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Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

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Grimms' Fairy Tales (Selected) | Story Summaries


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Story Summary
The Brave Little Tailor One summer day a tailor is working near his open window. Pestered by flies, he snatches up a rag and manages to kill sev... Read More
The Bremen Town Musicians An old donkey is beginning to lose his strength. When he realizes his master wants to kill him, he runs away. On his jou... Read More
Briar Rose Having waited a long time to bear a child, a king and queen are despondent over their inability to have children. A frog... Read More
Cinderella The wife of a rich man dies, leaving the widower and their daughter. On her deathbed, the mother tells her daughter, "If... Read More
Clever Gretel A happy, self-assured cook named Gretel has a cheerful disposition and enjoys wearing shoes with red heels. She also has... Read More
The Fisherman and His Wife A fisherman and his wife, named Ilsebill, are so poor they live in a pigsty. The fisherman fishes every day, waiting pat... Read More
The Frog King, or Iron Heinrich A king lives with his daughters in a castle near a wood. All the girls are beautiful, but the youngest is so lovely that... Read More
Furrypelts This tale is an earlier version of "Cinderella." Just before a king's beautiful wife dies, she makes him promise to rema... Read More
The Girl Without Hands A miller has become so poor that his only remaining possessions are his mill and the apple tree behind it. One day he's ... Read More
The Golden Goose A husband and wife have three sons. The youngest—a seemingly dimwitted boy named Dummy—is the family outcast and is larg... Read More
The Goose Girl A widowed queen lives with her beautiful daughter, who's engaged to a prince in a different land. As the wedding date ap... Read More
Hansel and Gretel At the edge of a great forest live a poor woodcutter, his two children, Hansel and Gretel, and his second wife, the chil... Read More
The Hare and the Hedgehog On a beautiful Sunday morning, a hedgehog who lives near a field decides to check on the turnip crop, where he's used to... Read More
Jorinda and Joringel A castle lies deep in the woods. The old woman who lives there can turn herself into a cat or an owl and loves to lure w... Read More
Little Brother and Little Sister Little Brother and Little Sister decide to leave home, since their cruel stepmother has been beating them and making the... Read More
Little Red Riding Hood Everyone loves Little Red Riding Hood, so nicknamed because of the red velvet hood she wears. Fondest of all is her gran... Read More
Mother Holle A widow has an ugly, lazy daughter and a beautiful, hardworking stepdaughter. The widow loves her own daughter but treat... Read More
Rapunzel A man and his wife have longed for a child, and finally the wife becomes pregnant. There's a beautiful walled garden beh... Read More
Rumpelstiltskin A poor miller has a beautiful daughter. By chance, the miller is granted an audience with the king. Hoping to impress th... Read More
The Six Servants An aging sorceress has the most beautiful daughter under the sun. But rather than help her daughter make a happy marriag... Read More
Snow White One winter day, a queen is sewing by an ebony-framed window and looking out at the feathery snowflakes. She pricks her f... Read More
Thumbling A poor peasant and his wife wish desperately for a child. The wife finally becomes pregnant, but the baby turns out to b... Read More
The Twelve Brothers A king and queen live happily with their 12 sons. When the queen becomes pregnant again, the king says that if the new b... Read More
The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats An old mother goat lives with her seven beloved little kids. One day she decides to forage for food in the woods. She wa... Read More
The Cat and Mouse in Partnership A cat befriends a mouse and is so persuasive about her fondness for the smaller animal that the mouse agrees they should... Read More
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