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Joseph Andrews | Characters

Character Description
Joseph Andrews Joseph Andrews, the first hero of the story, is a genteel footman who is dismissed from his post for not accepting the sexual advances of his older, patrician mistress. Read More
Parson Adams Mr. Abraham (Parson) Adams, the second hero of the story, is an upright and learned clergyman who accompanies Joseph Andrews on most of his adventures after he is dismissed from his post. Read More
Fanny Goodwill Fanny Goodwill is the fiancée of Joseph Andrews, a beautiful and chaste dairy maid who leaves her post to look for Joseph after he is injured in a robbery. Read More
Lady Booby Lady Booby, the villainess of the story, is a middle-aged, lecherous widow who will stop at nothing to revenge herself on Joseph Andrews if he will not have her. Read More
Mr. Wilson Mr. Wilson is a former rake (one not restrained by convention or morality) and now a country squire whom Joseph Andrews meets on his journeys. Read More
Dick Adams Dick Adams, whom Parson Adams mistakenly calls Jacky because of the author's error, is his young son who almost drowns in the river.
Mrs. Adams Mrs. Adams is the wife of Parson Adams. She berates him for neglecting his family to care for his parishioners.
Mr. Andrews Mr. Gaffer Andrews is the father of Pamela Andrews. At the end of the novel, he learns that he is also the father of Fanny Goodwill. He has raised Joseph Andrews as his own son.
Mrs. Andrews Mrs. Gammar Andrews is the mother of Pamela Andrews and Fanny Goodwill. She has raised Joseph Andrews as her own son, although he is not. She lost Fanny when she was 18 months old and reclaims her at the end of the novel.
Mr. Barnabas Mr. Barnabas is a high-church Anglican clergyman who disagrees with Parson Adams and believes clergy people should not live in luxury.
Bellarmine Bellarmine is the second of Leonora's suitors, and he is mostly in love with her father's fortune.
Mrs. Pamela Andrews Booby Mrs. Pamela Andrews Booby is a servant in the household of Squire Booby and ends up marrying him after he pursues her sexually. She believes she is the sister of Joseph Andrews.
Sir Thomas Booby Sir Thomas Booby is the husband of Lady Booby. He dies shortly after the novel begins.
Squire Booby Squire Booby is the nephew of Sir Thomas and Lady Booby. He marries the servant Pamela Andrews after he is unsuccessful in seducing her.
Captain The captain is one of the disreputable friends of the evil squire. He hauls Fanny Goodwill off on a horse to deliver her to the squire so he can rape her.
Mr. Beau Didapper Mr. Beau Didapper is a dandy from the city who tries to rape Fanny Goodwill.
Evil squire An evil squire is not named, but he invites Joseph Andrews, Parson Adams, and Fanny Goodwill to his house and then tries to rape Fanny.
Justice Frolick Justice Frolick is an ignorant and irresponsible judge who commits Fanny Goodwill and Joseph Andrews to Bridewell on the say-so of Lady Booby.
Mrs. Grave-airs Mrs. Grave-airs has recently entered high society and refuses to ride in the same carriage with Joseph Andrews.
Horatio Horatio is a young lawyer and the fiancé of Leonora until she rejects him for Bellarmine.
Justice An unnamed justice almost signs a warrant for holding Fanny Goodwill and Parson Adams over in jail because he thinks they are guilty of theft. He is ignorant of the law and irresponsible.
Leonard Leonard is a childhood friend of the army officer Paul and invites him home to spend time with him and his wife. This character appears in a story told by Dick Adams, Parson Adams's son.
Leonard's wife Leonard's wife is the third character in the story told by Dick Adams, Parson Adams's son.
Lady storyteller The lady storyteller helps Parson Adams and the others in a coach pass the time by telling the tragic story of Leonora.
Leonora Leonora is a beautiful and shallow young woman who ends up losing two suitors because of her own greed and propensity for change.
Leonora's aunt Leonora's aunt encourages Leonora to reject her fiancé, Horatio, so that she can marry Bellarmine.
Paul Paul is the name of Leonard's army friend in the story told by Parson Adams's son, Dick Adams.
Peddler The peddler loans Parson Adams money after Parson Trulliber and people in the village turn him down. He ends up saving the life of the parson's son, and he tells both Joseph Andrews and Fanny Goodwill about their true parents.
Player The player (an actor) is one of the disreputable friends of the evil squire. He assists in the kidnapping of Fanny Goodwill.
Poet The poet (a playwright) is one of the disreputable friends of the evil squire. He assists in the kidnapping of Fanny Goodwill.
Mr. Peter Pounce Mr. Peter Pounce is the greedy steward of Lady Booby who loans out money to the servants at exorbitant interest rates.
Priest Parson Adams meets a disguised Catholic priest at one of the inns at which his party stops.
Lawyer Scout Lawyer Scout is a crooked lawyer who attempts to get Joseph Andrews and Fanny Goodwill to the Bridewell workhouse.
Mrs. Slipslop Mrs. Slipslop is a gentlewoman-in-waiting for Lady Booby. She acts as if she were one of the gentry, and she is sexually attracted to Joseph Andrews.
Tom Suckbribe Tom Suckbribe is the constable who lets one of the robbers who beat and robbed Joseph Andrews get away.
Mr. Tow-wouse Mr. Tow-wouse is an innkeeper and a henpecked husband who has more kindness in his heart than his wife.
Mrs. Tow-wouse Mrs. Tow-wouse is a shrew and a greedy innkeeper's wife who is sorry they have brought the injured Joseph Andrews to her establishment.
Mrs. Trulliber Mrs. Trulliber is the wife of Parson Trulliber and calls him her master.
Parson Trulliber Parson Trulliber is a prosperous farmer who is a parson only on Sunday. He is so greedy that he refuses to loan Parson Adams 14 shillings. Adams says he is no Christian.
Mrs. Wilson Mrs. Wilson is the wife of Mr. Wilson. She gives him money to get out of jail, which is the impetus for the start of their relationship. Her maiden name is Harriet Hearty.
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