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Histories | Glossary


archon: (n) one of the nine ruling council members in ancient Athens

conspirator: (n) a member of a scheme or conspiracy

deme: (n) a village in the Attica region

democracy: (n) rule by election of representatives from ordinary people

ephor: (n) one of the five ruling council members in ancient Sparta

exile: (v) to send away a member of a community and forbid their return

helot: (n) class of Spartan slaves

hoplite: (n) soldier armed with a spear and a shield called a hoplon

ignominious: (adj) undignified or insulting

impostor: (n) a person who pretends to be another person in a scheme

magi: (n) Persian class of priests

oligarchy: (n) rule by a small group of elites

oracle: (n) a priest who grants predictions about the future

ostracism: (n) ancient Athenian practice of exiling the losers of elections

pentecoster: (n) 50-oared warship

trireme: (n) warship with three banks of oars

tyranny: (n) rule by a single individual

tyrant: (n) in the ancient world, the sole ruler of a state

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