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Journey into the Whirlwind | Study Guide

Eugenia Ginzburg

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Journey into the Whirlwind | Infographic

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Check out this Infographic to learn more about Eugenia Ginzburg's Journey into the Whirlwind. Study visually with character maps, plot summaries, helpful context, and more.

Genia Ginzburg, Part 1, Chapter 4 hey may kill me if they can—but I won’t help them. Sources: Gulag History, Library of Congress, New York Times Copyright © 2018 Course Hero, Inc. Gulag Millions were sent to the system of Soviet forced labor camps. The Great Purges Stalin eliminated potential enemies through imprisonment and death. Joseph Stalin From 1922 to 1953, Stalin brutally modernized the Soviet Union. Motifs Main Ideas Themes Context Genia’s cellmate; helps provide mutual support and comfort by reading and reciting poetry Julia Karepova Genia’s illiterate but wise mother-in-law; understands dangers and urges Genia to flee Avdotya Vasilyevna Aksyonova Genia’s husband and high-ranking Party member; later imprisoned and dies Paul Aksyonov Initially naive Communist; comes to believe Stalin harmed the nation Genia Ginzburg Main Characters A loyal Communist, teacher, and journalist, Ginzburg was arrested and imprisoned on false charges in 1937. Following nearly two decades of imprisonment, she wrote a memoir of those trying years. Journey into the Whirlwind offers a unique female perspective on the horrors of the Stalinist regime. EUGENIA SEMYONOVNA GINZBURG1904–77 Author Genia is assigned to fell trees in a gulag, where she nearly dies. Gulag She spends two years in solitary confinement after being unfairly convicted. Prison Falsely accused, Genia believes she can prove her innocence. Accusation A loyal Communist unjustly convicted of anti-Stalin activity, Eugenia “Genia” Ginzburg describes her ordeal and her journey from idealism to understanding. In her fight to survive she struggles with her conscience, her belief in Communism, and the need to endure unbearable conditions. A Woman Survives the Unimaginable OVERVIEW Russian Original Language 1967 Year Published Eugenia Ginzburg Author Journey intothe Whirlwind Women’s Studies War Literature Tragedy Self-Help Science Fiction Science Satire Romance Religion Philosophy Nonfiction Nature Mythology Mystery Memoir Horror History Historical Fiction Fiction Fantasy Fairy Tales Economics Dystopian Drama Comedy Biography Autobiography Argument Allegory Short Stories Short Story Series Religious Text Primary Source Poetry Play Novella Novel Nonfiction Essay Epic Poem Children’s Literature Nonfiction

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