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Saul Bellow

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Check out this Infographic to learn more about Saul Bellow's Herzog. Study visually with character maps, plot summaries, helpful context, and more.

Herzog, Chapter 6 willfully misread my contract. I never wasthe principal, but only on loan to myself. Sources: The Guardian, The New Yorker,, Vanity Fair Copyright © 2018 Course Hero, Inc. Interior Spaces Represent issues of identity The Outdoors Offers opportunities for respite and healing The Ludeyville House Represents the ideal domestic life Moses and Madeleine can’t share Motifs Herzog’s generous and sensual lover; a capable and intelligent woman Ramona Donsell Charming radio announcer and Herzog’s former best friend; now lives with Madeleine Valentine Gersbach Manipulative ex-wife of Herzog; infatuated with her clothes and appearance Madeleine Pontritter Failed intellectual, self-centered ex-husband, and would-be lover Moses Herzog Main Characters Bellow’s sense of being an outsider came from his immigrant family. His writing explored identity, morality, and being Jewish in a post-Holocaust world. He won multiple National Book Awards and the Nobel Prize in Literature. His novels helped make Jewish identity a part of the American literary experience. SAUL BELLOW1915–2005 Author After a car crash and arrest, he finds peace and commits to his girlfriend. Time to Move Intent on murdering his ex-wife, Herzog spies on her but changes his mind. Spying on Madeleine After his wife leaves him, Herzog wonders how to move on with his life. A Mess of a Life Herzog’s wife left him for his best friend, taking their daughter with her.He has an unfinished dissertation, a wreck of a house, and a girlfriendwho wants him to commit. Concern for his daughter leads him to planto confront his ex-wife, but nothing turns out the way he expected. What Do YouDo When YourLife Falls Apart? OVERVIEW English Original Language 1964 Year Published Saul Bellow Author Herzog Fiction Novel

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