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Margaret Mitchell

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Gone with the Wind | Characters

Character Description
Scarlett O'Hara Scarlett O'Hara is a willful, vain, attractive, and calculating woman determined to get whatever she wants. As the eldest daughter of the O'Hara family, she becomes head of the family and does whatever she must to protect her family and her plantation. Read More
Rhett Butler Rhett Butler is a gambler and speculator who has an on-again, off-again relationship with Scarlett, eventually becoming her third husband. Read More
Ashley Wilkes Ashley Wilkes is a Southern gentleman who has lost his place in the world. He is married to Melanie but deeply attracted to Scarlett; Scarlett reciprocates his feelings. Read More
Melanie Wilkes Melanie Wilkes, Ashley's wife, is a frail-looking but surprisingly determined woman. As Charles Hamilton's sister, she is also Scarlett's sister-in-law, and she turns out to be Scarlett's greatest friend. Read More
Mammy Mammy is an African American slave who worked for Scarlett's mother and helped raise Scarlett and her sisters; later Mammy helps raise Scarlett's children. Read More
Charles Hamilton Charles Hamilton is Scarlett's first husband and Melanie's brother; together Charles and Scarlett have one child, Wade. Charles dies of illness in the early days of the Civil War. Read More
Frank Kennedy Frank Kennedy is Scarlett's second husband; together Frank and Scarlett have one child, Ella. Frank is engaged to Scarlett's sister, Suellen, before Scarlett set her sights on him. Read More
Archie Archie is a driver hired to protect Scarlett; he drives her to town and to the mill while tensions are running high between whites and African Americans.
Will Benteen Will Benteen is a Confederate soldier who ends up at Tara as he tries to make his way home after the Civil War. Will becomes a source of support and help for Scarlett; eventually he marries Suellen and takes charge of Tara.
Big Sam Big Sam is a slave at Tara until the Confederate army takes him away to help during the war. After the war he travels North, but then he returns to Atlanta and helps Scarlett when she is attacked.
Bonnie Butler Bonnie Butler is Scarlett and Rhett's daughter. Rhett adores her, and he is devastated when she dies in an accident.
Dilcey Dilcey, a part–Native American slave, is married to Pork. Gerald O'Hara bought her so she could be with Pork, and she feels immense loyalty to the O'Hara family because of that.
Grandma Fontaine Grandma Fontaine is matriarch of the Fontaine family, whose plantation is near Tara. After the war Grandma Fontaine repeatedly tries to give Scarlett advice.
Tony Fontaine Tony Fontaine is part of the Fontaine family, whose plantation is near Tara. After the war he kills Jonas Wilkerson and runs away to Texas.
Johnnie Gallegher Johnny Gallegher is the rough, mean, Irishman who Scarlett hires to run her mills. Scarlett knows he is cruel to the convict workers, but he makes her money so she leaves him alone.
Aunt Pittypat Hamilton Aunt Pittypat is Charles and Melanie's aunt, and she helped raise them. She is a silly woman who loves her family and hates anything "unpleasant." Her nickname came from her very small feet.
Wade Hamilton Wade Hamilton is Scarlett and Charles's son. Scarlett frequently ignores or speaks sharply to him, so he is happier spending time with his Aunt Melanie or "Uncle" Rhett.
Ella Kennedy Ella Kennedy is Scarlett and Frank's daughter. She is described as not very pretty and extremely silly.
Carreen O'Hara Carreen O'Hara is Scarlett's baby sister. She is brokenhearted when her fiancé, Brent Tarleton, is killed during the war.
Ellen Robillard O'Hara Ellen Robillard O'Hara is married to Gerald and is mother to Scarlett, Suellen, and Carreen. She also had three infant sons who died. She is a "great lady" from an elegant Southern family and mistress of the plantation Tara when the novel begins.
Gerald O'Hara Gerald O'Hara, an Irishman, is married to Ellen and is father to Scarlett, Suellen, and Carreen. He owns the plantation and teaches Scarlett to love and fight for it.
Suellen O'Hara Suellen O'Hara is one of Scarlett's younger sisters. She often whines and complains, and she is infuriated when Scarlett steals her future husband, Frank.
Uncle Peter Uncle Peter is Aunt Pittypat's devoted slave and coachman.
Pork Pork is Gerald's personal slave and valet; he stays on to help the family after Gerald's death.
Prissy Prissy is Dilcey's dull-minded teenage daughter; she is of little use as a slave and servant.
Emmie Slattery Emmie Slattery is a "poor white" who lives near Tara; she frequently asks Ellen O'Hara for help. Emmie becomes pregnant out of wedlock and later infects Ellen with typhoid, leading to Ellen's death.
Beatrice Tarleton Beatrice Tarleton owns a plantation near Tara. She is mother to twin suitors of Scarlett, Brent and Stuart, and several other children, but she generally cares more about horses than humans.
Brent Tarleton Brent Tarleton, a Southern gentleman, is one of Scarlett's suitors; he later becomes engaged to Carreen but dies in the Civil War.
Stuart Tarleton Stuart Tarleton, like his brother Brent, is a Southern gentleman, and one of Scarlett's suitors; he, too, dies in the Civil War.
"Uncle" Peter "Uncle" Peter is a slave who has cared for Aunt Pittypat and the Hamiltons since Charles and Melanie were children.
Belle Watling Belle Watling is the "bad woman" of Atlanta who runs a house of prostitution; she has a long-standing relationship with Rhett and resents Scarlett.
Jonas Wilkerson Jonas Wilkerson, the overseer at Tara, is fired after he gets Emmie Slattery pregnant. After the Civil War he tries to force Scarlett to sell Tara.
Beau Wilkes Beau Wilkes is Ashley and Melanie's son. Scarlett likes Beau better than her own children.
India Wilkes India Wilkes is Ashley's sister. She hates Scarlett because Scarlett stole her beau.
John Wilkes John Wilkes owns Twelve Oaks, the plantation nearest Tara, and he is Ashley and India's father. He dies during the Civil War.
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