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Louis Sachar

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Holes | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Five generations ago

    Elya Yelnats forgets a promise to a friend, bringing a curse on himself and his descendants.

    Part 1, Chapter 7
  • 110 years ago

    Trout Walker leads a racially motivated mob murder, and rain stops falling on Green Lake, Texas.

    Part 1, Chapter 26
  • About 100 years ago

    After being assaulted in the desert, Stanley Yelnats I survives on a place he calls "God's thumb."

    Part 2, Chapter 29
  • About 90 years ago

    Kissin' Kate Barlow buries a stolen fortune in the desert and dies, daring Trout Walker to find it.

    Part 1, Chapter 28
  • A few months ago

    Stanley Yelnats IV is wrongly convicted of stealing a pair of shoes.

    Part 1, Chapter 6
  • May 24

    Stanley Yelnats IV arrives at Camp Green Lake, where he must dig a hole every day.

    Part 1, Chapter 4
  • Weeks later

    Stanley digs up an object that once belonged to Kissin' Kate Barlow.

    Part 1, Chapter 13
  • Weeks later

    Stanley starts teaching Zero to read.

    Part 1, Chapter 22
  • July 8

    Zero runs away from Camp Green Lake.

    Part 2, Chapter 30
  • A few days later

    Stanley runs away to look for Zero.

    Part 2, Chapter 32
  • Hours later

    Stanley finds Zero hiding beneath a wrecked boat in the middle of the dry lake bed.

    Part 2, Chapter 34
  • Hours later

    Stanley carries Zero to the top of the Big Thumb, ending the curse on his family.

    Part 2, Chapter 38
  • The next day

    Stanley's father's luck changes, and he makes enough money to hire Ms. Morengo to free Stanley.

    Part 3, Chapter 50
  • Days later

    Stanley and Zero return in secret to Camp Green Lake to dig up Kissin' Kate Barlow's treasure.

    Part 2, Chapter 44
  • Hours later

    The Warden catches Stanley and Zero, but yellow-spotted lizards get between her and the treasure.

    Part 2, Chapter 45
  • The next morning

    Ms. Morengo arrives to free Stanley, and she helps him keep the treasure as well.

    Part 2, Chapter 48
  • Minutes later

    Ms. Morengo forces the Warden to release Zero.

    Part 2, Chapter 48
  • That day

    Rain falls on Green Lake for the first time in generations.

    Part 2, Chapter 49
  • Over the next few months

    Stanley and Zero get the money Kissin' Kate Barlow once stole from Stanley Yelnats I.

    Part 3, Chapter 50
  • Super Bowl Sunday

    Stanley and Zero reunite with their families.

    Part 3, Chapter 50

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Part 1, Chapters 1–3 Holes begins with this sentence: "There is no lake at Camp Green Lake." Instead there is a dried-up lake bed where a b... Read More
Part 1, Chapters 4–5 Stanley has a feeling of unreality as he arrives at Camp Green Lake. The driver tells him to be careful, and he thanks... Read More
Part 1, Chapters 6–7 The boys in Stanley's tent want to know what crime he committed. Stanley says he stole a pair of shoes. When the boys ... Read More
Part 1, Chapters 8–9 In this chapter the omniscient narrator steps briefly out of the story to reflect on curses. After noting some people ... Read More
Part 1, Chapters 10–12 The next morning Stanley is sore and exhausted. He can hardly move, let alone dig. Still he gets a faster start on his... Read More
Part 1, Chapters 13–15 On Stanley's third full day at Camp Green Lake, he decides the third hole is indeed the worst. In fact every day's hol... Read More
Part 1, Chapters 16–17 The next day X-Ray returns to digging, and the boys are forced to work together again. When they don't find anything, ... Read More
Part 1, Chapters 18–19 The next day Stanley's group goes back to digging individual holes in a new part of the lake. Stanley's head is swolle... Read More
Part 1, Chapters 20–22 Stanley feels oddly good as he walks through the shade of the oaks toward the Warden's front door. He wonders if he fe... Read More
Part 1, Chapters 23–26 In Chapter 23 the narrator jumps back in time to describe what Green Lake was like 110 years ago. The Green Lake... Read More
Part 1, Chapters 27–28 Stanley digs another hole and considers whether it is safe to take a drink from his canteen. Ever since the Warden hur... Read More
Part 2, Chapters 29–30 Back in the contemporary plot, the air gets humid, and thunderheads form over the nearby mountains. A storm starts bey... Read More
Part 2, Chapters 31–32 Stanley is furious. He blames everyone for what happened to Zero, from the counselors to the other campers to his grea... Read More
Part 2, Chapters 33–34 Since nobody chases Stanley, he soon stops running. He continues walking away from camp, vaguely aiming for the Big Th... Read More
Part 2, Chapters 35–37 Zero looks terribly dehydrated and asks Stanley if there is water in his canteen. Stanley asks Zero to go back to camp... Read More
Part 2, Chapters 38–41 Stanley hoists Zero onto his shoulders and carries him, leaving the jars and the shovel behind. He notices a terrible ... Read More
Part 2, Chapters 42–44 As Zero gets stronger, he helps make the well hole bigger. He also speculates about how water comes to be at the top o... Read More
Part 2, Chapters 45–47 The Warden is with Mr. Pendanski, who is holding a flashlight, and Mr. Sir, who is holding a gun. The Warden starts to... Read More
Part 2, Chapters 48–49 The attorney general and the lawyer, Ms. Morengo, walk Stanley and Zero back to camp. There the Warden claims Stanley ... Read More
Part 3, Chapter 50 Stanley's mother doesn't believe in the curse. But Stanley's father invented his cure for foot odor "the day after the g... Read More
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