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Charlotte Brontë

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Professor Regina Buccola of Roosevelt University explains the main characters in Charlotte Brontë's novel Jane Eyre.

Jane Eyre | Characters

Character Description
Jane Eyre Jane Eyre is the protagonist and narrator of the story. The orphaned daughter of a poor parson and a mother whose wealthy family disowned her when she married, Jane falls in love with Mr. Rochester. Read More
Edward Rochester Mr. Rochester is the owner of Thornfield Hall, Jane's employer, and the great love of her life. Read More
Adèle Varens Adèle Varens is Jane's pupil at Thornfield and Mr. Rochester's ward. Read More
Bertha Mason Bertha Mason is Edward Rochester's wife, who is insane and whose existence is kept secret. Read More
Mrs. Sarah Reed Mrs. Reed of Gateshead Hall is the widow of Jane's uncle, Mr. Reed, her mother's brother. Read More
St. John Rivers St. John Rivers is a parson in the village of Morton. Honest, kind, and sincere, he is also ambitious, stern, cold, and unbending. Read More
Helen Burns Helen Burns is Jane's best friend at Lowood. Read More
Bessie Lee Bessie is a servant who is Jane's only ally at Gateshead, serving as something of a mother figure for her.
Blanche Ingram Blanche Ingram is a beautiful, haughty, and genteel young woman who pursues Mr. Rochester with marriage in mind.
Céline Varens Adèle's mother and Mr. Rochester's former mistress, Céline is a French actress who never actually appears in the novel.
Diana Rivers Diana Rivers of Marsh End, sister of Mary and St. John Rivers, is Jane's cousin.
Eliza Reed Eliza Reed is one of Mrs. Reed's daughters, Jane's cousin, who treats her badly while living at Gateshead but later reconciles with her.
Georgiana Reed Georgiana Reed is one of Mrs. Reed's daughters, Jane's cousin, who treats her badly while living at Gateshead but later somewhat reconciles with her.
Grace Poole Grace Poole, hired by Rochester to tend to and guard his mad wife at Thornfield, is blamed for the strange events that Bertha causes.
Hannah Hannah is the elderly servant at Marsh End.
John Eyre John Eyre is Jane's paternal uncle and also the uncle of the Rivers siblings; he leaves a fortune of 20,000 pounds to Jane.
John Reed John Reed is Mrs. Reed's son, Jane's cousin, who bullies her while she's living at Gateshead.
Lady Ingram Haughty and cold, Lady Ingram is Blanche's mother.
Mary Rivers Mary Rivers of Marsh End, sister of Diana and St. John Rivers, is Jane's cousin.
Miss Abbot Miss Abbot is another servant at Gateshead.
Miss Scatcherd A teacher at Lowood, Miss Scatcherd frequently punishes Helen Burns.
Miss Temple The headmistress of Lowood, Miss Temple serves as mother figure, mentor, and friend to Jane.
Mr. Briggs A lawyer, Mr. Briggs prevents Jane's marriage to Mr. Rochester by revealing that he is married. He also delivers Jane her inheritance from John Eyre.
Mr. Brocklehurst Mr. Brocklehurst is the strict, stingy clergyman who manages Lowood.
Mr. Lloyd Mr. Lloyd is the apothecary who treats Jane after her scare in the red-room and gives her the idea of going away to school.
Mr. Mason Richard Mason, Bertha's brother, knew Rochester when he lived in Jamaica and is attacked by his sister when he visits her at Thornfield.
Mrs. Fairfax Mrs. Fairfax is the housekeeper at Thornfield Hall.
Rosamond Oliver A wealthy woman who owns the cottage in Morton where Jane lives, Rosamund is interested in St. John Rivers. He loves her but won't marry her because he believes she would not be a good missionary's wife.
Sophie Sophie lives at Thornfield and is Adèle's nurse.
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