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Jane Austen

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Mansfield Park | Characters

Character Description
Fanny Price Fanny Price is the poor cousin whom the Bertrams take in and raise; her presence becomes a comfort and a blessing to the family. Read More
Edmund Bertram Edmund Bertram, second son of Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram, is a serious young man, preparing to become a clergyman when he falls in love with a London socialite. Read More
Mary Crawford Mary Crawford is a lively young woman whose extended visit to her sister, Mrs. Grant, brings her—and her big-city attitudes—into the Bertrams' social circle at Mansfield Park. Read More
Henry Crawford Henry Crawford is a smart, charismatic, and vain young man, owner of a sizable estate, and target of marriageable young women in London and at Mansfield Park. Read More
Tom Bertram Eldest child and heir to Mansfield Park, Tom Bertram is a wastrel who embarrasses his father socially and financially until serious illness causes him to reassess his behavior and change his ways. Read More
Maria Bertram Maria Bertram is the pretty, spoiled, older Bertram daughter whose underdeveloped sense of duty and inappropriate behavior bring shame upon the family; to get the attention she craves, Maria willingly sacrifices her sister's heart and betrays her husband, acts that leave her abandoned and exiled. Read More
Julia Bertram Julia Bertram is the pretty younger sister of the Bertram family who grows up in Maria's shadow; although jealous at first of Henry Crawford's attentions to Maria, the more sensible Julia avoids Maria's shameful actions, asks for forgiveness, and rejoins the family after her elopement. Read More
Baddeley Baddeley is the Bertrams' butler.
Lady Bertram Perpetually exhausted, yet often idle, Lady Bertram is the mother of Tom, Edmund, Maria, and Julia, and comes to depend heavily on Fanny's company.
Sir Thomas Bertram Sir Thomas Bertram is the thoughtful patriarch of the Bertram household and conscientious manager of Mansfield Park; although he is well-intentioned, his decisions do not always lead to positive results.
Mr. Campbell A well-behaved young man and friend of William Price, Mr. Campbell is the surgeon on the Thrush, the ship on which William serves.
Mrs. Chapman Mrs. Chapman is Lady Bertram's personal maid.
Admiral Crawford Although he never appears in the book, Henry and Mary's uncle, Admiral Crawford, is a man of influence whose unorthodox choice to live with his mistress spawns social gossip and renders his home an unsuitable place for Mary to live.
Ellis Ellis is a servant at Mansfield Park.
Mrs. Fraser Mrs. Janet Fraser is one of Mary's wealthy London friends who Edmund fears is a bad influence on her; she and Lady Stornaway are sisters.
Margaret Fraser Margaret is the sister-in-law of Mrs. Fraser; according to Mary Crawford, Margaret Fraser would like to be courted by Henry.
Dr. Grant Dr. Grant is the rotund, genial clergyman who takes the living at Mansfield Park after Mr. Norris dies.
Mrs. Grant Mrs. Grant, the pleasant mistress of Mansfield Park's parsonage, hosts her younger siblings, Mary and Henry, and plays matchmaker for the young people.
Mr. Harding Mr. Harding is the old friend of Sir Thomas who alerts him, by letter, of Maria's dishonorable behavior in London and tries to keep it quiet.
Christopher Jackson The carpenter employed at Mansfield Park, Christopher Jackson, in addition to other tasks, is called upon to build the stage for the theatrical.
Dick Jackson Dick is the 10-year-old son of the carpenter who works at Mansfield Park; Mrs. Norris considers humiliating the boy an accomplishment of her housekeeping ability.
Miss Lee Miss Lee is governess to the Bertram sisters and Fanny at Mansfield Park.
Maddison Maddison helps Henry manage his estate, Everingham, but has used his position to exploit some of Henry's tenants.
Charles Maddox Charles Maddox is the friend Tom plans to ask to join the amateur theatricals, perhaps in a ploy to force Edmund to take a role.
Nanny Nanny is Mrs. Norris's house servant.
Mr. Norris The Rev. Mr. Norris held the living at Mansfield Park's Parsonage until his death—an arrangement Sir Thomas made to benefit his wife's sister.
Mrs. Norris Especially after her husband's death, the stingy, stern, and overbearing Mrs. Norris—Lady Bertram and Mrs. Price's sister—takes over Lady Bertram's role as Julia and Maria's surrogate mother.
The Miss Owens Three young women, sisters of Edmund's friend Mr. Owen, trouble Mary's thoughts when Edmund stays with his friend; she frets jealously over whether they are pretty or musically gifted.
Mr. Owen Edmund stays with his friend Mr. Owen, also a young clergyman, when he goes to take his orders.
Mr. Price Poor, uneducated, and unconnected, Mr. Price, a former lieutenant of the Marines, is Fanny's father, whose main occupations are drinking, reading the newspaper, and socializing.
Mrs. Price Mrs. Frances Price, younger sister of Lady Bertram and Mrs. Norris, is Fanny's overwhelmed mother who married poorly and suffers for her choice.
The Price children Mr. and Mrs. Price have nine children, most of whom have very small roles in the novel; other than Fanny, William, and Susan, they are Richard, Charles, John, Tom, Sam, and Betsey; another daughter, Mary, is deceased.
Susan Price Susan Price is Fanny's younger sister whom Fanny takes under her wing in Portsmouth; Susan is 14 when she arrives with Fanny on her return to Mansfield Park and eventually takes Fanny's place as Lady Bertram's companion.
William Price William Price is Fanny's beloved older brother; he becomes a naval officer and continues to be an upright young man, helped by Sir Thomas's and Henry Crawford's patronage.
Rebecca Rebecca is the Prices' incompetent, impertinent domestic servant.
James Rushworth The wealthy young owner of Sotherton, James Rushworth is a dull man but a financially desirable fiancé and husband for Maria Bertram.
Mrs. Rushworth Knowledgeable about the family estate, Sotherton, Mrs. Rushworth is James Rushworth's widowed mother who gives her blessing to her son's marriage to Maria Bertram.
Mrs. Rushworth's servant Maria Bertram Rushworth's personal servant is happy to help spread the gossip about Maria and Henry's flight, with her employer's blessing.
Lady Stornaway Lady Flora Stornaway is one of Mary's wealthy London friends who Edmund fears is a bad influence on her; Lady Stornaway and Mrs. Fraser are sisters.
Wilcox Wilcox is the old coachman at Mansfield Park.
John Yates John Yates is Tom Bertram's friend whose desire to act leads to the plans for the play at Mansfield Park and who later elopes with Julia Bertram.
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