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Johnny Tremain | Study Guide

Esther Forbes

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Johnny Tremain | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Early summer 1773

    Johnny Tremain takes charge at Mr. Lapham's silversmith shop.

    Chapter 1
  • July 1773

    Johnny severely burns his hand while working on John Hancock's sugar bowl.

    Chapter 2
  • Autumn 1773

    Johnny is tried for stealing a silver cup from Jonathan Lyte.

    Chapter 4
  • November 1773

    Johnny becomes a messenger for the Boston Observers.

    Chapter 6
  • December 1773

    Johnny participates in the Boston Tea Party.

    Chapter 6
  • Summer 1774

    Jonathan Lyte's family flees Boston but returns after being attacked by a patriot mob.

    Chapter 8
  • Autumn 1774

    James Otis speaks about liberty at the Boston Observers' last meeting.

    Chapter 8
  • March 1775

    Johnny is nearly flogged by a British officer but is saved by Pumpkin, a British soldier.

    Chapter 9
  • April 18, 1775

    Paul Revere warns patriots that the British are riding to Lexington and Concord to raid arms.

    Chapter 10
  • April 20, 1775

    Johnny reaches Lexington and finds Rab mortally wounded.

    Chapter 12

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 It's 1773, and Johnny Tremain is a 14-year-old orphan apprenticed in a silversmith shop in Boston. The shop is owned by ... Read More
Chapter 2 Johnny works to fashion new handles for a silver sugar basin John Hancock brought into the shop for repairs. He can't ge... Read More
Chapter 3 Johnny still lives with the Laphams, but now he's fairly useless in the silversmith shop, so must look for other work. H... Read More
Chapter 4 Johnny starts the chapter feeling content: "He was no longer his own problem but Merchant Lyte's." He marches into the o... Read More
Chapter 5 Johnny still needs money, and he believes he can sell his silver cup. He again visits Lyte and offers to sell the cup fo... Read More
Chapter 6 The Boston Observers hold a meeting upstairs in the newspaper office. It is November 1773, and English ships with tea ar... Read More
Chapter 7 In retaliation for the Boston Tea Party, Britain closes Boston's port to all commerce: "When that bill came ... the fidd... Read More
Chapter 8 As Mrs. Bessie warned, the Lytes were attacked at their country home in Milton. Now, their carriage, missing a wheel, dr... Read More
Chapter 9 Tension is growing in Boston. Paul Revere has restructured the intelligence network—also known as the spy system—to inco... Read More
Chapter 10 Events move quickly in Chapter 10. Johnny is keeping a close eye on the British. On April 15, "all day one could feel so... Read More
Chapter 11 When Johnny wakes up, Doctor Warren tells him the battle has begun at Lexington. Johnny asks who won, and Doctor Warren ... Read More
Chapter 12 Wearing Pumpkin's British uniform and claiming he has a message for a British officer, Johnny waits down on the docks fo... Read More
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