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E. M. Forster

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Howards End | Characters

Character Description
Margaret Schlegel Margaret Schlegel, who becomes Mrs. Margaret Wilcox, is the financially independent, well-read, responsible eldest sibling of the Schlegel family. She seeks to connect the romantic with the modern and the emotional with the intellectual. Read More
Leonard Bast Leonard Bast is a young clerk, trapped in a relationship with a former prostitute. He longs for more than the dullness of everyday life and aspires to overcome his lack of money and freedom through his appreciation of literature and music. Read More
Helen Schlegel Helen Schlegel is the impulsive, charismatic, and energetic younger sister of the Schlegel family. She is idealistic, with a passion for justice, and loves her family and friends fiercely. Read More
Henry Wilcox Mr. Henry Wilcox is a self-made man who owns a prosperous rubber company. He avoids his emotions and is oblivious to many of the people and events around him. Read More
Angelo Angelo is an Italian man hired as a chauffeur to drive friends of the Wilcox family to Oniton for Evie's wedding.
Annie Annie is a female servant of the Schlegel family at Wickham Place.
Miss Avery Miss Avery is the elderly, spinster neighbor who cares for Howards End and predicts that Margaret will move there one day. She has known several generations of the Howard family and was especially fond of Mrs. Wilcox's mother.
Sir James Bidder Sir James Bidder is a neighbor of the Wilcox family near Oniton. He tells Margaret that he can introduce her to local families in the area, if she wishes.
Baby Baby is a toddler who loves playing with Tom. He is the son of Helen and Mr. Bast.
Bracknell Bracknell is an unemployed man whom Margaret hires to clean the Schlegel's knives and boots.
Hamar Bryce Hamar Bryce is an invalid and the tenant of Howards End for a short time, before he dies suddenly overseas.
Burton Burton is the Wilcox's butler at Oniton. He joins Mr. Wilcox in smiling at Margaret's ignorance about the size of the wine cellar.
Mr. Cahill Percy Cahill is Dolly's uncle. He marries Mr. Wilcox's daughter, Evie.
Chalkeley Chalkeley is the rector at Hilton. Charles and Evie want him to be held accountable for the activities of the woodcutters during Mrs. Wilcox's funeral.
Crane Crane is Mr. Wilcox's loyal chauffeur, who dislikes Margaret.
Dolly Dorothea Fussell, who becomes Dolly Wilcox, is a woman who is inclined to speak before she thinks. She marries Charles and wishes his father would give them more money.
Earnest girl The earnest girl at the ladies' discussion group is concerned that the poor would become too dependent on it, if given indiscriminate charity.
Unnamed girl in Shropshire An unnamed girl, who owns the cat killed by the Wilcox's car, is horrified by the event and screams.
Lady Edser Lady Edser is an Anglo-Indian woman who is a friend of the Wilcox family and a guest at Evie's wedding.
Evie Evie Wilcox is Mr. Wilcox's outspoken, sporty daughter, who becomes Evie Cahill after marrying Percy Cahill. She dislikes the Schlegels.
Herr Förstmeister Herr Förstmeister is a fat German man who owns a cabin in Oderberg in the woods and wants to marry Helen, who turns him down.
Albert Fussell Albert Fussell is a well-off young man. He is Dolly's brother and a friend of Charles.
Colonel Fussell Colonel Fussell is Albert's father and a guest at Evie's wedding. He has a chivalrous, if chauvinistic, attitude toward women.
Guy Guy is a man Tibby likes because he has no occupation or need of one.
Jacky Jacky is a 33-year-old, emotionally needy, dependent, and dull-witted former prostitute. She had an affair in Cyprus with Mr. Wilcox years ago and traps Mr. Bast into marrying her.
Richard Jefferies Richard Jefferies is a British author who writes about nature. Mr. Bast claims that Jefferies's works sparked his desire to experience the natural world.
Herr Liesecke Bruno Liesecke is a German who enjoys music. He is first Frieda Mosebach 's suitor, then her husband.
Madge Madge is Miss Avery's niece and a neighbor of Howards End. She likes to give herself airs.
Dr. Mansbridge Dr. Mansbridge is a doctor in Hilton. He intends to assist Mr. Wilcox in catching Helen, and he also makes inquiries about the death of Mr. Bast.
Margaret's unnamed female friend An unnamed female friend of Margaret's, she attends the luncheon for Mrs. Wilcox. She agrees with her that some arguments against suffrage are strong.
Margaret's unnamed male friend The unnamed male friend of Margaret's works in the Education Office in London. He attends the luncheon for Mrs. Wilcox, but finds her boring.
Matron at the nursing home The matron is a caregiver at the nursing home who sends Mrs. Wilcox's last wishes to her husband.
Monica Monica is an Italian journalist and feminist, with whom Helen plans to live in Munich after Helen's baby is born.
Frieda Mosebach Frieda Mosebach, who becomes Frieda Liesecke, is the sharp- tongued German cousin of the Schlegels.
Juley Munt Juley Munt is the Schlegel's protective aunt, the sister of their late mother. The Schlegels call her Aunt Juley.
Paul Paul Wilcox is the impulsive, dutiful youngest son of Mr. Wilcox. He enjoys his job in Africa, but he returns to run the family business in England.
Mr. Pembroke Mr. Pembroke is an honest, hardworking acquaintance of the Schlegels, whose example Margaret uses to convince Tibby to find meaningful work.
Penny Penny is the elderly gardener at Howards End.
Mrs. Plynlimmon Mrs. Plynlimmon is Anglo-Indian woman who is a friend of the Wilcox family and a guest at Evie's wedding. She is against women's suffrage.
Reader of the paper The reader of the paper is an ill woman who leads the debate at the ladies discussion group as they discuss the responsibility of the rich to the poor.
Emily Schlegel Emily Schlegel is a British woman who marries a German. The mother of Margaret, Helen, and Tibby, she dies when they are still children.
Mr. Schlegel Mr. Schlegel is a German who fought for his country before moving to England and marrying Emily, a British woman. The father of Margaret, Helen, and Tibby, he loves German romantic philosophy and music, and passes his interest in culture on to them before dying five years after their mother.
Theobald Schlegel Theobald Schlegel, whom his family calls Tibby, is the sickly, quiet younger brother of the Schlegel sisters. A student at Oxford, he prefers food, music, and books to people and has no real interest in pursuing an occupation.
Tom Tom is a little boy who lives next door to Howards End. He becomes friends with Helen, Margaret, and the baby.
Tom Howard Tom Howard is the uncle of Ruth Wilcox, who once proposed to Miss Avery. He was later killed and is the last of the Howard family.
Victor Victor, a tadpole collector, is Frieda's brother-in-law.
Mr. Vyse Mr. Vyse is an unhappy man without an occupation who Tibby likes.
Charles Wilcox Charles Wilcox is the self-important, materialistic, and aggressive eldest son of Mr. Wilcox. He kills Mr. Bast accidentally when he hits him.
Daughter of Mrs. Warrington Wilcox Mrs. Warrington Wilcox's daughter is a smart, quiet young girl who is a guest at Evie's wedding.
Ruth Wilcox Mrs. Ruth Wilcox is a woman who feels a spiritual connection to her family's home, Howards End, and knows Margaret is the right person to own it after her death. She is Mr. Wilcox's first wife, and he considers her pure and innocent.
Mrs. Warrington Wilcox Mrs. Warrington Wilcox is the sister-in-law of Mr. Wilcox and mother of a small daughter. She is a guest at Evie's wedding.
Woodcutter The woodcutter is a man who observes Mrs. Wilcox's funeral from a tree he is trimming, then steals a flower from one of her funeral bouquets.
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