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Joseph Conrad

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Lord Jim | Characters

Character Description
Jim Jim, an English clergyman's son, pursues a career in the British merchant marine and commits an act of cowardice that haunts him for the rest of his life. Read More
Marlow Marlow is a middle-aged, experienced English sea captain who takes an interest in Jim's life and fate and relates his story to a gathering of friends. Read More
Brierly Captain Brierly is the captain of the Ossa, the most highly rated ship of the Blue Star line and is, by reputation, a virtuous, courageous man with a perfect record of service. Read More
Stein Stein is a merchant-adventurer and owner of Stein & Co. trading posts throughout the East Indies, including a post on Patusan, where he sends Jim to act as his agent. Read More
Brown Brown, a depraved buccaneer, comes to plunder Patusan and becomes the catalyst for Jim's ruin and death. Read More
Sherif Ali Sherif Ali is a wandering Arab stranger who preys on the people of Patusan, disrupts the balance of power on the island, and feeds on the resulting strife.
Rajah Allang Rajah Allang is the governor of Patusan's river, appointed by his nephew, the Sultan. Described as a dirty, little, used-up old man with evil eyes and a weak mouth, he abuses his power and plots to assassinate Jim.
Blake Blake is a ship chandler and partner in Egström & Blake. Chandlers are retailers who deal in equipment and supplies for ships and boats. Blake is a small man with sleek black hair and unhappy, beady eyes. He is one of Jim's employers for a time.
Mohammed Bonso Mohammed Bonso is the younger son of the island queen of Celebes and Stein's partner in many exploits in their youth. The prince is assassinated, and Stein always speaks of him as "my poor Mohammed Bonso." Stein married Bonso's sister.
Charley Charley is the host of a dinner part attended by Marlow. Other guests are the men entertained by Marlow's story about Jim.
Chester Chester is a West Australian adventurer with a scheme to hire Jim after he loses his license. Jim would oversee native laborers for Chester's guano (seabird manure) operation, which is nothing more than a pipe dream. Chester's partner is Captain Robinson.
Chief engineer The chief engineer is one of the crew members who desert the Patna. He is tall, thin as a broomstick, has a drooping gray moustache, and drinks excessively.
Cornelius Cornelius is a despicable Malacca-Portuguese scoundrel working for Stein as his agent on Patusan. He despises and plots revenge against Jim for taking over his job and exposing his dishonesty. He is Jewel's stepfather.
Mr. Denver Mr. Denver is a rice mill owner and Marlow's old friend. First to hire Jim on Marlow's recommendation, he likes and trusts the young man and is bewildered and hurt when he suddenly leaves.
Doramin Doramin is the old Malay chief of the Bugis tribe on Patusan and father of Dain Waris. Friend to Stein, he accepts Jim and becomes his trusted ally. Monumental in size, he is proud and dignified in manner.
Dutch agent The Dutch agent is a government official in a port south of Patusan. He tells Marlow a rumor: Jewel is the keeper of a priceless emerald obtained by the "white vagabond," Jim.
Egström Egström is a ship chandler and partner in Egström & Blake. Chandlers are retailers who deal in equipment and supplies for ships and boats. Described as a raw-boned, heavy Scandinavian with immense blonde whiskers, he is one of Jim's employers for a time.
Captain Elliot Captain Elliot is the Master Attendant at the harbor office where Captain Gustav makes his false report about Patna incident. He gives Gustav a loud and blunt dressing down for his lies.
Emma Emma is Stein's deceased daughter. She and his much-loved Malay wife, to whom he refers as "the princess," died of fever on the island of Celebes just days apart.
French lieutenant The French lieutenant is one of two officers from the French gunboat that rescues the Patna. He meets Marlow two years after the incident and supplies details of the rescue.
George George is the third engineer on the Patna and dies from fear and exertion as the crew members attempt to abandon the damaged ship.
Captain Gustav Captain Gustav, the German captain of the Patna, is a huge, dull-eyed, malevolent man who cares nothing for the lives of the Patna's passengers. He files a false report about the sinking and then cravenly refuses to attend the official inquiry.
Jewel Jewel is the daughter of a Dutch-Malay woman and European father and is stepdaughter to Cornelius. Jewel saves Jim from assassination and becomes his wife, but her passionate love cannot stop him when he feels honor bound to give up his life.
Mr. Jones Mr. Jones is chief officer of the Ossa and serves under Captain Brierly. He tells Marlow the story of Brierly's suicide and its aftermath.
De Jongh De Jongh is the last ship chandler to employ Jim before he retreats to Patusan, a little more than three years after the Patna inquiry.
Kassim Kassim is the "long-legged old scoundrel" and diplomat who represents Rajah Allang at the war council during Brown's invasion of Patusan. He plots with Cornelius to use Brown and his men to overthrow Jim.
Alexander McNeil Alexander McNeil is the old Scotsman who gave Stein his business start. He is "remembered for a roaring voice and a rough sort of honesty."
Captain O'Brien Captain O'Brien of the ship Sarah W. Granger recalls the story of the Patna in Jim's presence, causing him to flee his job at Egström & Blake's chandlery.
Captain Robinson Captain Robinson is an ancient sea captain with a notorious past and an evocative nickname: "Holy-Terror Robinson." He has money and is Chester's partner in a scheme to harvest and sell guano (seabird manure).
Archie Ruthvel Archie Ruthvel is the principal shipping master in the harbor office where Captain Gustav delivers his false report of the Patna incident.
Schomberg Schomberg is the Alsatian hotelkeeper and owner of a bar in Bangkok where Jim and a drunk Danish seaman get into a brawl over the Patna incident. He is a "retailer of all scandalous gossip" and directs Marlow to where Gentleman Brown is living out his final hours.
Second engineer The second engineer is among the crew who desert the ship Patna. He breaks his arm in the process. He is a sallow-faced "mean little chap" who shows up at Jim's first job with Mr. Denver, causing Jim to abruptly quit and move on.
Selvin Selvin is Marlow's chief mate who suffers from "black imaginings" and fits of jealousy when he is too long without a letter from his wife.
Bob Stanton Bob Stanton is an insurance canvasser who, years ago, tried to save a young lady's maid from a sinking ship. Panicked, she would not budge, causing both to go down with the ship.
Sultan of Patusan Stein describes the sultan as "an imbecile youth with two thumbs on his left hand." The sultan appoints his uncle, Rajah Allang, to govern Patusan's river.
Sura Sura is a sorcerer among the Bugis of Patusan and believes there is something occult in Jim's successful attack on Sherif Ali.
Dain Waris Dain Waris is the much-loved only son of Doramin. Jim finds him courageous, proud, intelligent, and "bearing a temperament like a clear flame." The two become fast friends. When Waris is killed by Brown and his men, Jim's life becomes forfeit.
Siegmund Yucker Siegmund Yucker is part-owner of Yucker Brothers of Bangkok. They are charterers and teak merchants for whom Jim works until a bar brawl over the Patna incident sends him on the run again.
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