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House Made of Dawn | Study Guide

N. Scott Momaday

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House Made of Dawn | Infographic

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Check out this Infographic to learn more about N. Scott Momaday's House Made of Dawn. Study visually with character maps, plot summaries, helpful context, and more.

Narrator, Prologue here was a house made of dawn. It was made of pollen and of rain. Sources: Encyclopaedia Britannica,, PBS Copyright © 2018 Course Hero, Inc. Ceremonies Ceremonies are a key part of Native American culture. Urban Indian Relocation Program The program managed relocations from reservations to cities. World War II Abel is one of 45,000 Native Americans who enlisted. Context Navajo man living with Abel in Los Angeles; helps Abel after he’s released from prison Ben Benally Beats Abel in a competition, causing Abel to believe he’s a witch; murdered by Abel Juan Reyes Abel’s loving grandfather; raised Abel and taught him the traditions and history of his people Francisco Pueblo war veteran, orphan, and alcoholic; struggles to find himself Abel Main Characters Momaday’s role in the formation of modern Native American literature in English cannot be overstated. His experiences growing up with a Native American and Anglo heritage led him to write House Made of Dawn, which is considered the first book of the Native American literary renaissance of the 20th century. N. SCOTT MOMADAYBORN 1934 Author Holy men keep the traditional culture alive while managing assimilation. Holy Men Woven throughout the narrative, Pueblo myths provide insight into Abel. Myths Abel’s connection to nature through ritual is ultimately his way to peace. Nature In the mid-20th century, young Abel strives to find his place as he wrestles with the divide between his Native American upbringing and the industrialized world. After surviving war, imprisonment for murder, and alcoholism, he finally finds peace in the rituals of his ancestors. Caught between Heritage & Modernism THEMES English Original Language 1968 Year Published N. Scott Momaday Author House Made of Dawn Fiction Novel

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