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Maus | Characters

Character Description
Vladek Vladek Spiegelman, the husband of Anja and father of Artie, is a Holocaust survivor living in New York. Read More
Artie Artie Spiegelman, the son of Vladek and Anja Spiegelman, interviews his father about his experiences during the Holocaust. Read More
Anja Anja Spiegelman, née Zylberberg, is Vladek's wife and Artie's mother. A Holocaust survivor, she committed suicide in 1968. Read More
Mala Mala Spiegelman is Vladek's second wife. She is also a Holocaust survivor. Read More
Françoise Françoise Mouly is Artie Spiegelman's wife. Read More
American doctor The American doctor sends Vladek home from La Guardia Hospital in New York.
Anja's communist friend Anja's communist friend asks Anja to translate communist documents from Polish into German.
Anja's kapo Anja's kapo (prisoner assigned to administrative duties) in Birkenau treats Anja horribly until Vladek repairs her shoes.
Nahum Cohn Nahum Cohn, a family friend of the Spiegelmans, is hanged for dealing goods without coupons in Sosnowiec.
French prisoner The French prisoner in Auschwitz is so grateful for Vladek's friendship that he shares his care packages from home with him.
Gelber Gelber tries to reclaim his family's bakery in Sosnowiec after the war. He is hanged.
Lucia Greenberg Lucia Greenberg is Vladek Spiegelman's obsessive girlfriend in the early 1930s before he met Anja.
Hitchhiker The black hitchhiker who receives Vladek's scorn is on his way to his cousin's house in upstate New York.
Howie Howie is Artie Spiegelman's childhood friend in Queens.
Mr. Ilzecki Mr. Ilzecki, a tailor, is one of Vladek's former customers in Sosnowiec.
Janina Janina is the Spiegelman's Polish nanny before World War II begins. She refuses to help the Spiegelmans during the war and sells their valuables.
Jenny Jenny is one of the women from Sosnowiec Vladek recognizes in Belsen.
Mr. Karmio Mr. Karmio is Anja's 90-year-old grandfather, who is killed with the rest of the elderly in Auschwitz.
Mrs. Karmio Mrs. Karmio is Anja's 90-year-old grandmother, who is killed with the rest of the elderly in Auschwitz.
Mrs. Karp Mrs. Karp is Edgar Karp's wife.
Edgar Karp Edgar Karp is Vladek's neighbor in the Catskill Mountains.
Mrs. Kawka Mrs. Kawka lets Anja and Vladek hide in her barn.
Mancie Mancie protects Anja in Birkenau and delivers letters between Anja and Vladek.
Mr. Mandelbaum Mr. Mandelbaum, who formerly owned a candy store, tries to escape to Hungary with Vladek and Anja.
Abraham Mandelbaum Abraham Mandelbaum, Mr. Mandelbaum's nephew, is forced to write a letter saying it is safe for the Spiegelmans and Mr. Mandelbaum to come to Hungary.
Moniek Merin Moniek Merin is the selfish head of the Jewish council in the Srodula ghetto.
Mrs. Motonowa Mrs. Motonowa, a black-market grocery dealer, allows Anja and Vladek to hide in her home.
Office boy The office boy in Auschwitz invites Vladek to hide in the bunker attic with his friends.
Orbach Orbach, a friend of the Spiegelman family, pretends Vladek is his cousin when Vladek is set free from a prisoner-of-war camp in Lublin, Poland.
Pavel Pavel is Artie's psychiatrist and a Holocaust survivor.
Polish priest The Polish priest assures Vladek he will make it through the war alive because his serial number is "lucky."
Quarantine block kapo The quarantine block kapo protects Vladek after Vladek begins teaching him English.
Rabbi The rabbi in the prisoner of war camp tells Vladek he is a roh-eh hanoled, or one who can see the future.
Shivek Shivek, whom Vladek knew before the war, travels with Vladek after their release from Dachau.
Shoe kapo The shoe kapo puts Vladek in charge of the shoe shop in Auschwitz.
Sonia Sonia is one of the women from Sosnowiec Vladek recognizes in Belsen.
Abram Spiegelman Abram Spiegelman is Vladek's father. He voluntarily goes to Auschwitz to help his daughter Fela with her four children.
Chaja Spiegelman Chaja Spiegelman, Vladek's mother, dies of cancer after Vladek is released from the prisoner of war camp.
Fela Spiegelman Fela Spiegelman is Vladek's sister. She is sent to Auschwitz for having too many children to be able to do slave-labor work.
Haskel Spiegelman Haskel Spiegelman is the chief of the Jewish police in Srodula. He helps Vladek, Anja, and Lolek escape the holding area in Srodula.
Jakov Spiegelman Jakov Spiegelman is Vladek's cousin.
Leon Spiegelman Leon Spiegelman, one of Vladek's younger brothers, deserted the Polish army and lived in Russia during World War II.
Marcus Spiegelman Marcus Spiegelman is Vladek's older brother. He died during World War II.
Miloch Spiegelman Miloch Spiegelman, Vladek's cousin, supervises the shoe shop in Srodula. He gives Anja and Vladek a place to hide when Srodula is liquidated.
Mordecai Spiegelman Mordecai Spiegelman is Vladek's cousin, who ensures that Vladek and his family aren't sent to Auschwitz during the culling at the stadium.
Moses Spiegelman Moses Spiegelman, Vladek's younger brother, died during World War II.
Pesach Spiegelman Pesach Spiegelman, who is a crook like his brother Haskel, is Vladek's cousin.
Pinek Spiegelman Pinek Spiegelman, one of Vladek's brothers, deserted the Polish army and lived in Russia during World War II; he eventually went to live in Israel.
Richieu Spiegelman Richieu Spiegelman is the son of Vladek and Anja, who died from poisoning when he was six in order to save him from the Nazis.
Yodja Spiegelman Yodja Spiegelman is one of Vladek's younger sisters who died in Auschwitz.
Zosha Spiegelman Zosha Spiegelman is one of Vladek's younger sisters who died in Auschwitz.
Miss Stefanska Miss Stefanska is the seamstress who goes to jail after Anja hides communist documents in her home.
Bibi Steinkeller Bibi Steinkeller is the young daughter of Wolfe and Tosha. She is one of the three children Tosha poisons before the Nazis can take them away.
Tosha Steinkeller Tosha Steinkeller, née Zylberberg, is Anja's older sister. She cares for Richieu before killing the children and herself when the Nazis liquidate the Zawiercie ghetto.
Persis Steinkeller Persis Steinkeller, Wolfe Steinkeller's uncle, is on the Jewish council in the Zawiercie ghetto.
Wolfe Steinkeller Wolfe Steinkeller, Tosha's husband, works for the Jewish Community Organization in Sosnowiec. He thinks the war will be over quickly.
Steve Steve is Artie Spiegelman's childhood friend in Queens.
Mr. Szklarczyk Mr. Szklarczyk is a grocer in Sosnowiec with whom Vladek partners to sell black-market goods.
Vladek's cousin Vladek's unnamed cousin introduces Vladek Spiegelman to Anja Zylberberg.
Yidl Yidl is the chief of the tin shop in Auschwitz.
Hela Zylberberg Hela, also called Helen, Zylberberg is Herman Zylberberg's wife.
Herman Zylberberg Herman Zylberberg is Anja's brother who was visiting the United States when World War II began and was able to remain there.
Israel Itzak Zylberberg Israel Itzak Zylberberg is Anja's father. He is the wealthy owner of several hosiery factories.
Josef Zylberberg Josef Zylberberg, Anja's brother, committed suicide after his girlfriend left him during World War II.
Levek Zylberberg Levek Zylberberg, Anja's brother, died in Warsaw, Poland, in 1943.
Lolek Zylberberg Lolek Zylberberg is the son of Herman and Hela Zylberberg. He survives World War II in Poland.
Lonia Zylberberg Lonia Zylberberg is the daughter of Herman and Helen Zylberberg. She is one of the three children Tosha Steinkeller poisons before the Nazis can take them away.
Malka Zylberberg Malka Zylberberg is Anja's mother.
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