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Jurassic Park | Study Guide

Michael Crichton

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Jurassic Park | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Early 1989

    Workers take an injured man to Costa Rica for medical treatment.

    Prologue: The Bite of the Raptor
  • July 1989

    A dinosaur bites a child in Costa Rica.

    Chapter 1
  • August 1989

    Experts arrive at Jurassic Park to assess its safety.

    Chapter 15
  • Few hours later

    Hammond's grandchildren arrive.

    Chapter 18
  • Minutes later

    The experts and grandchildren begin a tour.

    Chapter 19
  • Few hours later

    Nedry shuts down the computers and steals dinosaur embryos.

    Chapter 29
  • Later

    The dinosaurs escape their enclosures.

    Chapter 30
  • Minutes later

    A T. rex attacks the tour group, destroying their cars.

    Chapter 30
  • Short while later

    Nedry gets lost; a dinosaur kills him.

    Chapter 32
  • Later

    Grant finds the kids and starts guiding them back.

    Chapter 35
  • Next morning

    Raptors get loose and attack the humans.

    Chapter 47
  • Little later

    Grant guides the children back to the visitor center.

    Chapter 48
  • Short while later

    Tim saves his sister from a raptor.

    Chapter 48
  • Later

    Grant saves the kids from raptors.

    Chapter 50
  • Short while later

    Tim restarts the computer systems.

    Chapter 51
  • Little later

    Hammond injures his ankle, and the dinosaurs kill him.

    Chapter 56
  • That evening

    Soldiers arrive to evacuate the survivors and kill the dinosaurs.

    Chapter 58

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Introduction: The InGen Incident In the Introduction, Michael Crichton sets up the scientific background for the narrative. In the late 20th century, man... Read More
Prologue: The Bite of the Raptor In the Prologue, readers are introduced to Dr. Roberta "Bobbie" Carter. Dr. Carter is spending two months in the Costa R... Read More
First Iteration: Chapters 1–5 American tourist Mike Bowman is driving through the Cabo Blanco Biological Reserve in western Costa Rica with his wife... Read More
Second Iteration: Chapters 6–10 Dr. Alan Grant is excavating dinosaur remains in Montana when Bob Morris of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ... Read More
Second Iteration: Chapters 11–16 Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler join Donald Gennaro and John Hammond aboard Hammond's jet. Hammond notes that the two are... Read More
Third Iteration: Chapters 17–22 As the group walks to the visitor center, Alan Grant thinks about what living dinosaurs mean for paleontology, and how... Read More
Third Iteration: Chapters 23–29 Ed Regis leads the group to a line of driverless cars coming out of a garage. The group is too big to fit into just on... Read More
Fourth Iteration: Chapters 30–36 The tour group sits in their two stationary cars. Using night vision goggles Ed Regis gave him, Tim Murphy sees someth... Read More
Fourth Iteration: Chapters 37–43 Dr. Gerald Harding and Ellie Sattler are back at the visitor center. Robert Muldoon and Donald Gennaro head out in a J... Read More
Fifth Iteration: Chapters 44–47 Donald Gennaro and Robert Muldoon inspect the T. rex's kill. John Arnold calls them on the radio to say he's found Den... Read More
Sixth Iteration: Chapters 48–51 Alan Grant drives an electric cart through a tunnel. He has Lex, Tim, and a tranquilized velociraptor with him. When t... Read More
Seventh Iteration: Chapters 52–58 As they move Ian Malcolm to a different room, John Hammond remarks how lucky they were about the event winding down wi... Read More
Epilogue: San José The Costa Rican government keeps the survivors in San José while they investigate what happened on the island. Alan Gran... Read More
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