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Guns, Germs, and Steel | Glossary


Anna Karenina: a novel by 19th-century Russian author Leo Tolstoy

blueprint copying: replicating the practice of a technology such as writing or agriculture through close examination

Clovis sites: the earliest sites of human settlement in the Americas, named for the first such site identified in Clovis, New Mexico

founder crops: the first crops developed, which serve as markers of earlier agriculture

Great Leap Forward: the stage of human evolution that produced modern peoples, particularly language faculties, social organization, and eventually food production

idea diffusion: the process of learning about a practice such as writing or agriculture and developing one's own practices without direct contact with the original technology

kleptocracy: a government defined by theft, particularly by elites

Late Pleistocene: a period in geologic history marked by cold temperatures and global glaciation from roughly 130,000 to 12,000 years ago; corresponds to a period of global warming, glacial melt, and the expansion of human population zones

Maori and Moriori: peoples of the Polynesian islands who came into conflict in the early 19th century

mobile food producers: peoples who use both the practices of hunting and gathering and limited forms of farming to survive

structuralism: an anthropological movement originated by Claude Lévi-Strauss that analyzes social relationships in terms of common structures

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