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Laura Esquivel

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Like Water for Chocolate | Characters

Character Description
Tita De la Garza Tita, born Josefita De la Garza, is the youngest daughter of Mama Elena. Tradition dictates that she must care for her mother until she dies, but she harbors an undying love for Pedro Muzquiz. Read More
Pedro Muzquiz Deeply in love with Tita, whom Mama Elena refuses to let him marry, Pedro Muzquiz takes her sister Rosaura as his wife just to be near her. He is a somewhat shallow and selfish man, but his love for Tita is unwavering. Read More
Mama Elena The dictatorial, oppressive matriarch of the De la Garza family, Mama Elena took over the running of the ranch after her husband's death. She also feels entitled to control the lives of all the people who live and work on the ranch. Read More
Rosaura De la Garza Rosaura De la Garza is Tita's eldest sister, sensitive to the judgment of society and content to follow her mother's direction in all matters. This includes marrying Pedro, whom she knows her sister loves. Read More
Gertrudis De la Garza The hot-blooded middle daughter of Mama Elena, Gertrudis De la Garza runs away from the ranch with a captain from the rebel army; she later becomes a general herself. Read More
John Brown John Brown, an American, is the kind, gentle doctor who rescues Tita from the horror that is her mother's house and slowly rebuilds her spirit. Later he asks her to marry him. Read More
Alex Brown Alex Brown is John Brown's son, a kind, intelligent boy who is studying to be a doctor. He falls in love with and eventually marries Tita's niece Esperanza.
Chencha Chencha is the De la Garza ranch maid who cares deeply for Tita. Once the victim of rape and convinced no man would want her, Chencha later marries her childhood sweetheart, Jesús.
Esperanza Pedro and Rosaura's second child, Esperanza is actually raised primarily by Tita, who makes sure the girl receives a good education and escapes the tradition that says she must be her mother's caretaker. Esperanza later marries Alex Brown, and their daughter is later given Tita's book of recipes and becomes the narrator of the story.
Felipe Felipe is a farmhand and the son of the manager Nicholas.
Guadalupe Guadalupe is one of the De la Garza ranch hands.
Jesús Martinez Jesús Martinez is Chencha's childhood sweetheart, whom she was once forbidden to marry. He later becomes her husband.
Don Pasqual Muzquiz Don Pasqual Muzquiz is Pedro's father and does not understand why his son would marry a woman he does not love.
José Treviño José Treviño was Mama Elena's half-black lover and the father of Gertrudis. Just before the two were to run away together, José was killed.
Juan Alejandrez One of Pancho Villa's soldiers, Juan Alejandrez is drawn to the passionate Gertrudis and carries her away on horseback. He later becomes her husband.
Katy Katy, a 70-year-old Native American, helps care for John Brown and his son Alex.
Paquita Lobo Paquita Lobo is the De la Garzas' meddling neighbor.
The Lobos The Lobos are neighbors of the De la Garzas.
Lupita Lupita is hired as little Roberto's wet nurse but is killed by a stray bullet.
Aunt Mary Aunt Mary, who is John Brown's only living relative, is a kind woman who approves of his engagement to Tita.
Morning Light Morning Light, John Brown's Kikapu grandmother, was a respected healer and John's inspiration. Her spirit appears to help Tita regain her mental and physical health.
Nacha Nacha is the De la Garza cook, but she also becomes a second mother to Tita, raising her and teaching her the mysteries of the kitchen. Her ghost periodically reappears even after her death to provide Tita with comfort and support.
Nicholas Nicholas is the manager of the De la Garza ranch.
Roberto Little Roberto is the first child of Pedro and Rosaura but is actually nursed by Tita when his mother cannot provide milk. His death when he is separated from Tita causes her to have a mental breakdown.
Rosalio Rosalio is a farmhand on the De la Garza ranch.
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