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Robert Louis Stevenson

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Kidnapped | Chapter Summaries


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Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 In June 1751 David Balfour's father has recently passed away. After taking care of all of his father's affairs, David de... Read More
Chapter 2 As David approaches the house of Shaws he is dismayed by the unfavorable reactions of the people whom he asks for direct... Read More
Chapter 3 The old man from the window invites David inside and reveals that he—Ebenezer Balfour—is David's uncle, his father's bro... Read More
Chapter 4 Ebenezer tells David that David's father and Ebenezer had agreed on an inheritance for David before he was born. Ebeneze... Read More
Chapter 5 In the morning David brings Ebenezer downstairs for breakfast and begins to question him, but a knock on the door interr... Read More
Chapter 6 At Queen's Ferry, Ransome takes Ebenezer and David to a small room at the inn to meet Captain Hoseason. David goes downs... Read More
Chapter 7 David awakes below deck on the ship, where a Mr. Riach—the ship's second mate—brings him food and water. Mr. Riach convi... Read More
Chapter 8 One night, the sailors carry Ransome into the sailors's quarters past David, and the captain instructs David to move his... Read More
Chapter 9 More than a week later, the Covenant strikes a small boat that sinks with all its crew except one. The survivor is surpr... Read More
Chapter 10 The captain tries to enter the roundhouse, and Alan Breck meets him with a sword. He retreats and gathers his men. For t... Read More
Chapter 11 In the early morning Alan cleans his coat carefully and plucks off a button for David, telling him that he should show t... Read More
Chapter 12 Alan and David remain in the roundhouse as the Covenant sails toward the coast of Scotland. Alan tells David all about t... Read More
Chapter 13 Late one night, Captain Hoseason comes to the roundhouse and asks Alan Breck to pilot the brig through a series of reefs... Read More
Chapter 14 David pulls himself ashore on an islet, separated from the mainland by a creek—or an inlet of the sea—that he finds he c... Read More
Chapter 15 On the mainland Ross of Mull, David stops at a small house in the evening, where he learns that Alan Breck had left word... Read More
Chapter 16 From Torosay, David takes a ferry to Kinlochaline on the mainland, where he speaks with Neil Roy, a friend of Alan Breck... Read More
Chapter 17 Mr. Henderland helps David secure passage into Appin on a small boat belonging to a member of his church, saving David a... Read More
Chapter 18 After Alan and David have recovered from their dash through the countryside, David accuses Alan of being a part of the m... Read More
Chapter 19 Travelling at night to avoid detection by soldiers on the lookout for the killers of the Red Fox, Alan and David reach t... Read More
Chapter 20 Alan leads David on a flight through the countryside all night, seeking a safe place to hide for the length of the day. ... Read More
Chapter 21 As the following day breaks, Alan and David reach a shallow cave in the mountains where Alan decides they will make camp... Read More
Chapter 22 David and Alan resume their flight through the night and the morning as long as they can, stopping around noon on a "mui... Read More
Chapter 23 Cluny Macpherson's men take Alan and David to one of their leader's hiding places, a strange kind of house-shelter known... Read More
Chapter 24 Cluny Macpherson sends Alan and David on their way with a guide who carries their luggage and remains with them for two ... Read More
Chapter 25 With David very ill, Alan quickly seeks shelter in the first house he sees. Fortunately, they find a man who knows Alan ... Read More
Chapter 26 When David is healthy again, he and Alan continue toward Queen's Ferry, where David hopes to meet with Mr. Rankeillor an... Read More
Chapter 27 The next day David seeks out Mr. Rankeillor while Alan hides in the woods. Mr. Rankeillor agrees to see David, but neith... Read More
Chapter 28 After David cleans up, Mr. Rankeillor tells him the story of the disagreement between his father Alexander Balfour and h... Read More
Chapter 29 Alan Breck knocks upon the door of the House of Shaws, which Ebenezer Balfour finally answers with a gun in his hand. Pl... Read More
Chapter 30 With his affairs settled, David turns his attention to securing safe passage to France for Alan Breck and to doing whate... Read More
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