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Gustave Flaubert

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Professor Bill Yarrow of Joliet Junior College explains the main characters in Gustave Flaubert's novel Madame Bovary.

Madame Bovary | Characters

Character Description
Emma Bovary Emma Bovary is the novel's protagonist, a romantic who is married to Charles Bovary. Read More
Charles Bovary Charles Bovary is a simple, kind, and naïve doctor absolutely devoted to his wife, Emma. Read More
Monsieur Homais Monsieur Homais is the pompous pharmacist of Yonville. Read More
Léon Dupuis Léon Dupuis is Emma's first real friend in Yonville, who later becomes her lover. Read More
Rodolphe Boulanger Rodolphe Boulanger is a rich owner of an estate and Emma's first lover. Read More
Monsieur Lheureux Monsieur Lheureux is Yonville's manipulative merchant and moneylender. Read More
The Beggar The Beggar is a blind homeless man who begs for money along the road from Rouen to Yonville.
Binet Binet is Yonville's tax-collector.
Bocage Bocage employs Léon Dupuis in Rouen.
Abbé Bournisien Yonville's town priest, Abbé Bournisien provides little solace to Emma.
Berthe Bovary Berthe Bovary is Charles and Emma's daughter, whom Emma neglects and is sent to live with a poor aunt after her parents' deaths.
Heloise Dubuc Bovary Charles's first wife, Heloise Dubuc Bovary, a widow, dies not long after her marriage to Charles.
Madame Bovary, the elder Charles's domineering mother Madame Bovary, the elder, disapproves of Emma.
Monsieur Bovary Monsieur Bovary is Charles's cruel father, a former army officer forced to resign.
Dr. Canivet Charles Bovary calls in Dr. Canivet for the operation on Hippolyte and also when Emma is poisoned.
Marquis d'Anderviliers Charles and Emma attend an elegant ball at Marquis d'Anderviliers's chateau.
Felicite Felicite is Emma's young maid.
Guillaumin Guillaumin, a lawyer in Yonville, offers to help Emma in return for prostitution.
Hareng Hareng is a sheriff's officer.
Hippolyte Yonville's stableman Hippolyte has a club-foot on which Charles unsuccessfully operates.
Hivert Hivert drives a coach at Yonville.
Athalie Homais Athalie Homais is a child of Monsieur and Madame Homais.
Irma Homais Irma Homais is a child of Monsieur and Madame Homais.
Madame Homais Madame Homais is the wife of the apothecary Monsieur Homais.
Napoléon Homais Napoléon Homais is a child of Monsieur and Madame Homais.
Justin Justin, Homais's young assistant, falls in love with Emma and accidentally gives her the poison to kill herself.
Lagardy Lagardy is a famous singer whom Charles and Emma see in an opera.
Lariviere Lariviere is a talented doctor from Rouen who tries to save Emma's life.
Madame Lefrancois Madame Lefrancois is the innkeeper of Yonville.
Madame Lempereur Madame Lempereur is a piano teacher in Rouen who supposedly has Emma as a pupil.
Catherine Leroux Catherine Leroux is a humble farmer who receives a prize at the Agricultural Show.
Lestiboudois Lestiboudois is the sexton at a churchyard in Yonville.
Lieuvain As the Prefect's representative, Lieuvain gives a speech at the Agricultural Show.
Nastasie Nastasie serves as the first maid for the Bovary family whom Emma fires.
Mère Rollet Mère Rollet is the infant Berthe's wet-nurse.
Rouault Rouault is Emma's father, and a farmer.
Tuvache Tuvache serves as the mayor of Yonville.
Vincart Vincart is a banker who works with Lheureux.
The Viscount The Viscount is a mysterious man who dances with Emma at the ball.
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