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Sir Walter Scott

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Check out this Infographic to learn more about Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe. Study visually with character maps, plot summaries, helpful context, and more.

ivanhoe-sir-walter-scottThe Saxon knight Wilfred of Ivanhoe has fought in the Crusades alongside the Norman king of England, Richard I (sometimes called the Lionheart). After returning to England, Ivanhoe finds himself caught up in three great conflicts: Saxons versus Normans, Richard versus his brother John, and Christians versus Jews.A Saxon Hero in Norman EnglandOVERVIEWEpisode 1Disinherited, with no hope of marrying his love, Rowena, Ivanhoe returns to England in disguise. Episode 2Disguised as the “Disinherited Knight,” Ivanhoe defeats the evil Templar Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert in a tournament.ConclusionKing Richard attends Ivanhoe and Rowenas wedding.Episode 4The healer Rebecca has been accused of witchcraft, and Ivanhoe fights as her champion against Bois-Guilbert.Episode 3The English allies rescue Rowena and other hostages after they are taken captive by Normans.ThemesDispossessionThe Normans displace the Saxons, Prince John schemes to take Richards throne, and Robin loses Locksley.IdentityCulture, language, and adherence to a code—such as chivalry—define identity; Saxon and Norman identities blend into an English one.Abuse of PowerThe fear of death looms as people abuse their power—from John to Cedric to Christian leaders.The Black Knight, Chapter 33e that does good, having the unlimited power to do evil,deserves praise not only for the good which he performs, but for the evil which he forbears.LocksleyNoble outlaw leaderIvanhoeDisinherited Saxon knightRowenaModest Saxon ladyJohnRuthless English princeMain CharactersBlack KnightMysterious and powerful warrior; Johns secret brotherAlliesMarriesRomanticEnemiesRebeccaBeautiful Jewish healerBrian de Bois-GuilbertVillainous Templar leaderBecause of his many Scottish history novels and Ivanhoe, among others, Scott is credited with inventing the historical novel. Combining history with regional speech and knowledge, Scott created literature that had little precedent, but many later writers followed his lead.SIR WALTER SCOTT1771–1832AuthorIvanhoeby the NumbersSilent movies made about Ivanhoe between 1909 and 1914Stage productions of Ivanhoe within a year of its publicationTowns named Ivanhoe, including 12 in the United StatesBooks in the first printing of Ivanhoe, which sold out in two weeks10,0003617Sources: Bibliography of Scottish Literature in Translation, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Geotargit, Ivanhoe and the Making of Britain, ScreeningThePast.com, The Walter Scott Digital ArchiveCopyright © 2016 Course Hero, Inc.Sir Walter Scott1819EnglishNovelAuthorYear PublishedOriginal LanguageIvanhoeHistorical

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