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Gone with the Wind | Study Guide

Margaret Mitchell

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Gone with the Wind | Infographic

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Check out this Infographic to learn more about Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind. Study visually with character maps, plot summaries, helpful context, and more.

Sources: The Atlantic,, CNN, IMDb,, PBS, Copyright © 2017 Course Hero, Inc. won't think of this or that bothersome thought now. I'll think about it tomorrow. Scarlett, Chapter 11 Tara The O’Hara family plantation; symbolizes the prewar Southern way of life Clothes Stand for wealth, abundance, and adherence to societal expectations Skin Represents status and worth by its color and condition Men vs. Women While the men in Scarlett’s world may appear to have all the power, women find their own ways to rule. Symbols Survival If they’re willing to do whatever it takes, some people can live through anything—war, poverty, loss, and heartbreak. Breeding & Bloodlines In the Civil War–era South, some people’s superiority is “in their blood,” but good breeding doesn’t always make good people. Themes Mitchell grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, listening to family stories of the Civil War. She poured all she learned into her only published novel, Gone with the Wind. The sweeping saga of survival and loss during and after the Civil War has become a beloved classic. MARGARET MITCHELL1900–49 Author Passion, Pride & Petticoats MAIN CHARACTERS Scarlett O’Hara is a flirt with a soul of steel. Thwarted in her love for the tame Ashley Wilkes, she marries and remarries, survives the Civil War, fights fiercely for her beloved plantation, and finds her fiery match in the roguish Rhett Butler. When Ashley is finally free to marry her, Scarlett must decide whom she truly loves. Scarlett O’Hara Charismatic woman determined to get her way Frank Kennedy Kind, well-off older man; Scarlett's second husband Charles Hamilton Wealthy, romantic young man; marries Scarlett but dies young Rhett Butler Gambler and speculator; has volatile relationship with Scarlett Ashley Wilkes Southern gentleman; weak-willed and lost after the war Mammy Enslaved African American woman; raises Scarlett and her children Melanie Wilkes Frail-looking but determined; fiercely devoted friend Oscars won by the 1939 movie adaptation of Gone with the Wind 8 Amount paid in 1936 for movie rights to Gone with the Wind—the highest amount ever paid to a debut novelist at the time $50,000 Year Mitchell won the Pulitzer Prize for Gone with the Wind 1937 Gone with the Windby the Numbers English Original Language 1936 Year Published Margaret Mitchell Author Gone withthe Wind Historical Fiction Novel

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