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It | Characters

Character Description
It It is a timeless, interdimensional creature that assumes the form of its victims' worst fears. The creature is best known in Derry as Pennywise the Dancing Clown, who also calls himself Mr. Bob Gray. Read More
Bill Denbrough Bill Denbrough becomes the leader of the Losers' Club after his brother's 1957 murder sets off one of the creature's killing cycles in Derry. Bill grows up to become a famous writer and finally kills It in a prolonged battle. Read More
Mike Hanlon Mike Hanlon, a member of the Losers' Club, is the son of a Derry farmer, and is targeted by bullies because he is black. Mike grows up to become Derry's head librarian and keeps an eye on the creature's activities. Read More
Ben Hanscom Ben Hanscom, a member of the Losers' Club, is a chubby kid with an eye for construction who grows up to be a world-famous architect. Read More
Eddie Kaspbrak Eddie Kaspbrak, a member of the Losers' Club, is a small kid who suffers from asthma but shows profound inner strength in fighting It and other dangers. He uses his keen sense of direction to lead his friends to the creature's lair. Read More
Beverly Marsh Beverly Marsh, a member of the Losers' Club, comes from an abusive home but uses her keen eye to fight It as a child and to design fashions as an adult. Read More
Richie Tozier Richie Tozier, a member of the Losers' Club, uses his sense of humor to create Voices that serve him well as an opponent of It and as a DJ when he grows up. Read More
Stan Uris Stan Uris, a member of the Losers' Club, is an orderly, methodical person who enjoys birdwatching when he is a child; he grows up to be a successful accountant. Read More
Butch Bowers Butch Bowers, a farmer, is Henry Bowers's violently insane father; he wages a personal war on Will Hanlon because Hanlon is a competing farmer in Derry and because he is black.
Henry Bowers Henry Bowers is a schoolyard bully who torments the Losers relentlessly and slips into homicidal madness as the summer of 1958 wears on. He returns in 1985 with the help of It and tries again to kill the Losers.
Al Bradley Al Bradley is a mobster gunned down by the citizens of Derry in 1929.
Mr. Chips Mr. Chips is Mike Hanlon's dog; Henry Bowers kills Mr. Chips with a poisoned steak.
Matthew Clements Matthew Clements is a three-year-old boy It kills in 1958; Beverly hears Matthew calling to her from her bathroom sink after he dies.
Dorsey Corcoran Dorsey Corcoran, Eddie Corcoran's brother, is murdered by their abusive stepfather for climbing on a ladder in their garage.
Eddie Corcoran Eddie Corcoran is a classmate of the Losers; on the last day of school, when Eddie doesn't go home because he's afraid to let his abusive stepfather see his report card, the creature takes him.
Victor Criss Victor Criss is friends with the bully Henry Bowers and acts as one of his henchmen.
Carole Danner Carole Danner is an assistant librarian at the Derry Public Library; Mike Hanlon has a crush on her.
Trev Dawson Trey Dawson is one of Will Hanlon's army buddies; he helps save dozens of lives when the Black Spot fire breaks out.
Georgie Denbrough Georgie Denbrough is Bill Denbrough's five-year-old brother; he is murdered by It in fall 1957.
Sharon Denbrough Sharon Denbrough is Will Denbrough's mother; she has difficulty relating to Will after Georgie's death.
Zack Denbrough Zach Denbrough is Will Denbrough's father; although he is distant from Will after Georgie's death, he is a trove of useful knowledge about Derry's sewers and infrastructure.
Bradley Donovan Bradley Donovan is a kid who gets angry with Beverly and calls her names when she wins a game of pitching pennies.
Steve Dubay Steve Dubay is one of the three teenagers tried for the murder of Adrian Mellon.
Freddie Freddie is the producer for the film Audra and Bill are making when Bill is called back to Derry.
Dave Gardener Dave Gardener finds the dead body of Georgie Denbrough on Witcham Street in 1957.
John "Webby" Garton John "Webby" Garton leads the group that assaults Adrian Mellon before throwing him into the canal.
Mr. Gedreau Mr. Gedreau owns a small market in Derry and attempts to intervene when Henry Bowers tries to beat Eddie Kaspbrak in front of his store.
Don Hagarty Don Hagarty is Adrian Mellon's partner; he testifies against Adrian's killers, and he realizes It and Derry are ultimately responsible for Adrian's death.
Dick Halloran Dick Halloran is one of Will Hanlon's army buddies; he cooks at the Black Spot and helps Trev Dawson and Will escape the fire.
Jessica Hanlon Jessica Hanlon is Mike Hanlon's mother; she tries to protect her son from Derry's racist tendencies.
Will Hanlon Will Hanlon is Mike Hanlon's father; he serves in the army in Derry and helps establish the Black Spot.
Arlene Hanscom Arlene Hanscom is a single mother who works hard to provide for her son, Ben Hanscom, but overfeeds him.
Claude Heroux Claude Heroux is a lumberjack; in 1905 he uses his axe to kill four men in a bar as revenge for his friends' deaths.
Patrick Hockstetter Patrick Hockstetter is a friend of Henry Bowers; he enjoys torturing and killing animals until It takes him.
Belch Huggins Belch Huggins is one of Henry Bowers's toadies; he bullies the Losers' Club in summer 1958.
Myra Kaspbrak Myra Kaspbrak is Eddie Kaspbrak's wife in 1985; she bears a striking resemblance to his mother, both in appearance and behavior.
Sonia Kaspbrak Sonia Kaspbrak is Eddie Kaspbrak's overbearing and overprotective mother; she lies to Eddie about his health to control him and keep him safe.
Mr. Keene Mr. Keene is Derry's pharmacist; in 1929 he helps kill Al Bradley's gang, and in 1958 he supplies Eddie Kaspbrak with his aspirators.
Cheryl Lamonica Cheryl Lamonica is a teenage victim of It in 1958; her death is blamed on one of the older men she dates.
Mark Lamonica Mark Lamonica is Cheryl Lamonica's brother; under the creature's control he tries to kill Mike Hanlon in the hospital in 1985.
Ricky Lee Ricky Lee is Ben Hanscom's favorite bartender at his local bar in Nebraska.
Lal Machen Lal Machen owns the sporting goods store in Derry in 1929 and organizes the assault on Al Bradley's gang.
Richard Macklin Richard Macklin is the abusive, murderous stepfather of Dorsey and Eddie Corcoran; he is convicted of killing Dorsey and is suspected of killing Eddie.
Al Marsh Al Marsh is Beverly Marsh's increasingly abusive father; he claims to worry about Beverly "a lot."
Elfrida Marsh Elfrida Marsh is Beverly Marsh's mother; she is concerned about Beverly's relationship with her father.
Kay McCall Kay McCall is Beverly Marsh's best friend when Beverly lives in Chicago as an adult; she helps Beverly get away from Tom Rogan.
Adrian Mellon Adrian Mellon is a young gay man; in 1984 a group of homophobic teens beat him and throw him into the Derry Canal, where It kills him.
Mr. Nell Mr. Nell is a police officer in Derry in 1958 who makes the Losers take apart their dam in the Barrens but doesn't get them in trouble.
The Other The Other is an apparently benign being inhabiting the macroverse; it speaks to Bill during the second Ritual of Chüd and congratulates Bill for defeating It.
Audra Phillips Audra Phillips is an actress and Bill Denbrough's wife in 1985; she lapses into catatonia when she sees the creature in its true form.
Chief Rademacher Chief Rademacher heads the Derry Police Department in 1985 and creates convoluted but vaguely plausible explanations for the city's many missing and murdered children.
Betty Ripsom Betty Ripsom is a girl It kills in 1957; her father reports hearing her voice in his kitchen drain in fall 1958, after the Losers' first battle with It.
Tom Rogan Tom Rogan is Beverly Marsh's abusive husband and business manager; in 1985 he follows Beverly to Derry and dies when he sees the creature in its true form.
Herbert Ross Herbert Ross sees Beverly Marsh being assaulted by Henry Bowers and his friends, but he goes inside his house instead of trying to intervene.
Moose Sadler Moose Sadler is a friend of Henry Bowers; he is with Henry's gang the day they break Eddie Kaspbrak's arm.
Boogers Taliendo Boogers Taliendo is a classmate of the Losers' Club who gives the boys comically bad information about sex.
Egbert Thoroughgood Egbert Thoroughgood is one of Derry's lumber barons; he is in the Silver Dollar bar in 1929 the day Claude Heroux kills four men there.
Tony Tracker Tony Tracker and his brother Phil own a trucking depot in Derry. There is run-down baseball field behind the shop.
Turtle Thought to have created the universe, the Turtle is the enemy of It and assists the Losers.
Chris Unwin Chris Unwin is one of the three teenagers tried and convicted in 1985 for the murder of Adrian Mellon.
Patty Uris Patty Uris is Stan Uris's wife in 1985; she discovers his self-mutilated body after fearing he might have had a heart attack.
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