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Harriet Jacobs

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beschwar Jun 01, 2017 at 5:22am

Harriet, your study of the Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl is amazing. Not only is the information absolutely mind blowing, the flow of your study was outrageously clean, clear and crisp. I want to know how you made that. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction? I appreciate it very much. Sincerely, Benjamin

boyoman33 Nov 07, 2016 at 10:31am

Please note that all papers are due no later than the paper deadline.  No late papers will be accepted.  Failure to turn in this assignment will result in the automatic failure of the class. Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl is one of the classic narratives of slave life written by former slaves. Harriet Jacobs, writing as Linda Brent, describes her twenty-seven years as a slave and her life as an escaped slave in the North. My purpose in assigning this book is to give you some sense of the life of a slave, the difficulties and problems encountered by slaves and how they responded to and dealt with them. As you read Incidents, keep in mind the following questions and topics and then write a paper that discusses each question/topic in some detail. Topics Write a brief introduction in which you provide a brief overview of the book and what it is about. How does Jacobs describe her family and social life. Who were the most important members of her family? Who were her closest friends and acquaintances among her fellow slaves? How does Jacobs describe her relations with her white owners. In particular, discuss her problems with Mr. Flint. Why does she imply that slavery was harder for female slaves than for male slaves? Discuss the most important ways that Jacobs attempts to deal with Mr. Flint and his demands. What strategies did she use? What actions did she take? What role did Nat Turner’s rebellion and the Fugitive Slave Law play in Jacobs’ account of her life? How did she personally experience these events? Why did they disturb her? After reading Incidents, what do you believe were the most troubling aspects of being a slave? What was the most important thing you learned about slavery that you did not know previously? What did you think of the book? Would you recommend it? Why?