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Jonathan Swift

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Course Hero Literature Instructor Russell Jaffe explains the main characters in Jonathan Swift's novel Gulliver's Travels.

Gulliver's Travels | Characters

Character Description
Gulliver Lemuel Gulliver is a ship surgeon from London who visits fantastical lands, and learns about other cultures and his own during his many voyages at sea. Read More
Emperor of Lilliput The tiny monarch turns against Gulliver when Gulliver refuses to do his bidding in war. Read More
Glumdalclitch A Brobdingnagian farmer's daughter takes care of Gulliver during his two years in the country. Read More
King of Laputa The king rules an esoteric people who live on a floating island in the sky. Read More
Houyhnhnm Master A Houyhnhnm takes in Gulliver, educates him about Houyhnhnm society, and roundly criticizes Yahoo ways. Read More
Governor of Glubbdubdrib An island ruler and sorcerer, the governor allows Gulliver to talk to the dead. Read More
Ambassador of Blefuscu The ambassador is sent to negotiate peace with Lilliput and is friendly with Gulliver.
James Bates Bates is the doctor Gulliver apprentices with in his early career.
John Biddel Biddel is captain of the ship that brings Gulliver home from Lilliput and Blefuscu.
Mary Burton Mary is Gulliver's wife, who raises their children while he is at sea.
Customs agent A Japanese customs agent advises Gulliver on the safest way for him to travel with the crew of a Dutch ship to Europe.
Don Pedro Don Pedro captains the Portuguese ship that rescues Gulliver after his time with the Houyhnhnms and convinces Gulliver to go home.
Emperor of Blefuscu The emperor of Lilliput's enemy country offers Gulliver sanctuary when Gulliver is accused of treason in Lilliput.
Emperor of Japan The ruler of Japan allows Gulliver passage back to Europe.
Empress of Lilliput The emperor's wife likes Gulliver until he extinguishes a palace fire by urinating on her rooms.
Farmer A Brobdingnagian giant finds Gulliver and puts him on display for money.
Flimnap The Lilliputian Secretary of the Treasury resents Gulliver and encourages his downfall.
King of Brobdingnag The giant monarch finds Gulliver amusing and never takes him seriously.
King of Luggnagg The king demands that all those who enter his court lick the floor before his throne.
Laputan lord A lord in Laputa arranges Gulliver's passage to Balnibarbi.
Lilliputian friend Gulliver's Lilliputian friend informs him of his treason and describes the plan for his execution.
Munodi A prosperous lord hosts Gulliver when he arrives in Balnibarbi.
John Nicholas The captain sails the Adventure, on which Gulliver serves before he is stranded in Brobdingnag.
William Prichard The captain of the Antelope is lost at sea when Gulliver lands on Lilliput.
Projectors Incompetent scholars who rule in Balnibarbi and are bent on bettering life there.
Queen of Brobdingnag The queen buys Gulliver from a farmer and makes him her pet.
Reldresal Gulliver's friend in the Lilliputian court argues for merciful punishment when Gulliver is accused of treason.
William Robinson Robinson captains the Hopewell, the ship Gulliver travels on to Laputa.
Struldbrugs In each generation a few immortals are born in Luggnagg who age normally and are cursed to an eternity of old age.
Thomas Wilcocks Wilcocks captains the ship that returns Gulliver to England from Brobdingnag.
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