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Lady Chatterley's Lover | Study Guide

D.H. Lawrence

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Lady Chatterley's Lover | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • 1917–18

    Connie Chatterley and Clifford Chatterley marry. Clifford returns to war, where he is injured.

    Chapter 1
  • Autumn 1920

    Connie and Clifford move to Wragby.

    Chapter 2
  • Winter 1922

    Connie begins an affair with Michaelis.

    Chapter 3
  • February 1923

    Clifford tells Connie he wants a child and does not mind if she has one with another man.

    Chapter 5
  • A short time later

    Connie sees the gamekeeper, Oliver Mellors, for the first time and becomes curious about him.

    Chapter 5
  • Summer 1923

    Michaelis faults Connie for pleasuring herself, and she swears off men.

    Chapter 5
  • Late winter 1924

    Connie sees a shirtless Oliver Mellors, and something inside her stirs.

    Chapter 6
  • March 1924

    Hilda Reid takes Connie to a doctor in London and demands Clifford hire a manservant or nurse.

    Chapter 7
  • The next day

    Clifford hires Mrs. Bolton, a private nurse, to care for him.

    Chapter 7
  • Early spring 1924

    Connie discovers a hut by the chicken coops and starts spending time there.

    Chapter 8
  • Several days later

    Connie and Mellors have sex for the first time, in the hut.

    Chapter 10
  • Over a few months

    Connie distances herself from Clifford and grows closer to Mellors.

    Chapter 12
  • A short time later

    Connie's sensuality fully awakens; she and Mellors experience an orgasm at the same time.

    Chapter 12
  • A few days later

    Connie spends the night with Mellors, and they commit to each other.

    Chapter 13
  • That July

    Connie and Hilda go to Venice for several weeks.

    Chapter 16
  • A short time later

    Bertha Coutts creates a scandal by claiming Mellors and Lady Chatterley had sex in his cottage.

    Chapter 17
  • A few days later

    Clifford fires Mellors, who moves to a farm.

    Chapter 17
  • A short while later

    Connie meets Clifford at Wragby, asks for a divorce, and names Mellors as her lover.

    Chapter 19
  • The next day

    Connie moves to Scotland to wait until Mellors's divorce is granted.

    Chapter 19
  • September 29

    Mellors writes a letter to Connie about their future together.

    Chapter 19

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 Constance Chatterley and Clifford Chatterley marry in 1917, while Clifford is on leave. After he returns to fight at Fla... Read More
Chapter 2 Connie Chatterley and Clifford Chatterley arrive at Wragby in autumn 1920. The nearest village is Tevershall, which comp... Read More
Chapter 3 Eventually Connie Chatterley begins to feel restless. She loses weight; she has a general sense she is falling apart, an... Read More
Chapter 4 Connie Chatterley is attached to Clifford Chatterley, but he can't give her something she wants from a man. Rather than ... Read More
Chapter 5 One frosty day in February Clifford Chatterley and Connie Chatterley go for a walk in the woods. The air is hazy, filled... Read More
Chapter 6 Connie next turns to Tommy Dukes to try to understand her situation and asks why men and women don't really like each ot... Read More
Chapter 7 Connie Chatterley goes up to her bedroom, takes off her clothes, and stares at her body in the mirror for a long time. H... Read More
Chapter 8 One spring day Connie Chatterley goes for a walk in the woods. She discovers a hut near a spring and sees Oliver Mellors... Read More
Chapter 9 Connie Chatterley now feels an aversion to Clifford Chatterley and realizes she has always disliked him. She was attract... Read More
Chapter 10 Clifford Chatterley gets more involved in the industrial activity. Connie Chatterley is impressed with how competent and... Read More
Chapter 11 As Connie Chatterley and Mrs. Bolton sort through items in a storage room, they find a cradle. Connie expresses interest... Read More
Chapter 12 Connie Chatterley visits Oliver Mellors at his cottage. They discuss his job as a gamekeeper and his employment options ... Read More
Chapter 13 One Sunday spring morning Clifford and Connie Chatterley go for a walk in the woods. They discuss philosophical ideas, c... Read More
Chapter 14 Oliver Mellors and Connie Chatterley meet at the gate and then walk to his cottage. There they talk about themselves, Cl... Read More
Chapter 15 Life at Wragby is more of the same. Clifford Chatterley is involved in his coal-converting scheme and plays games every ... Read More
Chapter 16 A nervous Mrs. Bolton explains to Connie Chatterley that Clifford Chatterley was ready to send two servants to the woods... Read More
Chapter 17 Connie Chatterley and Hilda Reid argue in the car. Hilda thinks Connie is degrading herself by being involved with Olive... Read More
Chapter 18 Connie Chatterley makes plans to meet Oliver Mellors in London. She travels to London by train with her father, Sir Malc... Read More
Chapter 19 Connie Chatterley writes her husband and tells him she has fallen in love with another man, is staying at Duncan Forbes'... Read More
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