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Martin Chuzzlewit | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • The beginning

    Younger Martin leaves his grandfather's house and briefly becomes a student at Mr. Pecksniff's.

    Chapter 5
  • A few days later

    Mark Tapley leaves the service of the Blue Dragon and heads to London.

    Chapter 7
  • At the same time

    Mr. Pecksniff and family go to London to meet the elder Martin. Jonas meets the Pecksniff sisters.

    Chapter 8
  • Four days later

    Elder Martin meets with Pecksniff to extend friendship and demands Pecksniff throw out young Martin.

    Chapter 10
  • The next day

    The Pecksniffs return from London and kick Martin out. Martin heads to London.

    Chapter 12
  • Some weeks later

    Mark and Martin meet in London and decide to go to America together.

    Chapter 13
  • A few days later

    Martin and Mark board a ship to America.

    Chapter 15
  • Weeks later

    Martin and Mark arrive in New York and have their first experiences with Americans.

    Chapter 16
  • At the same time

    Jonas gives Anthony Chuzzlewit an expensive funeral after his earlier death.

    Chapter 19
  • A week or two later

    Jonas proposes to Mercy instead of Charity.

    Chapter 20
  • Around the same time

    Martin and Mark purchase land in Eden and travel there via steamboat.

    Chapter 22
  • A month or two later

    Mercy and Jonas marry and return to Jonas's house.

    Chapter 26
  • Shortly thereafter

    Mr. Tigg brings Jonas into his scheme.

    Chapter 27
  • A few weeks later

    Charity leaves Mr. Pecksniff and moves to Todgers's.

    Chapter 30
  • Around the same time

    Mark and Martin return to England.

    Chapter 35
  • Some weeks later

    Mr. Tigg is murdered.

    Chapter 47
  • A week or two later

    The elder Martin Chuzzlewit brings everyone together and reveals his scheme.

    Chapter 52

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Preface Dickens describes his writing of this preface as being like "a troublesome guest who lingers in the Hall after he has ... Read More
Chapters 1–3 In an exaggerated tongue-in-cheek fashion, the narrator assures readers of the "extreme antiquity" of the Chuzzlewit l... Read More
Chapters 4–6 Mr. Pecksniff, in hopes of being summoned by Mr. Chuzzlewit, doesn't leave his house for four days except to eavesdrop... Read More
Chapters 7–9 In the beginning of Chapter 7, Martin has gone to work for Mr. Pecksniff in his grammar school. After the Pecksniff fa... Read More
Chapters 10–12 The reader is shown that all Mr. Pecksniff does in regard to business for his first four days in London is go to the p... Read More
Chapters 13–15 An angry Martin Chuzzlewit makes his way toward London, but soon regrets leaving his clothes behind when he becomes we... Read More
Chapters 16–18 Chapter 16 begins with a scene of newspaper boys hawking papers on the ship, before the passengers have even managed t... Read More
Chapters 19–21 Afraid of being seen as stingy, Jonas tells Mr. Pecksniff to "spare no expense" on funeral costs. Mr. Pecksniff goes t... Read More
Chapters 22–24 After purchasing land and declaring his intent to set off for Eden, Martin suddenly becomes a very popular fellow amon... Read More
Chapters 25–27 Chapter 25 opens on Mr. Mould, the undertaker, resting at home with the windows open. Mr. Mould is surrounded by his f... Read More
Chapters 28–30 Jonas is drawn to Mr. Tigg's proposal and decides to accept. He goes to visit Mr. Tigg and finds him having dinner wit... Read More
Chapters 31–33 Mr. Pecksniff is strolling through the churchyard when he hears Tom Pinch begin to play the organ. He goes quietly int... Read More
Chapters 34–36 Martin and Mark are on a steamboat going away from Eden. A tall gentleman approaches Martin and asks if he realizes he... Read More
Chapters 37–39 Tom Pinch gets lost in London because he is too distrustful to ask anyone for directions. He runs into Charity Pecksni... Read More
Chapters 40–42 Tom goes to work every day and contemplates the question of who his employer might be. He doesn't believe it's Mr. Fip... Read More
Chapters 43–45 Mrs. Lupin is sitting in the Dragon the night of the storm when a well-bundled traveler arrives out of the rain and re... Read More
Chapters 46–48 Ruth and Tom decide to walk to Todgers's boardinghouse to see if Mercy is there. On the way, they run into Charity and... Read More
Chapters 49–51 Mrs. Gamp hears the bell downstairs and assumes it's her friend Mrs. Prig, but then discovers it to be Poll Sweedlepip... Read More
Chapters 52–54 Mark Tapley takes a message from old Mr. Chuzzlewit to Martin. Mr. Chuzzlewit asks Mark what he told Martin, and Mark ... Read More
Postscript Charles Dickens relates observations that he made at a dinner given for him in the New York in 1868. He expresses his "h... Read More
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