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Dalton Trumbo

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Johnny Got His Gun | Characters

Character Description
Joe Bonham Joe Bonham is an ordinary young man who was grievously injured while fighting in World War I. Read More
Lincoln Beechy Lincoln Beechy is a famous aviator who comes to Shale City to show off his flying skills.
Mike Birkman Mike Birkman is Kareen's father. He is a miner and has a keen socialist's understanding of society's power structure.
Bill Bonham Bill Bonham, Joe's father, is often referred to as Dad in the novel. He is a kind, hard-working and self-reliant man, but he is considered a failure by society because he doesn't earn a lot of money.
Catherine Bonham Catherine Bonham is the older of Joe's two sisters.
Elizabeth Bonham Elizabeth Bonham is the younger of Joe's two sisters.
Macia Bonham Macia Bonham is Joe's mother. Joe recalls her as hard-working, warm, and comforting.
Pinky Carson Pinky Carson works with Joe and Jose at the bakery.
Christ Christ appears in Joe's hallucination as a character who is somewhat like the Jesus of the Bible's New Testament, but more unorthodox.
The Colonel The Colonel is a British man who has no qualms about sending his troops into danger; his great preoccupation is following the rules and regulations of warfare.
Day nurse The day nurse is Joe's middle-aged nurse at the hospital. She's experienced if a bit gruff, but she seems to like Joe. Joe appreciates her skill and efficiency.
Doctor The doctor is an authority figure who tends to Joe primarily by administering morphine and shows no interest when Joe attempts to communicate.
Bonnie Flannigan Bonnie Flannigan is a girl Joe knows in Colorado, and he meets her again later in Los Angeles.
Hamburger man The hamburger man has a food stand in Shale City, Colorado, where he sells the most delicious hamburgers. Joe and his family eat the hamburgers once a week.
Mr. Hargraves Mr. Hargraves is the superintendent of schools in Shale City, Colorado.
Bill Harper Bill Harper is Joe's best friend from their childhood in Shale City, Colorado. When they are teenagers, he steals Diane, Joe's girlfriend. Later he dies in the war a few months before Joe is wounded.
Glen Hogan Glen Hogan is a handsome, rich guy in Colorado. Many girls, including Joe's girlfriend, Diane, fall for and date him.
Howie Howie is one of Joe's acquaintances in Colorado. Joe and Howie take off for the desert after their girlfriends cheat on them.
Jose Jose is a Puerto Rican who works in the bakery with Joe. He's a model of courtesy, kindness, and dignity.
Kareen Kareen is Joe's fiancée when he goes off to war. They are in love, and she begs him not to go fight.
Laurette Laurette is a prostitute in Colorado who becomes friends with Joe.
Lazarus Lazarus is the nickname given to a Prussian officer who is killed by British soldiers but is repeatedly bombed out of his grave by the Germans.
Little old guy The little old guy is a character Joe imagines constantly scribbling the fate or the death of soldiers who have been or will be killed in the war.
Lucky Lucky is an American prostitute living in Paris during World War I. She sleeps with many American soldiers on leave in the city, including Joe.
Man (hospital) The man is brought into Joe's hospital room to decode Joe's Morse code messages.
New nurse The new nurse is a younger, more sensitive nurse who cares for Joe on Christmas Eve. She communicates with Joe via touch and realizes he's using Morse code to communicate.
The Prussian The Prussian is a soldier who is dead and being gnawed at by a rat.
Red-haired guy The red-haired guy is part of Joe's hallucination. He's one of the main card players at the station where men wait to be taken to the war.
Ruby Ruby is a girl in Shale City, Colorado, who gives most of the boys their first sexual experience.
Scotchman The Scotchman is part of a British regiment in the war but is allowed to sit out the battle because he won't fight for an English king or prime minister, only a Scottish leader.
Jody Simmons Jody Simmons is the boss at the Los Angeles bakery where Joe works.
The Limey subaltern The Limey subaltern is a young and innocent soldier who becomes severely traumatized by the war.
The Swede The Swede is one of the card players in Joe's hallucination about the railway station where men wait to be taken to the war.
Stumpy Tesla Stumpy Tesla is a one-legged madame who runs the brothel in Shale City.
Corporal Timlon Corporal Timlon is a British officer in World War I who is with the troops during the incidents with the Prussian soldier called Lazarus.
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