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Ernest Hemingway

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In Our Time | Chapter Summaries


Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
On the Quai at Smyrna An unnamed narrator relates what an officer told him about civilians huddled on the docks of Smyrna during a war. (Smyrn... Read More
Chapter 1 An unnamed narrator tells of a march toward the Champagne region of France during a war. The narrator, a kitchen corpora... Read More
Indian Camp Two Native Americans come to fetch a boy named Nick, his father, and his Uncle George. They all travel in two boats to a... Read More
Chapter 2 An unnamed narrator gives a brief account of a procession of refugees on the road in wartime near the city of Adrianople... Read More
The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife Nick's father has hired three Native Americans to cut up some logs on his property. They are Dick Boulton, his son Eddy,... Read More
Chapter 3 The narrator, a soldier or officer, describes a battle with the Germans at Mons, presumably in Belgium. The man describe... Read More
The End of Something The story begins with a short history of the town of Hortons Bay: "In the old days Hortons Bay was a lumbering town." Th... Read More
Chapter 4 An officer or soldier describes "an absolutely perfect barricade" he and his fellow soldiers have placed on a bridge. Th... Read More
The Three-Day Blow Nick walks through an orchard to a neighboring cottage to visit his friend Bill. A storm is coming, and Bill remarks, "S... Read More
Chapter 5 The vignette describes the execution by firing squad: "They shot the six cabinet ministers at half-past six in the morni... Read More
The Battler At the beginning of the story Nick stands up, reassuring himself he is all right. The narrator reveals that Nick had cli... Read More
Chapter 6 Nick has been wounded in battle, hit in the spine. He has been dragged out of the line of fire and propped up against a ... Read More
A Very Short Story An unnamed wounded soldier is carried up to the rooftop of a hospital where he is recovering to see the stars. When he r... Read More
Chapter 7 A soldier in a trench prays to Jesus, begging Jesus to let him survive. He promises, "I'll tell every one in the world t... Read More
Soldier's Home A soldier named Harold Krebs joins the Marines and serves in World War I. He remains in Germany until summer 1919, many ... Read More
Chapter 8 In an American city, two Hungarian men break into a cigar store. Two policemen, Drevitts and Boyle, arrive at the scene.... Read More
The Revolutionist A first-person narrator tells of a "revolutionist" from Hungary. In Hungary, the revolutionist was persecuted by "the Wh... Read More
Chapter 9 Three matadors in succession fight in a bullfight in Spain. The first two are gored by the bulls. The second matador wal... Read More
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot After a short courtship, Mr. and Mrs. Elliot marry in Boston and try to conceive a child. They take a boat to Europe; th... Read More
Chapter 10 The vignette describes one moment of a bullfight. A white horse has been gored and its entrails hang down. The monos, or... Read More
Cat in the Rain An American couple is staying at a seaside hotel in Italy. During a rainstorm, the wife looks out the window and sees a ... Read More
Chapter 11 A crowd of bullfight enthusiasts watches a bullfight. The fight has been long and the torero, or main bullfighter, has p... Read More
Out of Season A drunken day laborer named Peduzzi takes a married couple fishing. They walk through town, heading for the fishing spot... Read More
Chapter 12 An unnamed narrator describes the bullfighting style of a torero named Villalta, elaborating on Villalta's skill with th... Read More
Cross-Country Snow Nick Adams and a man named George ski down a mountain. Nick has a fall: "He went over and over in a clashing of skis, fe... Read More
Chapter 13 The first-person narrator hears music coming from down the street. He looks in that direction and sees Luis, drunk and d... Read More
My Old Man The first-person narrator, Joe, starts by describing his father's size. Given his father's build, he should have been "o... Read More
Chapter 14 The bullfighter Maera lies face down in the ring. He can feel the bull goring him. He feels one thrust go all the way th... Read More
Big Two-Hearted River, Part I Nick returns to his hometown, Seney, after the war. Seney has burned down and all the buildings are gone, but the founda... Read More
Chapter 15 The narrator describes an execution by hanging. "They hanged Sam Cardinella at six o'clock in the morning in the corrido... Read More
Big Two-Hearted River, Part II Nick wakes up in his fishing camp and makes coffee. He catches grasshoppers for bait. They are cold and wet with dew, so... Read More
L'Envoi The King of Greece, working in his garden, greets the first-person narrator and introduces the queen. They sit at a tabl... Read More
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