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Gabriel García Márquez

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Love in the Time of Cholera | Characters

Character Description
Florentino Ariza The illegitimate son of Tránsito Ariza and Pius V Loayza, Florentino Ariza falls in love with Fermina Daza and pledges his everlasting fidelity to her. Read More
Fermina Daza The only daughter of Lorenzo Daza and the deceased Fermina Sánchez, Fermina Daza is Dr. Juvenal Urbino's wife. Read More
Dr. Juvenal Urbino Fermina Daza's husband, Dr. Juvenal Urbino is a doctor, teacher, and philanthropist. Read More
Lorenzo Daza A widower and mule trader, Lorenzo Daza is determined his daughter—Fermina Daza—will marry for wealth. Read More
Escolástica Daza Fermina Daza's aunt, Escolástica Daza raises Fermina after the death or her sister-in-law. When her brother Lorenzo realizes she is aiding the courtship between Fermina and Florentino Ariza, he banishes his sister. Read More
Hildebranda Sánchez Hildebranda Sánchez—Fermina Daza's rebellious cousin—influences Fermina's marriage to Dr. Juvenal Urbino; the cousins spend their respective exiles and journeys together. Read More
Tránsito Ariza Florentino Ariza's mother and confidante, Tránsito Ariza owns a shop on the Street of Windows and, after building a home for Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza, suffers memory loss and dies. Read More
Dr. Francis Adonay Recommended by Leo XII, the dentist Dr. Francis Adonay prematurely extracts Florentino Ariza's teeth.
Ángeles Alfaro A cello player, Ángeles Alfaro is Florentino Ariza's lover for a brief period while she teaches at the Music School.
Prudencia Arellano The widow Prudencia Arellano is one of Florentino Ariza's lovers; in her passion, she rips off his clothes.
General Jerónimo Argote General Jerónimo Argote, a Caribbean refugee and avid chess player, requests Jeremiah de Saint-Amour be buried in holy ground.
Florentino Ariza's godfather An unnamed homeopathic specialist and Tránsito Ariza's friend, Florentino Ariza's godfather examines and treats him for lovesickness.
Armed patrol Members of the armed patrol question Captain Samaritano when New Fidelity reaches the city.
Doña Blanca Doña Blanca, a widow, is the mother of Dr. Juvenal Urbino.
Bishop of Riohacha A friend of the Urbino de la Calle family, the Bishop of Riohacha tells Fermina Daza he would like to hear her confession. She refuses, knowing her husband will hear of it.
Captain The unnamed captain on Florentino Ariza's first river voyage suspects Florentino has cholera.
Leona Cassiani Charismatic and intelligent Leona Cassiani meets Florentino Ariza on a trolley and asks him to help her obtain a job at the River Company of the Caribbean.
Beny Centeno Beny Centeno, a championship boxer, draws a crowd at the photography studio where Fermina and Hildebranda are to be photographed.
Chinese immigrant The unnamed Chinese immigrant is presented with the Golden Orchid prize for his sonnet at the first Poetic Festival.
Civil and Military Commander The unnamed Civil and Military Commander of San Juan de la Ciénaga gives Fermina Daza a tour of the changed city.
Commander of the armed patrol The unnamed commander of the armed patrol places the riverboat New Fidelity under quarantine.
Don Galileo Daconte Don Galileo Daconte, an Italian immigrant, renovates a convent into a theater.
Fermina Daza's goddaughter Fermina's unnamed 15-year-old goddaughter accompanies her to San Juan de la Ciénaga.
Director of the Astronomical Observatory The unnamed Director of the Astronomical Observatory tells Señora de Olivella it will not rain on the day of her husband's anniversary celebration.
Johann B. Elbers German commodore Johann B. Elbers helps establish river navigation in Colombia, bringing the first steamboat to the Magdalena River and influencing the founding of the River Company of the Caribbean.
Euclides Euclides is the quick and talkative young diver Florentino Ariza employs to help find the sunken Spanish galleon treasure.
Governor of the Province The unnamed Governor of the Province confronts Dr. Juvenal Urbino about Lorenzo Daza's illegal business, which exploits his son-in-law's reputation.
Joseph T.K. Korzeniowski A Polish merchant sailor, Joseph T.K. Korzeniowski sells arms to Lorenzo Daza, who purchases them for the Liberal Party. Korzeniowski eventually became better known as the British writer Joseph Conrad.
Lighthouse keeper The unnamed lighthouse keeper befriends Florentino Ariza and teaches him how to maintain the lighthouse.
Don Leo XII Loayza One of three brothers, Don Leo XII Loayza helps found the River Company of the Caribbean and is Florentino Ariza's uncle. After the death of Florentino's father, Don Leo XII takes care of his nephew and his sister-in-law (Tránsito Ariza).
Pius V Loayza Florentino Ariza's deceased father, Pius V Loayza, founded the River Company of the Caribbean with his two brothers.
Widow Loayza The widow of Pius V Loayza prays for the damnation of Florentino Ariza, her husband's "bastard son."
Romeo Lussich Dr. Juvenal Urbino pays famous pianist Romeo Lussich to serenade Fermina Daza with sonatas.
Sister Franca de la Luz Sister Franca de la Luz, Superior of the Academy of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin, first expels Fermina Daza from school and later tries to convince her to accept Dr. Urbino as a suitor.
Barbara Lynch Barbara Lynch, Doctor of Theology and recent divorcée, is the daughter of the Reverend Jonathan B. Lynch. She is also Dr. Juvenal Urbino's mistress.
Reverend Lynch The Reverend Jonathan B. Lynch is Barbara Lynch's father and a Protestant minister.
General Ignacio María General Ignacio María, the Marquis de Jaraíz de la Vera's grandson, dies of a cerebral hemorrhage.
Mayor The unnamed mayor agrees to create an archive of Jeremiah de Saint-Amour's photography.
Medical student The medical student who is completing forensic training accompanies the police inspector to the scene of Jeremiah de Saint-Amour's death.
Widow Nazaret The 28-year-old Widow Nazaret lives with Florentino Ariza temporarily because her house is destroyed during a rebel siege.
Zenaida Neves Zenaida Neves is the mistress of Diego Samaritano, captain of the riverboat New Fidelity.
Night watchman The unnamed night watchman finds Jeremiah de Saint-Amour's note and alerts the police, who then call Dr. Juvenal Urbino.
Sara Noriega A poet, teacher, and Florentino Ariza's lover, Sara Noriega criticizes Fermina Daza's reason for marrying Dr. Juvenal Urbino.
Dr. Rafael Núñez Dr. Rafael Núñez has been President of the Republic three times and is a philosopher, poet, and writer of the national anthem. He sponsors Fermina Daza and Dr. Juvenal Urbino's wedding.
Archbishop Obdulio y Rey Archbishop Obdulio y Rey sits next to Dr. Juvenal Urbino at the anniversary celebration for Dr. Lácides Olivella and comments on the gathering being "historical" because Liberals and Conservatives are in attendance.
Dr. Lácides Olivella Dr. Lácides Olivella, a student of Dr. Juvenal Urbino, is honored at an anniversary celebration on the day Jeremiah de Saint-Amour and Juvenal Urbino both die.
Señora de Olivella Señora de Olivella, also known as Aminta Dechamps, is the wife of Dr. Lácides Olivella and hosts the anniversary celebration for her husband.
Digna Pardo Digna Pardo, a servant to Dr. Juvenal Urbino, witnesses the doctor's fatal fall.
President Aquileo Parra A member of the Liberal Party, President Aquileo Parra uses Lorenzo Daza to set up an arms deal with Polish agent Joseph T.K. Korzeniowski.
Prudencia Pitre Known as the Widow of Two, Prudencia Pitre outlives both of her husbands and is Florentino Ariza's lover.
Gala Placidia Gala Placidia, Lorenzo and Fermina Daza's servant, delivers Fermina's letter to Florentino Ariza that ends their relationship.
Police inspector The unnamed police inspector, alerted by the night watchman, discovers Jeremiah de Saint-Amour's body and sends for Dr. Juvenal Urbino.
Lucrecia del Real del Obispo An aristocrat, Lucrecia del Real del Obispo is Fermina Daza's best friend; however, after gossip arises about an alleged affair between her and Dr. Juvenal Urbino, she ceases her "faithful" visits.
Lucrecia del Real del Obispo's husband Lucrecia del Real del Obispo's unnamed husband is the president of the Social Club.
President Rafael Reyes After one sexual encounter, President Rafael Reyes awards Andrea Varón a pension from the Ministry of Finance.
Rosendo de la Rosa A riverboat captain, Rosendo de la Rosa introduces Florentino Ariza to his mistress, Ausencia Santander.
Rosalba Rosalba, a young mother whose last name is not given, is a passenger on the same riverboat as Florentino; he believes she is the mysterious woman who seduced him during the trip.
Jeremiah de Saint-Amour Dr. Juvenal Urbino's Antillean friend, Jeremiah de Saint-Amour, a chess champion and child photographer, commits suicide to avoid growing old.
Jeremiah de Saint-Amour's mistress Jeremiah de Saint-Amour's unnamed long-time mistress, who he met in Port-au-Prince is aware he was planning suicide.
Diego Samaritano A friend to Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza, Diego Samaritano is the big-hearted captain of the New Fidelity.
Fermina Sánchez Fermina Sánchez is Fermina Daza's deceased mother.
Lisímaco Sánchez Lisímaco Sánchez, Lorenzo Daza's brother-in-law and Hildebranda Sánchez's father, hosts Lorenzo and Fermina Daza in Valledupar.
Señora de Sánchez Señora de Sánchez is Lisímaco Sánchez's wife and Hildebranda Sánchez's mother; she prepares healing compresses for Fermina Daza's riding sores.
Don Sancho Don Sancho, whose first name is not given, owns the inn where Florentino Ariza sees Fermina Daza dining; he sells Florentino the legendary mirror.
Ausencia Santander Ausencia Santander, Captain Rosendo de la Rosa's selfish mistress, begins an affair with Florentino Ariza.
Don Marco Fidel Suárez Don Marco Fidel Suárez, President of the Republic, visits Dr. Juvenal Urbino to see his famous parrot, which will not speak in his presence.
Lotario Thugut An old organ player and owner of the transient hotel, Lotario Thugut teaches Florentino Ariza how to play the violin and work the telegraph system.
Transient hotel housekeeper An unnamed mother of two, the housekeeper cleans rooms at the transient hotel and pursues Florentino Ariza.
Transient hotel manager The unnamed transient hotel manager allows Florentino Ariza permanent use of a room.
Dr. Marco Aurelio Urbino Dr. Marco Aurelio Urbino—father of Dr. Juvenal Urbino—dies in the cholera epidemic.
Ofelia Urbino Ofelia Urbino, whose married surname is not given, is the youngest child of Fermina Daza and Dr. Juvenal Urbino. Concerned with what others may think, she lives in New Orleans with her banker husband.
Dr. Marco Aurelio Urbino Daza Dr. Marco Aurelio Urbino Daza is the childless son of Dr. Juvenal Urbino and Fermina Daza.
Dr. Urbino Daza's wife Fermina Daza's confidante, Dr. Urbino Daza's unnamed wife supports the romance between her and Florentino Ariza.
Andrea Varón A secret courtesan, Andrea Varón is the only woman Florentino Ariza pays for sex, a "symbolic" peso.
América Vicuña América Vicuña, a teenage relative of Florentino Ariza, lives with him while attending school, is seduced by the elderly Florentino, and commits suicide following the end of their affair.
Brigida Zuleta Brigida Zuleta, a "brief love" of Florentino Ariza's, tells him he looks 20 years younger without his clothes on.
Olimpia Zuleta Florentino pursues Olimpia Zuleta, a pigeon lover, and she is murdered by her husband after he discovers their affair.
Olimpia Zuleta's husband Olimpia Zuleta's unnamed husband sells goods at the market and kills his wife when he discovers her affair.
Josefa Zuhiga Florentino Ariza's possessive lover, the widow Josefa Zúniga, fantasizes about cutting off his penis, so no one else can sleep with him.
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