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Truman Capote

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In Cold Blood | Part Summaries

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Timeline of Events

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Part Summary
The Last to See Them Alive (Part 1) Holcomb, Kansas, where the Clutter family lives, is a small village with farmland as far as the eye can see. Herb Clutte... Read More
The Last to See Them Alive (Part 2) Sixteen-year-old Nancy Clutter is sweet, kind to everyone, popular, and good at everything she tries, and not at all sel... Read More
The Last to See Them Alive (Part 3) Herb Clutter is involved with the Methodist church, the Republican Party, and the Finney County 4-H Club. Though he is a... Read More
The Last to See Them Alive (Part 4) Herb Clutter buys a double-indemnity life insurance policy from Bob Johnson who drives to the Clutter farm. Bobby Rupp, ... Read More
The Last to See Them Alive (Part 5) As he does every Sunday, Mr. Ewalt drives daughter Nancy to the Clutters so she can attend church with them; on the way ... Read More
The Last to See Them Alive (Part 6) News of the murders spreads fast throughout Holcomb, as well as to the insurance agent who sold Herb Clutter the double-... Read More
Persons Unknown (Part 1) The men of the community perform the "Christian task" of cleaning the blood from the Clutter house, burning all blood-so... Read More
Persons Unknown (Part 2) Susan Kidwell describes being allowed to view the Clutters in their caskets at the funeral home before the caskets are c... Read More
Persons Unknown (Part 3) Although Perry Smith tells Dick Hickock he beat someone to death in Vegas, he didn't. Perry tells this lie because he wa... Read More
Persons Unknown (Part 4) Perry Smith keeps two big boxes filled with mementos, one of which is a composition about him, written by his father to ... Read More
Persons Unknown (Part 5) Alvin Dewey continues to visit the Clutter house to think and try to figure out his next steps in the case. He holds to ... Read More
Answer (Part 1) The gap begins to close between what the investigators think happened and the truth. Floyd Wells, the former cellmate of... Read More
Answer (Part 2) Harold Nye travels to Las Vegas to circulate Perry Smith's photo in pawnshops and to question the landlady of the roomin... Read More
Answer (Part 3) Alvin Dewey tries to conceal from the public the break in the case concerning Perry Smith and Dick Hickock. Because the ... Read More
Answer (Part 4) Dick Hickock and Perry Smith spot an old man and his grandson who are hitchhiking. Dick wants to keep driving, but "litt... Read More
Answer (Part 5) On the drive across the country, Alvin Dewey drives the lead car with Perry Smith beside him and Clarence Duntz in the b... Read More
The Corner (Part 1) Perry Smith and Dick Hickock are kept in separate cells in the jail on the fourth floor of the Garden City courthouse. P... Read More
The Corner (Part 2) Before the trial, which begins on March 22, 1960, there is an auction of the Clutter estate. Sue Kidwell is devastated t... Read More
The Corner (Part 3) During the trial, the KBI agents testify to what the defendants said in interviews and their confessions. For the first ... Read More
The Corner (Part 4) Smith and Hickock are on death row—the "Corner" that gives its name to the last part of the novel—at Kansas State Penite... Read More
The Corner (Part 5) Perry Smith's and Dick Hickock's first execution date passes as their lawyers file appeals. Although their cells adjoin,... Read More
The Corner (Part 6) Dick Hickock tells "a journalist" (Capote) whom he corresponds with and who is allowed to visit him about Lowell Lee And... Read More
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