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Jane Eyre | Study Guide

Charlotte Brontë

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Jane Eyre | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • November

    Jane stands up to her bullying cousin and aunt's unfair treatment of her.

    Chapter 1
  • January, 3 months later

    Jane leaves Gateshead Hall for Lowood Institution, a religious charity school.

    Chapter 5
  • October, 8 years later

    Jane arrives at Thornfield as governess for Mr. Rochester's ward.

    Chapter 11
  • January, 3 months later

    Jane meets Mr. Rochester for the first time.

    Chapter 12
  • May, 5 months later

    Jane goes back to Gateshead to be with Mrs. Reed, who is dying.

    Chapter 21
  • June, 1 month later

    Rochester asks Jane to marry him.

    Chapter 23
  • July, 1 month later

    Jane flees Thornfield and is taken in at Moor House by St. John, Diana, and Mary Rivers.

    Chapter 27
  • November, 4 months later

    Jane learns she has inherited John Eyre's estate and that she and the Rivers siblings are cousins.

    Chapter 33
  • May, 6 months later

    St. John asks Jane to marry him.

    Chapter 34
  • June, 1 month later

    Jane reunites with Rochester and marries him.

    Chapter 37

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Preface Charlotte Brontë, using her pen name Currer Bell, added a preface to the second edition of Jane Eyre. First she thanks t... Read More
Chapter 1 The story opens on a rainy November day at Gateshead Hall. Jane Eyre, age 10, is banished from the company of the three ... Read More
Chapters 2–3 While she and Abbot are locking Jane in the red-room, Bessie comments that Jane has never behaved like this before. Sh... Read More
Chapter 4 After the red-room incident, Mrs. Reed isolates Jane more than ever, particularly after Jane reproaches her: "What would... Read More
Chapter 5 A coach comes, and Jane clings to Bessie's neck until she is put on the vehicle, with the servant telling the coach's gu... Read More
Chapters 6–7 On her second day at Lowood, Jane begins classes, noting how cold the classroom is. She notices that Miss Scatcherd fr... Read More
Chapter 8 When her punishment is over, Jane crouches in a corner, overcome with grief because she's sure everyone will shun her. H... Read More
Chapter 9 The forbidding winter landscape gives way to flowers and sunshine, but spring also brings a typhus epidemic. More than h... Read More
Chapter 10 The passage of eight years has brought many changes at Lowood. After the typhus epidemic, an investigation was made into... Read More
Chapter 11 Jane starts the chapter by speaking to the reader and calling out the setting, first saying, "A new chapter in a novel i... Read More
Chapters 12–13 Over the next months, from October to January, Jane settles in at Thornfield. She finds some satisfaction in her daily... Read More
Chapters 14–15 One evening Mr. Rochester invites Jane and Adèle to the dining room after dinner. After giving Adèle a present, he inv... Read More
Chapter 16 The following morning, Jane speaks with Grace Poole and is amazed the woman hasn't been dismissed or punished for settin... Read More
Chapter 17 In Rochester's absence Jane continues to observe Grace Poole's habits and feels she acts suspiciously, noticing that Poo... Read More
Chapters 18–19 The guests pursue various amusements at Thornfield, including a game of charades. When Rochester and a male guest invi... Read More
Chapter 20 As the light of the full moon shines into Jane's room in the middle of the night, awakening her, a frightening shriek ri... Read More
Chapter 21 Jane begins the chapter by reflecting on the value of "presentiments," or premonitions, and signs. The day after the inc... Read More
Chapter 22 After her aunt's funeral, Jane stays two more weeks to help her cousins until Georgiana departs to live with an uncle in... Read More
Chapter 23 On Midsummer Eve Jane wanders in the orchard under the rising moon, describing the scene in the present tense. Rochester... Read More
Chapters 24–25 The next day, Rochester is full of plans for their life together. He wants to shower Jane with jewels and expensive cl... Read More
Chapter 26 Jane and Rochester go to church without any guests. As Jane and Rochester are about to say their wedding vows, a solicit... Read More
Chapter 27 Jane struggles with what to do next, self-control and moral principles contending with passion. When she finally leaves ... Read More
Chapters 28–29 Jane opens the chapter using the present tense, explaining that the coach takes her as far as Whitcross, a remote area... Read More
Chapter 30 Jane, Diana, and Mary find that they have many interests in common, and they become close friends over the next month. S... Read More
Chapter 31 Jane describes her home, using the present tense. After her first day of teaching at the village school, she feels depre... Read More
Chapter 32 Jane begins to take pride in the positive changes she sees in her students. She is accepted and well-liked by the villag... Read More
Chapter 33 The following day, in the midst of a whirling snowstorm, St. John returns to Jane's cottage. He tells her a story about ... Read More
Chapters 34–35 Before the Christmas holidays, Jane shuts the village school and prepares to move into Moor House with the Rivers sibl... Read More
Chapter 36 The next day, after getting a note from St. John containing a request for her "clear decision," Jane travels to Whitcros... Read More
Chapter 37 Jane arrives at Ferndean, deep in the woods, at dusk. Rochester is living a solitary life, attended by two servants. Jan... Read More
Chapter 38 Jane and Rochester marry and settle down at Ferndean. Mary and Diana are pleased about Jane's marriage and plan to visit... Read More
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