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Michael Crichton

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Jurassic Park | Characters

Character Description
Alan Grant Dr. Alan Grant is an American paleontologist hired by John Hammond as an outside expert to evaluate the park's safety. Read More
Ian Malcolm Ian Malcolm is an expert in applied mathematics whom Hammond hires as an outside expert on the park's safety. He repeatedly predicts the park will fail based on his mathematical equations. Read More
John Hammond John Hammond is a wealthy American who founds and funds Jurassic Park. Read More
Tim Murphy Tim Murphy is John Hammond's grandson and Lex Murphy's brother. He helps restart the park's computer system. Read More
Donald Gennaro Donald Gennaro is InGen's legal counsel. He accompanies the visiting group of experts on their tour to evaluate Jurassic Park. Read More
Ellie Sattler Dr. Ellie Sattler is a paleobotanist and Alan Grant's research assistant. Like Grant, Ellie Sattler is informed, responsible, strong, and brave. Read More
Dennis Nedry Dennis Nedry sets up the computer systems at Jurassic Park. He also shuts them down so he can steal dinosaur embryos, setting the park's breakdown in motion. Read More
Manuel Aragón Manuel Aragón is Dr. Roberta Carter's Costa Rican orderly. He helps treat the first man injured by raptors and explains local customs to Dr. Carter.
John Arnold Jurassic Park's engineer, John Arnold trusts the park's systems too much and thinks the park is safer than it really is. However, he also works hard to restart it after Dennis Nedry shuts the systems down.
Ellen Bowman Ellen Bowman is an American tourist and Mike Bowman's wife. She is concerned about aging, and convinces her husband to go to Costa Rica so she can visit a plastic surgeon.
Mike Bowman An American vacationing in Costa Rica, Mike Bowman is married to Ellen Bowman. Their daughter is attacked by a small dinosaur that escaped Jurassic Park.
Tina Bowman Mike and Ellen Bowman's daughter, Tina Bowman, is attacked by a small dinosaur while playing on a Costa Rican beach.
Dr. Roberta Carter Dr. Roberta "Bobbie" Carter is a visiting doctor in the Costa Rican village of Bahía Anasco. She is the first outsider to see a human who was attacked by dinosaurs and the first outsider to learn the name "raptor."
Dr. Cruz Dr. Cruz, whose first name is not provided, is a physician at the Clinica Santa Maria in Puntarenas. He examines Tina Bowman after the dinosaur attack.
Lewis Dodgson Lewis Dodgson, a highly skilled but unethical geneticist, suggests that Biosyn steal InGen's dinosaurs so they can create their own.
Graduate student Grant's unnamed graduate student comments on the computer image of the dinosaur in Chapter 9.
Dr. Marty Guitierrez An American researcher trained at Yale, Dr. Marty Guitierrez mistakenly identifies the dinosaur that bit Tina Bowman as a basilisk lizard.
Dr. Gerald Harding Dr. Gerald "Gerry" Harding, Jurassic Park's veterinarian, treats an ill stegosaur; Ellie Sattler helps him.
Alice Levin A lab tech at Columbia University, Alice Levin identifies Tina Bowman's drawing as a dinosaur.
Maria Maria is John Hammond's Haitian-French servant. She silently serves Dr. Wu and Hammond dinner in Hammond's lodge.
Elena Morales A Costa Rican midwife, Elena Morales sees three small dinosaurs attacking a baby. She doesn't report the attack because she's afraid she'll be blamed for being irresponsible.
Bob Morris Bob Morris is a lawyer with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), who visits Alan Grant in Montana. The EPA is concerned the Hammond Foundation is breaking the law and setting up a facility in Costa Rica to engage in genetic engineering with no legal restrictions.
Robert Muldoon Jurassic Park's game warden, Robert Muldoon is widely experienced in conservation and zoo creation and has a lot of field experience. He is very realistic about the threats dinosaurs pose. He bravely confronts both the T. rex and the raptors directly, tranquilizing or killing them to save others.
Lex Murphy Alexis (Lex) Murphy is Hammond's granddaughter and Tim's sister. She is about seven years old, fond of baseball, and not interested in dinosaurs.
Ramón A maintenance worker at Jurassic Park whose last name is not provided, Ramón spots the lights of Dennis Nedry's abandoned Jeep in the jungle.
Ed Regis Ed Regis is head of public relations for Jurassic Park.
Daniel Ross Donald Gennaro's boss, Daniel Ross is mainly concerned about the negative attention Jurassic Park has received. He sends Gennaro to the park to protect their investment.
Dr. Edward Simpson Dr. Edward Simpson is the American expert to whom Dr. Guitierrez sends the lizard (dinosaur) sample. Dr. Simpson is on field research in Borneo.
Dr. Richard Stone Head of Columbia University's Tropical Diseases Laboratory, Dr. Richard Stone inspects Dr. Guitierrez's dinosaur sample for communicable diseases.
Dr. Henry Wu Dr. Henry Wu has worked for Hammond for several years and is interested more in the financial rewards and reputation he is building than in the scientific knowledge he can gain through research.
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