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Lord of the Flies | Study Guide

William Golding

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Learn about characters in William Golding's novel Lord of the Flies with Course Hero’s video study guide.

Lord of the Flies | Characters

Character Description
Ralph Ralph is the elected leader of the boys and is the novel's protagonist. Read More
Jack Jack Merridew was the head of the choir at the school and becomes the leader of the hunters. He is Ralph's rival for power. Read More
Piggy Smart but physically challenged, Piggy is an adviser to Ralph. Read More
Simon A loner and something of a mystic, Simon becomes a victim of the savage hunters. Read More
Roger A cruel, sadistic boy, Roger joins the hunters but pursues his own goals, chiefly the pleasure he experiences in tormenting others. Read More
Samneric Samneric are identical twins (Sam and Eric) who identify with each other so closely they are treated as one. Read More
The beast The beast is an imaginary figure that becomes real. Read More
Bill Bill is a member of Jack's choir and becomes a hunter.
Harold Harold is a member of Jack's choir and becomes a hunter.
Henry Henry is a littlun at whom Roger throws stones.
Johnny Johnny is a littlun; he responds first to the first conch call.
The littluns Littluns is a generic term given to the younger boys.
Lord of the Flies The Lord of the Flies is a pig's head mounted by the hunters on a stick. Only Simon knows him by this name.
Maurice Maurice is a member of Jack's choir and becomes a hunter.
Mulberry littlun The Mulberry littlun dies when the bonfire gets out of control.
The naval officer The naval officer comes to the island and finds the boys after Jack sets the island ablaze.
Percival Percival Wemys Madison is a littlun who cries often and thinks the beast comes from the sea.
Phil Phil is a littlun who dreams something is coming after him.
Robert One of the hunters, Robert pretends to be a pig in the reenactment of the hunt.
Walter Walter is a member of Jack's choir and becomes a hunter.
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