris Dill was the close childhood friend of Jean Louise's brother, Jem. Although he now lives in Italy, Jean Louise still misses his companionship.
Mrs. Clyde Haskins Mrs. Haskins is the organist at the Methodist church.
Mr. Healy Mr. Healy is the white man killed by Calpurnia's grandson, Frank.
Helen Helen is Zeebo's wife and Calpurnia's daughter-in-law.
Irene Irene is Jem's high school girlfriend, referenced in a flashback.
Herbert Jemson Herbert is the Methodist church music director who tries unsuccessfully to implement changes in the singing of the Doxology, a standard set of hymns sung at Sunday services.
Tom-Carl Joyner Tom-Carl is an associate of William Willoughby.
Claudine McDowell Claudine is one of the guests at the coffee party.
Mr. and Mrs. Merriweather The Merriweathers are a Maycomb couple seeking a divorce after 42 years of marriage.
Rev. Moorehead Reverend Moorehead is a revivalist preacher who was invited to a dinner at the Finch home when Jean Louise was a child.
Grady O'Hanlon Grady O'Hanlon is a segregationist speaker at the Citizens' Council meeting that Jean Louise listens in on.
Francine Owen Francine was a sixth-grade classmate of Jean Louise; she and her sister were raped by their father when they were little girls, which is referenced in a flashback.
Miss Rachel Miss Rachel was the next-door neighbor to the Finches during Jean Louise's childhood and is a great-aunt of Dill's; she is referenced in a flashback.
Hester Sinclair Hester is a guest at the coffee party; her racist views result in an argument with Jean Louise.
Joshua Singleton St. Clair Joshua is Jean Louise's cousin. Although Aunt Alexandra speaks well of him, he committed a crime and has spent most of his life in prison.
Ada Belle Stevens Ada Belle is Jean Louise's sixth grade classmate who told her that kissing leads to pregnancy.
Mr. Stone Mr. Stone is the Methodist minister who preaches about the Biblical text Isaiah 21:6. The title of the novel is based on this text.
Judge Taylor Judge Taylor is the judge of Maycomb County.
Mr. Tuffett Mr. Tuffett is the school principal referenced in the flashback of the school dance where Jean Louise lost her falsies.
William Willoughby William Willoughby is a member of the Citizens' Council, and long considered by Atticus to be of poor moral character.
Zeebo Zeebo is Calpurnia's son and Frank's father.
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