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William Shakespeare

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Learn about the characters in William Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar with Course Hero's video study guide.

Julius Caesar | Characters

Character Description
Julius Caesar Julius Caesar is the Roman leader and general whose assassination provides the play's conflict. Read More
Brutus Brutus is a respected Roman senator and friend of Caesar. Read More
Cassius Cassius is the senator and general who organizes the assassination plot against Caesar. Read More
Antony Antony is a politician close to Caesar. He stages a coup to seize power after Caesar's death. Read More
Octavius Octavius Caesar is Julius Caesar's heir and adopted son. He appears in the final two acts of the play. Read More
Artemidorus Artemidorus, a teacher of rhetoric, writes a letter to Caesar warning him about the assassination plot, but he is rebuffed when he tries to deliver the letter.
Calphurnia Caesar's wife, Calphurnia, tries and fails to dissuade him from visiting the Capitol on the Ides of March.
Casca Sarcastic and superstitious, Casca is the first of the conspirators to attack Caesar.
Cicero Cicero—a Roman senator known for his wisdom and intelligence—is killed by the triumvirate of Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus, despite the fact that he did not participate in the conspiracy.
Cinna (conspirator) One of the conspirators in the plot to assassinate Julius Caesar, Cinna delivers Cassius's fake letters to Brutus.
Cinna (poet) Cinna the poet wants to go about his business, independent of mob mentality; however, he is killed by the townspeople when they mistake him for Cinna the conspirator.
Claudius Claudius is one of Brutus's servants and soldiers at Philippi.
Clitus Clitus, one of Brutus's servants and soldiers at Philippi, refuses to kill Brutus.
The Cobbler The Cobbler speaks to Flavius in the first scene; he seems unconcerned with the danger of Caesar's rule.
Dardanius Dardanius, one of Brutus's servants and soldiers at Philippi, refuses to kill Brutus when asked.
Decius Decius Brutus is the manipulative conspirator who volunteers to convince Caesar to go to the Capitol.
Flavius Flavius is a tribune, or public official, who—representing a growing contingent of officials dissatisfied with Caesar—chides the Roman plebeians for their praise of Caesar in the opening scene and pulls the decorations off Caesar's public images.
Lepidus Lepidus is a good soldier and the third member (with Antony and Octavius) of the triumvirate that comes to power after Caesar's death.
Ligarius Ligarius is a conspirator in the assassination and shares Cassius's desire to eliminate tyrants.
Lucilius Lucilius is a friend of Brutus who fights alongside him at Philippi; pretending to be Brutus, he encourages the enemy to capture him in order to let the real Brutus live.
Lucius Lucius is Brutus's reliable servant, appearing in his orchard and at the Sardis camp.
Marullus Marullus is a tribune, or public official, who points out the hypocrisy of the public's worship of Caesar.
Messala Messala is Brutus's friend who fights alongside him in the Battle of Philippi and reluctantly serves Octavius after Brutus dies.
Metellus Cimber Metellus Cimber, a conspirator in the assassination, presents the first plea to Caesar, giving the rest of the assassins their opportunity to act.
Pindarus Pindarus is a devoted servant of Cassius who is freed by his master when Cassius dies.
Popilius Lena Popilius Lena is a senator in Rome who doesn't take part in the conspiracy but appears to support it.
Portia Stoic and noble Portia is Brutus's wife; distressed by the chaos in Rome, she commits suicide in the last half of the play.
Publius Publius is a senator and loyal friend of Julius Caesar.
The Soothsayer The Soothsayer, similar to a prophet or fortune teller, warns Caesar to "beware the Ides of March" in the first and third acts.
Strato Strato is a soldier in Brutus's army and the only one to accept Brutus's request to kill him; he is with Brutus at his death.
Titinius Titinius—a servant of Cassius and a soldier in the Battle of Philippi—is at the center of a tragic misunderstanding that affects the story's outcome.
Trebonius Trebonius is a conspirator in the assassination.
Varro Varro is one of Brutus's servants who appears in the camp at Sardis, but he mentions that he does not see Caesar's ghost.
Volumnius Volumnius, a friend of Brutus and a soldier in his army, refuses to kill Brutus after their defeat at Philippi.
Young Cato Young Cato is a soldier with Brutus's forces at the Battle of Philippi and dies there in combat.
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