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Ivanhoe | Study Guide

Sir Walter Scott

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Ivanhoe | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Evening

    Prior Aymer and Bois-Guilbert meet a pilgrim who guides them to Rotherwood.

    Chapter 3
  • A short time later

    Isaac of York, a Jew, is allowed to stay at Rotherwood, but only the pilgrim will allow him to eat.

    Chapter 5
  • The next morning

    The pilgrim helps Isaac escape Bois-Guilbert's Saracens, who mean to kill him.

    Chapter 6
  • Two days later

    At Ashby the Disinherited Knight defeats Bois-Guilbert, and Locksley wins the archery contest.

    Chapter 8
  • That night

    Rebecca nurses Ivanhoe back to health, and Cedric of Rotherwood takes Gurth the swineherd captive.

    Chapter 18
  • Two days later

    Dressed as outlaws, the Normans capture Cedric and his party and imprison them at Torquilstone.

    Chapter 19
  • The next day

    The Normans demand ransom from their male captives and favors from their female captives.

    Chapter 21
  • About the same time

    Horns announce the arrival of Locksley's outlaws, who plan to attack, aided by the Black Knight.

    Chapter 21
  • Later that day

    Torquilstone falls, and the captives are rescued; Bois-Guilbert escapes with Rebecca.

    Chapter 31
  • A few days later

    Prince John learns King Richard I is in England, and Fitzurse, John's adviser, goes to kill him.

    Chapter 34
  • About the same time

    Templar Beaumanoir accuses Rebecca of sorcery; she demands trial by combat.

    Chapter 37
  • A day or two later

    Fitzurse's plan to kill Richard is foiled by Locksley and his men, who pledge themselves to Richard.

    Chapter 40
  • That evening

    Cedric forgives Ivanhoe; Athelstane attends his own funeral feast; Ivanhoe and Richard disappear.

    Chapter 42
  • The next day

    Ivanhoe rides as Rebecca's champion; Bois-Guilbert dies; Rebecca is pronounced innocent.

    Chapter 43
  • After that

    Richard drives the Templars from England; Ivanhoe marries Rowena; Isaac and Rebecca go to Spain.

    Chapter 44

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Introduction to Ivanhoe "The Author of the Waverley Novels" decided to change topics so as not to wear out his welcome with his readers. At firs... Read More
Dedicatory Epistle This dedication letter is addressed to "The Rev. Dr. Dryasdust, F.A.S, Residing in the Castle Gate, York." In it Laurenc... Read More
Chapters 1–3 A large forest stretches from Sheffield to Doncaster in which there "flourished in ancient times ... bands of gallant ... Read More
Chapters 4–8 Before entering the great hall, Prior Aymer and Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert change clothes, looking even more elegant t... Read More
Chapters 9–13 The Disinherited Knight is declared the victor but refuses to reveal his name. This annoys Prince John, who asks his a... Read More
Chapters 14–18 Prince John hosts a huge and lavish feast at Ashby. Cedric of Rotherwood and Athelstane of Coningsburgh attend, dresse... Read More
Chapters 19–23 It's late when Cedric of Rotherwood, Athelstane of Coningsburgh, and their party enter the forest. They hear cries for... Read More
Chapters 24–28 Rebecca is brought to a room in "a distant and sequestered turret," with an old Saxon woman called Urfried. Rebecca's ... Read More
Chapters 29–33 Rebecca is happy to be near Ivanhoe again but knows he does not reciprocate her feelings. He's guessed they are in Reg... Read More
Chapters 34–38 Prince John and Waldemar Fitzurse are meeting with the prince's supporters in York but cannot proceed with their plans... Read More
Chapters 39–41 After her trial Rebecca is joined in her room by Brian de Bois-Guilbert. She blames his lust and actions for her curre... Read More
Chapters 42–44 The two knights enter a tower room where Cedric of Rotherwood is sitting with a group of older Saxons. He toasts the B... Read More
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