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Jon Krakauer

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Into Thin Air | Key Figures

Key Figure Description
Jon Krakauer Jon Krakauer is an adventurer, mountain climber, and writer/reporter who writes about outdoor adventures, as well as political and social crises around the world. Read More
Rob Hall Rob Hall is the owner and leader of Adventure Consultants expeditions. Read More
Scott Fischer Scott Fischer is the owner and leader of Mountain Madness expeditions. Read More
Martin Adams Martin Adams is a client on Fischer's expedition.
Jan Arnold Jan Arnold is Rob Hall's wife.
Gary Ball Gary Ball is a mountain climber from New Zealand and the co-founder of Adventure Consultants along with Rob Hall.
Neal Beidleman Neal Beidleman is a guide with Fischer's expedition. He is a highly experienced, good-natured climber and guide who is always ready to help out his or other expeditions and their clients.
Anatoli Boukreev Anatoli Boukreev is a guide with Fischer's expedition. He is a rather gruff Russian climber who is a purist and refuses to use extra oxygen on the climb. At times he seems not to care about the clients, but later he risks his life to help save them.
David Breashears David Breashears is the director of an IMAX film depicting the summiting of Everest. He shows that he cares about others by risking his life to save climbers who are in dire condition on Everest.
Ang Dorje Ang Dorje is an important Sherpa in Fischer's expedition.
Frank Fischbeck Frank Fischbeck is one of Hall's clients on the expedition.
Mike Groom Mike Groom is a guide with Hall's expedition. He is a caring, helpful, experienced, and respected guide on Hall's expedition.
Doug Hansen Doug Hansen is a climber with Hall's expedition who becomes friends with Krakauer. He is an amiable postal employee who works two jobs to realize his dream of summiting Everest.
Andy Harris Andy Harris is a guide with Hall's expedition. He is a New Zealander and an experienced mountaineer and guide who is personable and helpful to everyone on the expedition.
Bruce Herrod Bruce Herrod is a member of the South African climbing team. He dies on the mountain.
"Makalu" Gau Ming Ho Ming Ho is the leader of the Taiwanese expedition. He is an indifferent and unreliable guide who shows little concern for other expeditions or even for clients who die on his expedition. However, he seems to be eternally upbeat and optimistic.
Stuart Hutchison Stuart Hutchison is the youngest member of Hall's team.
Lopsang Jangbu Lopsang Jangbu is a Sherpa guide for Hall's team.
Karen Karen is Doug Hansen's girlfriend.
Lou Kasischke Lou Kasischke is a client of Rob Hall's and the author of After the Wind, another book that chronicles the 1996 tragedy on Mt. Everest.
Linda Moore Krakauer Linda is Jon Krakauer's wife.
Göran Kropp Göran Kropp is a Swedish mountain climber who plans a solo climb during May, 1996.
Tim Madsen Tim Madsen is a member of Fischer's team.
Reinhold Messner Reinhold Messner is an Italian mountain climber.
Fiona McPherson Fiona McPherson is Andy Harris's girlfriend.
Yasuko Namba Yasuko Namba is a Japanese mountain climber on Hall's team.
Sandy Pittman Sandy Pittman is a wealthy socialite and climber with Fischer's expedition. An inexperienced, wealthy climber, she has Sherpas carry luxury items up the mountain for her comfort. However, she is said to be amiable and well aware of her shortcomings.
Robert Schauer Austrian mountain climber Robert Schauer is part of the IMAX film crew.
Pete Schoening Pete Schoening, a member of Fischer's team, stops at Camp Three due to heart trouble.
John Taske John Taske is the oldest member of Hall's team.
Ed Viesturs A mountain climber, Ed Viesturs helps with the filming of Everest after the 1996 disaster.
Beck Weathers Texan Beck Weathers survives the disaster on Mt. Everest as a client of Hall's.
Ian Woodall Ian Woodall is the leader of the South African expedition. An arrogant, selfish, and uncaring "megalomaniac," he is interested only in his own summiting. He refuses to cooperate with or help anyone on any other expedition, and he is rude, insulting, and contemptuously dismissive of others.
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