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Truman Capote

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In Cold Blood | Characters

Character Description
Herb Clutter Herb Clutter, 48, is the father of the Clutter family and becomes a murder victim. Read More
Bonnie Clutter Bonnie Clutter, 45, is the mother of the Clutter family and becomes a murder victim. Read More
Nancy Clutter Nancy Clutter, 16, is the third of the Clutters' daughters and becomes a murder victim. Read More
Kenyon Clutter Kenyon Clutter, 14, is the Clutters' only son and becomes a murder victim. Read More
Perry Smith Perry Smith is one of the men who murders the Clutter family and is later hanged for the crime. Read More
Dick Hickock Dick Hickock is one of the men who murders the Clutter family and is later hanged for the crime. He is the mastermind behind the crime. Read More
Alvin Dewey Alvin Dewey is the Kansas Bureau of Investigation's lead investigator on the Clutter case. Read More
Lowell Lee Andrews Lowell Lee Andrews is a murderer on death row who killed his parents and his sister. Andrews is schizophrenic but cannot plead insanity in Kansas.
Mrs. Ashida Mrs. Ashida is a friend of Herb Clutter's and a volunteer for his 4-H group.
Mr. Bell Mr. Bell is a man who had picked up the hitchhiking Dick Hickock and Perry Smith and was almost their next victim. Picking up a third hitchhiker saved him.
Bill Bill is a young boy hitchhiking with his grandfather who got a ride from Dick Hickock and Perry Smith.
Roy Church Roy Church is one of the four lead KBI investigators on the Clutter case.
Myrtle Clare Myrtle "Myrt" Clare is the postmistress for the Holcomb post office and the daughter of Mother Truitt.
Beverly Clutter Beverly Clutter is the second Clutter daughter; she is out of the house and on her own when the murders occurred. She gets married to Vere English the same week as the funerals for her family are held.
Marie Dewey Marie Dewey is Alvin Dewey's wife.
Clarence Duntz Clarence Duntz is one of the four KBI investigators leading the Clutter case.
Nancy Ewalt Nancy Ewalt is a close friend of Nancy Clutter's and one of the two girls who first discover Nancy's body.
Arthur Fleming Arthur Fleming is the attorney appointed to defend Perry Smith.
Logan Green Logan Green is the prosecutor assigned to the Clutter murder trial.
Bess Hartman Bess Hartman is the owner of Hartman's Café in Holcomb, where people meet and gossip.
Paul Helm Paul Helm is River Valley Farm's caretaker.
Larry Hendricks Larry Hendricks is Susan Kidwell's upstairs neighbor.
Eunice Hickock Eunice Hickock is Dick Hickock's mother.
Walter Hickock Walter Hickock is Dick Hickock's father.
Barbara Johnson Barbara Johnson is Perry Smith's sister, who is estranged from him and fears him.
Bob Johnson Bob Johnson is the insurance man who sells Herb Clutter a double-indemnity life insurance policy the day before the murders.
Susan Kidwell Susan Kidwell is Nancy Clutter's best friend and one of the girls who finds Nancy's body the morning of the murders.
Wendle Meier Wendle Meier is the undersheriff for Finney County.
Harold Nye Harold Nye is a KBI investigator on the Clutter case. Alvin Dewey's partner, Nye is the investigator who finds relatives, friends, and employers of the murderers to interview.
Reverend James Post Reverend James Post is the chaplain at the prison for whom Perry Smith draws a portrait of Jesus.
Bobby Rupp Bobby Rupp is Nancy Clutter's boyfriend who is quickly cleared of any wrongdoing at the start of the Clutter murder investigation.
Tex John Smith Tex John Smith is Perry Smith's father, who lives in Alaska as a homesteader.
Alfred Stoecklein Alfred Stoecklein is a hired man at River Valley Farm who lives in a house on the other side of the Clutter's barn.
Judge Roland Tate Judge Roland Tate is the judge assigned to the Clutter murder trial.
Sadie Truitt Sadie "Mother" Truitt is Holcomb's mail messenger, mother of postmistress Myrtle Clare, and the oldest native-born Holcombite.
Floyd Wells Floyd Wells, an inmate at Lansing Prison, rooms with Dick Hickock. He is also a former employee of Herbert Clutter, and he tells Hickock about the Clutter ranch.
Willie-Jay Willie-Jay is a fellow prisoner and admired friend of Perry Smith's and the reason he has gone to Kansas after being paroled.
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