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Ernest Hemingway

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In Our Time | Characters

Character Description
Nick Adams Nick Adams is a taciturn sportsman and wounded veteran; he prizes adventure and solitude. Read More
Hubert Elliot In "Mr. Elliot and Mrs. Elliot," Hubert Elliot is a Harvard Law student and poet; he is passive, virginal, and awkward. Read More
Harold Krebs In "Soldier's Home" Harold Krebs is a war veteran who has trouble readjusting to small-town life after the war; he recoils from women and from his mother. Read More
Adolph In "The Battler," Adolph is a former prize-fighter, scarred physically and mentally; he is too aggressive to get along in the world and lives in the woods.
Bill In "Three-Day Blow," teenage Bill does his best to act like a man, quaffing his father's liquor and scorning love.
Billy Tabeshaw In "The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife," Billy Tabeshaw uneasily watches the altercation between the doctor and Dick Boulton.
Boyle In Chapter 8, Boyle is the more law-abiding of the two policemen; he objects to Drevitts's summarily shooting suspects because he thinks they will get in trouble.
Bugs In "The Battler," Bugs is a homeless man who takes care of Adolph the ex-prizefighter; he is generous with Nick, but his first priority is Adolph.
Dick Boulton In "The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife," Dick is an irreverent man the doctor hires to saw some logs; he lives in the Indian camp where there are rumors he is white.
Doctor's wife The doctor's wife, married to Henry Adams, is Nick's mother, though she is seldom called that; she is a Christian Scientist.
Drevitts Drevitts is a bigoted policeman who shoots two suspected criminals in Chapter 8; he justifies his action by saying, "They're criminals, ain't they? ... They're wops, ain't they?"
Eddy In "The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife," Eddy is the son of Dick Boulton; Eddy laughs at something Dick says after the altercation with the doctor.
Mrs. Elliot Cornelia, or Catulina, Elliot is the 40-year-old bride in "Mr. Elliot and Mrs. Elliot;" she spends an unhappy summer in Europe until her girlfriend moves in with her and Mr. Elliot.
George In "Cross-Country Snow," George is an avid skier and a friend of Nick's whom Nick calls "Gidge"; he may not be the same character as "Uncle George" in "Indian Camp." Uncle George is considerably older than Nick.
Joe Joe is a naïve young man and the narrator of "My Old Man;" he admires his father tremendously and shuts out any hints his father might not be so worthy of admiration.
Joe's old man The father in "My Old Man" is referred to by the last name Butler at the end of the story; he is a morally unscrupulous jockey who later becomes a racehorse owner.
King of Greece The King in "L'Envoi" is under house arrest; although a coup is going on, he stays focused on simple pleasures like his garden.
Helen Krebs Helen Krebs is the younger, baseball-playing sister of Krebs, the main character of "Soldier's Home."
Luis In Chapter 13, Luis is an exuberant matador who irresponsibly gets drunk before his bullfight.
Marjorie Marjorie is Nick's girlfriend at the start of "The Three-Day Blow;" she takes the news of their break-up somewhat coolly.
Maera In Chapter 13, Maera is a responsible bullfighter who tries to get Luis to sober up; in Chapter 14, he is gored in a bullfight and dies of his wounds.
Nick's father Nick's father, Henry Adams, is a doctor; he is a gruff man, fond of his son, and prickly with his hired men.
Peduzzi In "Out of Season," Peduzzi is a day laborer who likes to get drunk; he tries to guide a married couple on an illegal, unlicensed fishing trip.
The Revolutionist In "The Revolutionist," the unnamed main character is a naïve Hungarian man who believes the world revolution will start in Italy; he holds to these beliefs even though they get him tortured in Hungary and jailed in Switzerland.
Sam Cardinella In Chapter 15, Sam is executed by hanging; he loses control of his bodily functions in the face of death.
Uncle George In "Indian Camp," Uncle George helps Nick's father deliver a baby, and he gets bitten for his trouble; Uncle George may not be the same character as George in "Cross-Country Snow" because Uncle George is considerably older than Nick.
Villalta Villalta is a skilled matador who becomes one with the bull in Chapter 12.
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