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Lady Chatterley's Lover | Study Guide

D.H. Lawrence

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Lady Chatterley's Lover | Characters

Character Description
Connie Chatterley Constance "Connie" Chatterley is a member of the upper class. Also called Constance Chatterley and Lady Chatterley, she is married to Clifford Chatterley and is in love with Oliver Mellors. Read More
Oliver Mellors Oliver Mellors is a former officer in the army and a native of the coal-mining village Tevershall. After the war ends, Clifford Chatterley hires him as the Wragby gamekeeper. Read More
Clifford Chatterley The heir to Wragby, an estate in the Midlands of England, Clifford Chatterley is married to Connie Chatterley. He is paralyzed from the waist down because of a war injury. Read More
Mrs. Bolton Mrs. Bolton is a former parish nurse in Tevershall who becomes the personal nurse to Clifford Chatterley. Read More
Lady Bennerley Lady Bennerley is Clifford Chatterley's aunt, known to the family as Aunt Eva. An outspoken woman, she urges Connie Chatterley to have interests independent of her husband's.
Mrs. Betts Mrs. Betts is the Wragby housekeeper.
Ted Bolton Ted Bolton is Mrs. Bolton's deceased husband, who died 22 years earlier in a mine explosion.
Emma Chatterley Emma Chatterley is the sister of Clifford Chatterley. She resents Clifford for marrying because she had hoped to continue living at the family homestead without disruption for the remainder of her life.
Sir Geoffrey Chatterley Sir Geoffrey Chatterley is Clifford Chatterley and Emma Chatterley's father. He died shortly before Clifford and Connie Chatterley came to live at Wragby.
Bertha Coutts Bertha Coutts is Oliver Mellors's estranged wife. She has been contentedly separated from him for many years and living with another man until she learns of his affair with Connie Chatterley and declares she wants him back.
Daniele Daniele is a gondolier whom Connie Chatterley and Hilda Reid hire in Venice.
Tommy Dukes One of the young intellectuals who congregate at Wragby, Tommy Dukes is a brigadier general in the British Royal Army. He is the most progressive of the group and has an open view of sex.
Mrs. Flint Mrs. Flint is the mother of a one-year-old baby and a tenant on the Chatterley's property. Connie visits her and especially enjoys holding her baby.
Duncan Forbes Duncan Forbes is a young man who becomes Connie Chatterley's confidante; they rekindle a former friendship when they meet up in Venice, where both are holidaying. He agrees to claim he is the father of Connie's child.
Giovanni Giovanni is a gondolier whom Connie Chatterley and Hilda Reid hire in Venice.
Gran Gran is Oliver Mellors's mother. She sometimes cares for his daughter and cleans his hut on Saturdays.
Arnold Hammond Arnold Hammond is one of the young intellectuals who congregate at Wragby. Married and a father of two, he has a rather traditional view of sex and marriage.
Charles May Charles May is one of the young intellectuals who congregate at Wragby. He believes in promiscuity as he considers sex an exchange of sensations rather than of love and commitment.
Connie Mellors Connie Mellors is a young girl about nine or 10 years old. She is Oliver Mellors and Bertha Coutts's daughter.
Michaelis Michaelis, a young Irish playwright who has achieved success in America, is one of the young academics who gathers at Wragby for talks. He has a short-lived affair with Connie.
Hilda Reid Hilda Reid is Connie Chatterley's older sister. Very class conscious, she is in the process of getting a divorce herself and disapproves of Connie's relationship with Oliver Mellors.
Sir Malcolm Reid Sir Malcolm Reid is a widower who believes in a healthy sex life. He encourages his daughter, Connie Chatterley, to take a lover rather than be a semivirgin.
Olive Strangeways Olive Strangeways is the wife of one of the young intellectuals who gather at Wragby. She welcomes a future in which women will not be slaves to their reproduction capabilities.
Leslie Winter Squire Leslie Winter is Clifford Chatterley's godfather. An elderly bachelor and wealthy coal owner, he holds fast to the Edwardian values of his prime.
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