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Medea | Scene Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • The Beginning

    The Nurse and Tutor discuss Medea's turmoil.

  • First Visitor

    Medea begs Creon for a one-day reprieve.

    Episode 1
  • Afterward

    Medea uses poison to murder the princess and Creon.

    Episode 1
  • Second Visitor

    Medea has her first encounter with Jason, which is bitter.

    Episode 2
  • Third Visitor

    Medea asks King Aegeus for sanctuary, which he grants.

    Episode 3
  • Afterward

    Medea announces she will kill her sons.

    Episode 3
  • Fourth Visitor

    Medea hears how the princess and Creon died.

    Episode 6
  • The End

    Medea kills her sons and flies off in a winged chariot.


Scene Summaries Chart

Scene Summary
Prologos The prologos consists of the Nurse's monologue, the dialogue between the Nurse and the Tutor, and the bellows of Medea f... Read More
Parados This section includes the entrance of the Chorus and the dialogue between the Chorus and the Nurse. Summoned by Medea's ... Read More
Episode 1 Episode 1 includes the entrance of Medea, dialogue between Medea and Creon, and dialogue between Medea and the Chorus. M... Read More
Stasimon 1 The Chorus comments that Medea has reversed the usual flow of history. The man is no longer in control, no longer the on... Read More
Episode 2 Episode 2 is Medea's first encounter with Jason. Throughout the play they fight bitterly, casting names and insults at e... Read More
Stasimon 2 After Jason leaves the Chorus extols moderation in love in a choral prayer to Aphrodite, goddess of love. It asks her no... Read More
Episode 3 Medea's next visitor is Aegeus, who has just seen the oracle to ask why he is unable to have children. The oracle has to... Read More
Stasimon 3 In response to Medea's plot, the Chorus sings the praises of Athens and asks Medea to consider how "this city of sacred ... Read More
Episode 4 Jason returns and demands to know what Medea wants from him. Medea begins by asking his forgiveness, saying she was fool... Read More
Stasimon 4 In this stasimon the choral ode focuses on the sorrow of the coming tragedy, detailing the agony and destruction that wi... Read More
Episode 5 This episode includes the Tutor's dialogue with Medea, in which he recounts how the gifts were presented to and received... Read More
Stasimon 5 When Medea has disappeared into the house with her sons, the Chorus sings about the advantages of not having children. I... Read More
Episode 6 In the last episode of the play, Medea receives the news she has been awaiting. A messenger arrives and relates in detai... Read More
Stasimon 6 The Chorus begs the Earth and the Sun to keep Medea from carrying out the final act in her revenge. It warns of the wrat... Read More
Exodos Jason arrives, knocking on the door, cursing Medea for what she has done to Creon and the princess and demanding his chi... Read More
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