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Sir Walter Scott

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Ivanhoe | Characters

Character Description
Ivanhoe Ivanhoe is a disinherited Saxon knight who returns from the Crusades to find himself embroiled in family drama and political plots. Read More
Black Knight The Black Knight is King Richard I, or Richard the Lionheart, in disguise. Read More
Locksley Robert Locksley, better known today as Robin Hood, leads a large group of well-trained and organized fighting men who live in the greenwood. Read More
Brian de Bois-Guilbert A preceptor of the Knights Templar, Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert supports Prince John. Read More
John Prince John, King Richard I's younger brother, wants the throne and is plotting against Richard in the king's absence. Read More
Rowena Rowena is a modest and beautiful Saxon noblewoman who is Cedric's ward and Lord Athelstane's fiancée; she is also in love with Ivanhoe. Read More
Rebecca The beautiful and learned healer Rebecca is the daughter of the moneylender Isaac of York. Read More
Allan-a-Dale The Scottish minstrel Allan-a-Dale is a member of Locksley's outlaw band.
Ambrose Ambrose is a monk of Jorvaulx who tells the defenders of Torquilstone that Prior Aymer has been taken prisoner by outlaws.
Anwold Anwold is a servant in Cedric's house.
Athelstane of Coningsburgh Athelstane of Coningsburgh is the last member of the Saxon royal family and is engaged to Cedric's ward, Rowena.
Prior Aymer Aymer, the prior of Jorvaulx Abbey, enjoys food, hunting, and women; despite claiming some Saxon ancestry, he also supports Prince John and claims friendship with Bois-Guilbert.
Hugh Bardon Hugh Bardon is Prince John's scoutmaster; he sends men out on scouting and spying missions.
Lucas de Beaumanoir Lucas de Beaumanoir is the stern grand master of the Knights Templar.
Nathan Ben Israel Nathan Ben Israel is a rabbi and physician whom Isaac goes to stay with in a small town near the Preceptory of Templestowe.
De Bigot De Bigot is Prince John's seneschal.
Henry Bohun Henry Bohun is the Earl of Essex and Lord High Constable of England under King Richard.
Maurice de Bracy Captain of the mercenary band called the Free Companions, or Free Lances, Maurice de Bracy loves having a good time; to please Prince John, he decides to marry the Saxon noblewoman Rowena.
Cedric of Rotherwood Cedric of Rotherwood, a Saxon noble, is the father of Wilfred of Ivanhoe.
Damian Damian is a squire in the Templar Preceptory of Templestowe.
Father Dennet Father Dennet is an old priest who attends the trial by combat at the Preceptory of Templestowe.
Edwina Edwina is one of Rowena's maids-in-waiting.
Elgitha Elgitha is Rowena's lady's maid.
Engelred Engelred is Sir Reginald's squire.
Ethel Athelstane's mother, Ethel, is an old Saxon noblewoman.
Waldemar Fitzurse The experienced and influential old knight Waldemar Fitzurse is Prince John's primary adviser.
Friar The friar, a member of Locksley's merry men, is also known as the Hermit of Copmanhurst and Friar Tuck; he's fond of feasting and partying, but equally enjoys wielding a quarterstaff.
Reginald Front-de-Boeuf Sir Reginald Front-de-Boeuf is one of Prince John's barons; his father took over Torquilstone, the estate next to Cedric's, and Sir Reginald has greatly strengthened its fortifications.
De Grantmesnil De Grantmesnil is one of the challenger knights at Ashby; he concedes when Ivanhoe refuses to take advantage of Grantmesnil's horse's lack of experience.
Gurth Gurth is Cedric's swineherd and Wamba's friend but becomes Ivanhoe's devoted squire.
Herman of Goodalricke Herman of Goodalricke is the Templar preceptor who suggests Bois-Guilbert fight as the order's champion in Rebecca's trial by combat.
Higg Higg is Rebecca's one-time patient; he is forced to testify against her at the Templar tribunal and later becomes her messenger.
Hubert Philip de Malvoisin's keeper of the chase, Hubert is the archer who wins the first round of the archery contest at Ashby.
Hugo Hugo is one of Bois-Guilbert's squires.
Hundebert Hundebert is Cedric's chief steward.
Isaac of York The old Jew, Isaac York, is a merchant, a moneylender, and Rebecca's father.
Kirjath Jairam Kirjath Jairam is a rich Jew living in Leicester and Isaac's trusted friend.
Albert de Malvoisin The preceptor of the Templar Preceptory of Templestowe, Albert de Malvoisin is a close friend of Brian de Bois-Guilbert and hopes to see him become the order's grand master some day.
Philip de Malvoisin Philip de Malvoisin is Albert's brother and a staunch supporter of Prince John; his property is near Rotherwood.
Stephen de Martival Stephen de Martival is one of the marshals of the field for the tournament at Ashby.
Miller The Miller is a member of Locksley's outlaw band.
Conrade de Montfichet Conrade de Montfichet is a preceptor of the Knights Templar and a long-time companion of the order's grand master.
Oswald Oswald is Cedric's cupbearer.
Baldwin de Oyley Baldwin de Oyley is one of Bois-Guilbert's squires.
Prior of Saint Botolph The prior of Saint Botolph runs the abbey where Ivanhoe is recuperating after the battle for Torquilstone.
Reuben Reuben is a Jew and one of Isaac and Rebecca's servants.
Seth Seth is one of Isaac's servants.
Ulrica Ulrica is an old woman who spent most of her life as a prisoner of the Front-de-Boeufs in the castle Sir Reginald's father captured from her father; her real name is Urfried, and she has waited her whole life to take revenge on the Normans.
Ralph de Vipont Ralph de Vipont is one of the challenger knights at Ashby; he falls when unseated on the first day of the tournament and cannot fight on the second day.
Wamba Cedric's jester, Wamba, is a quick-witted and courageous man who is genuinely devoted to his master.
William de Wyvil William de Wyvil is one of the marshals of the field for the tournament at Ashby.
Louis Winkelbrand Louis Winkelbrand is de Bracy's lieutenant in the Free Companions.
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