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If I Stay | 5:42 A.M. | Summary



Adam tells Nurse Ramirez that he forgot something and that he'll return. Mia is surprised, since he fought so hard to get in to see her. Nurse Ramirez tells the new nurse on call that he has permission to visit.

Kim comes in. She tells Mia everything that happened since the accident. Mia already knows everything, but she enjoys hearing the story. She thinks that if she goes, she wants to remember Kim. Remembering Adam will be hard, though, like losing him again.

Kim keeps talking, saying that she wasn't worried about going to jail for bringing in Brooke Vega. Going to jail would be easy, compared to losing Mia. However, Mia realizes that Kim, too, would move on if she died. She'd go to college and live her life. The loss would make her stronger. Going through something like this makes a person stronger. Then Mia thinks maybe that means she should let go.

Kim starts listing all the people who came to see Mia. She tells Mia they're all her family and whispers, "you still have a family."

Mia remembers that the year before, her family had a Labor Day party and everyone came. At the end, Adam, Henry, and Denny were playing music together. Mia was happy and thinking about being happy. They invited Mia to play with them. She said the cello wouldn't go with their music, but they pressed her and she agreed. She decided that sounding bad wasn't the worst thing that could happen. To her surprise, it ended up sounding pretty amazing.


Readers may wonder where Adam went. It seems strange that he would leave so abruptly when he tried so hard to see Mia. He must have something planned. Or, perhaps, he is running away.

As with Adam, Kim can't really be Mia's sole reason for living. She will have a life with or without Mia. She and Mia will probably stay friends, but Kim could never replace her family. Still, Mia's close friendship with Kim and her love for Adam shows that she can have friends and love. If she stays alive, she'll have other friendships.

Kim's list of everyone who has come to see Mia shows that Mia still has a family. Family is important, but there is more than one type of family. Mia's recollection of the Labor Day party shows a different kind of family, the family she will always have with musicians. Playing the cello will always give her common ground with others. For this reason, she will always have family as long as she has music in her life.

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