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Charles Dickens

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Martin Chuzzlewit | Characters

Character Description
Elder Martin Chuzzlewit The elder Martin Chuzzlewit is a stubborn old man who believes money is the root of evil. He keeps his family at a distance because he thinks they are all after his money. Read More
Seth Pecksniff Although he is a respected architect, Mr. Seth Pecksniff never designs or builds. Instead, he takes credit for his students' work. Read More
Younger Martin Chuzzlewit The younger Martin Chuzzlewit is a stubborn young man determined to seek his fortune. He studies architecture under Pecksniff. Read More
Jonas Chuzzlewit Jonas Chuzzlewit is young Martin's corrupt cousin. He is suspected of murdering his own father for his inheritance. Read More
Tom Pinch Tom Pinch is an ex-student and employee of Mr. Pecksniff's whom everyone likes. He is good friends with the younger Martin and with John Westlock. Read More
Mark Tapley Mark Tapley is an employee at the Blue Dragon and later valet and friend to the younger Martin. He believes that the only way to live credibly is to be jolly in the face of hardship. Read More
John Westlock John Westlock is an ex-student of Mr. Pecksniff who becomes wealthy. He is a good friend to Tom Pinch and generally well liked. Read More
Mr. Bevan Mr. Bevan is a friendly American gentleman who is staying at Mark and Martin's boardinghouse in New York. He helps them when they are in trouble.
Mr. Chuffey Mr. Chuffey is an elderly man who is the employee and lifelong friend of Anthony Chuzzlewit.
Anthony Chuzzlewit Anthony Chuzzlewit is the elder Martin Chuzzlewit's brother and the father of Jonas Chuzzlewit. He is a sly businessman.
Mr. Fips Mr. Fips is an employee of Mr. Chuzzlewit who gives Tom Pinch a job.
Mrs. Sairah Gamp Mrs. Sairah Gamp is an older midwife and nurse who also watches over dead bodies before a funeral. She has a strong liking for alcohol and food.
Mary Graham Mary Graham, who is in love with the younger Martin, is the elder Martin Chuzzlewit's young ward.
Mr. Jinkins Mr. Jinkins, who is always competing with Augustus Moddle, is a boarder of Mrs. Todgers.
Dr. Jobling Dr. Jobling is a physician who takes care of Anthony Chuzzlewit. He is also an employee of Mr. Tigg.
Mr. Lewsome Mr. Lewsome is the sick patient at the Bull.
Mrs. Lupin The likeable landlady at the Blue Dragon, Mrs. Lupin is Mark Tapley's initial employer.
Mr. Augustus Moddle A droopy man who boards with Mrs. Todgers, Mr. Augustus Moddle is initially in love with Mercy.
Mr. Nadgett Mr. Nadgett is the secretive man hired by Mr. Tigg to follow and collect information on Jonas Chuzzlewit.
Mercy Pecksniff Mr. Pecksniff's youngest daughter, Mercy, marries Jonas.
Charity Pecksniff Charity is Mr. Pecksniff's elder daughter.
Ruth Pinch Ruth Pinch is a governess and Tom Pinch's sister.
Mr. Scadder Mr. Scadder commits fraud by selling land to people in a town called Eden, which is a swamp.
Bill Simmons Bill Simmons offers Martin a ride to London in exchange for a silk handkerchief.
Chevy Slyme A distant relative of the Chuzzlewits', Chevy Slyme is a friend of Mr. Tigg's.
Mr. Spottletoe Mr. Spottletoe announces Mr. Chuzzlewit's disappearance to the family.
Poll Sweedlepipe Mrs. Gamp's landlord, Poll Sweedlepipe is a barber and bird-fancier.
Montague Tigg A friend of Chevy Slyme, Montague Tigg is the head of the Anglo-Bengalee Disinterested Life Assurance Company.
Mrs. Todgers Landlady at Todgers's, Mrs. Todgers is a friend of the Pecksniff family.
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