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Michael Crichton

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Jurassic Park | Infographic

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Check out this Infographic to learn more about Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park. Study visually with character maps, plot summaries, helpful context, and more.

jurassic-park-michael-crichtonMalcolm, Chapter 14here is a problem with that island. It is an accident waiting to happen.” Sources: Encyclopaedia Britannica,, Oprah Online, World Heritage Encyclopedia Copyright © 2017 Course Hero, Inc.Jurassic Parkby the NumbersYear a dinosaur, Crichtonsaurus bohlini, was named for Crichton2002Dinosaurs the staff think are in Jurassic Park before the crisis238Dinosaurs actually in Jurassic Park before the crisis292Academy Awards won by the 1993 film adaptation of Jurassic Park starring Sam Neill and Laura Dern3After studying medicine at Harvard University, Crichton became a wildly successful American author. Novels like The Andromeda Strain (1969) helped develop the techno-thriller genre, and he started the long-running medical TV series ER. Crichtons Jurassic Park became a literary and movie franchise earning billions of dollars.MICHAEL CRICHTON19422008AuthorPoisonSymbolizes fatal ignoranceas humans misunderstand both plants and animalsHupiaRepresents a threat to children in the form of something unnatural or a ghoul that comes to steal themMilitary ArchitectureIndicates the danger hiding behind the exciting amusement park facadeSymbolsMain CharactersAlan GrantMature paleontologist; saves kids from dinosaursJohn HammondRich older founder of Jurassic Park; ignores Grant and Malcolms warningsIan MalcolmEccentric mathematician; predicts park failureEllie SattlerPaleobotanist; Grants research assistantTim Murphy11-year-old dinosaur enthusiast; admires GrantDennis NedryComputer expert; sabotages Jurassic ParkADVISESADVISESPROTECTSCOLLEAGUESCOLLEAGUESValue of Experiential ScienceKnowledge tested in the real worldwhich leads to humility—is favored over theoretical knowledge that leads to arrogance.HubrisThe founders of Jurassic Park suffer from an overwhelming arrogance that blinds them. System ComplexityComplex systems are sometimes unpredictable and vulnerable to disruption, something the founders of Jurassic Park don’t realize.Set on a heat-drenched island near Costa Rica, Jurassic Park details the creation and destruction of a theme park filled with living dinosaurs. A preopening visit by a team of scientists and a techie kid proves the park unsafe at any price. Characters’ misuse of science—and the repercussions that follow—continue to draw readers to the book.Humans vs.DinosaursTHEMESNovelEnglishOriginal Language1990Year PublishedMichael CrichtonAuthorJurassic ParkScience Fiction

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