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Metamorphoses | Characters

Character Description
Jupiter Jupiter is king of the gods and the god of the sky. Read More
Juno Juno is the sister and wife of Jupiter. Read More
Venus Venus is the goddess of love and the wife of Vulcan. Read More
Apollo Apollo is the son of Jupiter. He is the god of the sun. Read More
Minerva Minerva is the daughter of Jupiter. She is the goddess of war and the arts. Read More
Diana Diana is Jupiter's daughter and Apollo's twin sister. She is the goddess of animals and of the hunt. Read More
Achaemenides Achaemenides, one of Ulysses's companions, is rescued by Aeneas after being stranded on Polyphemus's island.
Achelous Achelous is a river god who tells several myths to Theseus and his men. He also fights Hercules to win Deianira as a bride.
Achilles Achilles, the son of Peleus and Thetis, is a legendary Greek warrior who fought and died in the Trojan War.
Acis Acis is Galatea's lover whom she turns into a river god after Polyphemus murders him.
Acmon Acmon is one of Diomedes's soldiers, who is transformed into a bird for disrespecting Venus.
Acoetes Acoetes is a sailor who tells the story of how he defended Bacchus to Pentheus.
Actaeon Actaeon, Cadmus's grandson, is changed into a stag by Diana when he accidentally sees her bathing. He is eaten by his own hunting dogs.
Adonis Adonis is Cinyras and Myrrha's son, and the beloved of Venus. She changes him into a flower after he is killed by a boar.
Aeacus Aeacus, the king of Aegina, is the father of Phocus, Peleus, and Telamon. Aecus tells the story of the Myrmidons.
Aeetes Aeetes, the king of Colchis, is Medea's father. He challenges Jason with a series of overwhelming tasks in order to win the Golden Fleece.
Aegeus Aegeus is Theseus's father. Medea tries and fails to trick him into poisoning Theseus by accident.
Aeneas The son of Venus and the mortal Anchises, Aeneas's descendants found Rome and Aeneas later becomes a god.
Aesacus Aesacus, one of King Priam's sons, is turned into a bird by Tethys due to his remorse over Hesperia's death.
Aesculapius Aesculapius, the son of Apollo and the mortal Coronis, is the god of medicine who cures a plague in Rome.
Aeson Aeson is Jason's father, whose youth Medea restores through magic.
Agamemnon Agamemnon is the leader of the Greeks in the Trojan War. He abducts King Anius's daughters.
Aglauros Aglauros's bad behavior displeases both Minerva, who curses her with envy, and Mercury, who turns her to stone.
Ajax Ajax is a Greek warrior who kills himself after Ulysses defeats him in a verbal contest for Achilles's armor.
Alcithoe Alcithoe is one of the Daughters of Minyas, whom Bacchus turns into bats after they refuse to worship him. She tells the story of Salmacis and Hermaphroditus.
Alcmena Alcmena is the mother of Hercules, her child by Jupiter.
Alcyone Alycone is King Ceyx's wife and foretells his death at sea. The gods turn her and her husband into birds so they can be together forever.
Alpheus Alpheus, a river god, pursues Arethusa.
Althaea Althaea is Meleager's mother. She kills her son for murdering his two uncles, her brothers.
Amphion Amphion is a king of Thebes and Niobe's husband. He kills himself when the gods slaughter his seven sons.
Anaxarete Anaxarete, a princess, is cruel to a prospective lover, Iphis, who then hangs himself. As punishment she is turned to stone.
Anchises Anchises is the father of Aeneas, his son by Venus.
Andromeda Andromeda is Cepheus and Cassiopeia's daughter. After Perseus rescues her from a sea monster, she marries him.
Anius Anius is the king of Delos. He tells Aeneas the story of how Agamemnon kidnaps his daughters.
Anius's daughters The daughters of Anius can magically turn anything into corn, wine, or oil. Agamemnon kidnaps them, but they become doves.
Arachne Arachne, a gifted but arrogant weaver, offends Minerva with her hubris. Minerva turns her into a spider.
Arcas Jupiter and Callisto's son, Arcas, almost kills his mother after she has been turned into a bear. Mother and son are both turned into constellations.
Arethusa Arethusa is a nymph who transforms into a spring after being pursued by Alpheus.
Argus Argus is a monster with a hundred eyes. Charged with guarding Io, he is killed by Mercury.
Ascalaphus Ascalaphus sees Proserpine eat the pomegranate seeds in Hades and betrays her, preventing her permanent escape from the underworld.
Ascanius Ascanius is the son of Aeneas. He goes on to rule over his kingdom after Aeneas is made a god.
Atalanta Atalanta is a swift-footed huntress who marries Hippomenes after he tricks her and wins her in a foot race.
Athamas Athamas is Ino's husband. The Fates drive him insane, and he kills his infant son, Learchus.
Atlas Atlas, the world's tallest giant, refuses to help Perseus, who turns him into a mountain that holds up the sky.
Augustus Augustus, the adopted son of Julius Caesar, became the first Roman emperor and ruled during Ovid's lifetime.
Aurora Aurora is the goddess of dawn and Memnon's mother.
Autonoe Pentheus's aunt, Autonoe, helps his mother kill him when they mistake Pentheus for a wild boar.
Bacchus Bacchus, the god of wine and revelry, is the son of Jupiter and Semele, a mortal.
Battus Battus is an old man who sees Mercury play a trick. When he lies about not telling anyone, Mercury changes him to stone.
Baucis Baucis is Philemon's wife. Jupiter and Mercury bless the couple for treating them with hospitality by granting their wish to die together.
Beroe Juno takes the form of Beroe, Semele's nurse, in order to trick Semele and get revenge against her for having Jupiter's child.
Boreas Boreas, the north wind, is a god who loves and pursues Orithyia.
Byblis Byblis falls in love with her twin brother, Caunus. When he rejects her, she grieves and becomes a spring.
Cadmus Cadmus is the founder of Thebes. After several tragedies afflict his descendents, he transforms into a snake.
Cadmus's wife After Cadmus turns into a snake, his wife does the same rather than leave him.
Caeneus Caeneus was originally a female named Caenis who asked Neptune to change her to a male. The Centaurs later try to kill Caenis.
Julius Caesar The adoptive father of Augustus, Julius Caesar was a Roman statesman who was assassinated in 44 AD.
Calliope Calliope is the muse of poetry who tells the story of Proserpine during a singing contest.
Callisto Callisto is raped by Jupiter and gives birth to Arcas. Juno transforms her into a bear. When her son almost kills her by accident while hunting, they both become constellations.
Canens Canens is a nymph who marries Picus. After Circe turns him into a woodpecker, Canens wastes away waiting for Picus to return.
Caunus Caunus is Byblis's twin brother who rejects her when she falls in love with him.
Centaurs The Centaurs' upper half is human, while their lower half is horse. They battle the Lapiths at Hippodame's wedding and attempt to kill Caeneus.
Cephalus Cephalus is Procris's husband, who mistakenly kills her with a javelin she gave him as a gift.
Cepheus Cepheus, the king of Ethiopia, is Andromeda's father and Phineus's brother.
Cephisus Cephisus, a river god, is Narcissus's father by the nymph Liriope.
Ceres Ceres is the goddess of agriculture, the sister of Jupiter, and the mother of his daughter Proserpine.
Ceyx Ceyx, king of Trachis, is Alcyone's husband and Daedalion's brother. He disregards his wife's prophecy about his death and drowns, but the gods transform the couple into birds.
Charybdis Neptune's daughter, Charybdis is a monster who sucks in ships on the sea and spits them out.
Chione Daedalion's daughter, Chione has twins by Apollo and Mercury. Her bragging causes Diana to kill her by shooting an arrow through her tongue.
Chiron Chiron is a Centaur whose daughter Ocyrhoe prophesies that he will lose his immortality.
Cinyras Cinyras is Pygmalion's son and Myrrha's father. He unknowingly sleeps with and impregnates his daughter, who gives birth to Adonis.
Cipus Cipus is a Roman commander who grows horns on his head and is prophesied to become leader of Rome.
Circe Circe is a goddess skilled in magic who transforms Scylla into a monster. She also changes Ulysses and his men into pigs. She marries Eurylochus.
Clymene Clymene is King Merop's wife. She has a son, Phaethon, fathered by Apollo.
Clytie Clytie is a nymph who loves Apollo. She transforms into a flower in grief because Apollo loves Leucothoe instead.
Coronis Coronis is a nymph and favorite of Apollo who is unfaithful to him. He kills her, not realizing she is pregnant with their son, Aesculapius.
Creator Creator is an unnamed god who creates the world that the gods and mortals inhabit.
Crow The crow was once a princess who was transformed by Minerva to escape rape by Neptune. Later Minerva banishes the bird for tattling on Aglauros.
Cupid Cupid, the god of desire and erotic love, is the son of Mars and Venus.
Cyane Cyane is a water nymph who argues with Pluto that he should not kidnap and rape Proserpine. Unable to stop him, Cyane dissolves into water in grief.
Cybele Cybele is the mother of the gods, by Saturn.
Cycnus Cycnus is transformed into a swan after witnessing Phaethon's sisters turned into trees.
Cycnus (2) Cycnus is a warrior who cannot be wounded. Neptune transforms him into a bird when Achilles attempts to strangle him.
Cyparissus After Cyparissus kills his pet stag by mistake, he is heartbroken. Apollo, who loves him, turns him into a cypress tree.
Daedalion Daedalion is Ceyx's brother and Chione's father. Minerva kills Chione. In grief Daedalion throws himself off a cliff, but Apollo transforms him into a hawk.
Daedalus Daedalus is Icharus's son and Perdix's uncle. A brilliant inventor, he creates the Minotaur's labyrinth and wings to fly. He murders Perdix, whose artistic skill he envies.
Daphne Daphne is a nymph whose father, Peneus, turns her into a tree so she can escape being raped by Apollo.
The Daughters of Minyas The Daughters of Minyas are three women who are turned into bats for disrespecting Bacchus. One of them, an unnamed daughter, tells the story of Pyramus and Thisbe; Leuconoe tells the story of the Sun in love; and Alcithoe tells the story of Salmacis and Hermaphroditus.
Deianira Deianira is Hercules's wife. Nessus tricks her into giving Hercules a poisoned shirt, telling her it is a love charm.
Deucalion Deucalion is one of only two mortals, along with his wife, Pyrrha, to survive the flood sent by the gods to wipe out all living things.
Diomede Diomede is a Greek warrior, a hero of the Trojan War, and a friend of Ulysses.
Dryope Dryope is turned into a tree when she mistakenly picks a lotus flower that was once a nymph.
Echo Echo, a nymph who is cursed to only echo the words of others, falls in love with Narcissus.
Envy Envy is personified as a character. She curses Aglauros on Minerva's behalf by infecting her with endless envy.
Epaphus Epaphus is Io's son by Jupiter and Phaethon's friend. He questions whether Apollo is really Phaethon's father.
Erysichthon Erysichthon is a sacrilegious king. Ceres punishes him by making him stay hungry without ever being satisfied, causing him to eat his own flesh.
Erysichthon's daughter Erysichthon's daughter is capable of turning from one creature to another. Her father abuses her talent for profit.
Eurylochus Eurylochus is the only member of Ulysses's crew to escape being turned into a pig by Circe, whom he marries and forces to reverse the enchantment.
Eurynome Eurynome is Orchamus's wife and the mother of their daughter, Leucothoe.
Europa Europa is King Agenor's daughter and Cadmus's sister. She has a son, Minos, by Jupiter, who appears to her in the form of a bull.
Eurydice Eurydice, the wife of Orpheus, is killed by a snakebite. Orpheus tries and fails to rescue her from the underworld.
Eurytus Eurytus is a Centaur who starts a brawl at Hippodame's wedding celebration by attempting to rape her.
The Fates The Fates are three goddesses who know the destiny of all mortals and immortals.
The Furies The Furies, also known as "the Sisters born of Night," guard the damned in Hades and also act as goddesses of vengeance.
Galanthis Galanthis is Alcmena's maid. Lucina, goddess of childbirth, transforms her into a weasel for deceiving her about Alcmena's childbirth.
Galatea Galatea is a sea nymph who loves Acis but is wooed obsessively by Polyphemus.
Ganymede Ganymede is beloved by Jupiter, who kidnaps him and makes him his attendant on Mount Olympus.
Glaucus Glaucus is a sea god who loves Scylla but is wooed by Circe, who in jealousy turns Scylla into a monster.
Hebe Juno and Jupiter's daughter Hebe is a goddess and Hercules's wife. She restores youth to his nephew, Iolaus.
Hecuba Hecuba is King Priam's wife and queen of Troy.
Hector Hector is Priam and Hecuba's son. He is killed by Achilles in the Trojan War.
Hercules Hercules, the son of Jupiter and Alcmena, a mortal, has superhuman strength. He marries Deianira, who mistakenly poisons him. However, he is granted immortality.
Hermaphroditus Hermaphroditus is Venus and Mercury's son. Along with Salmacis, who loves him, he is turned into a being that is both male and female.
Herse Herse is Aglauros's sister. Mercury falls in love with her.
Hersilia/Hora Hersilia is Romulus's wife who grieves after he leaves and becomes a god. The gods allow her to become a goddess and rejoin him.
Hesperie Hesperie is a nymph who dies of a snakebite after being pursued by Aesacus.
Hippodame Eurytus, a Centaur, tries to carry Hippodame off and rape her at her own wedding celebration.
Hippodamas The father of Perimele, Hippodamas kills his daughter for losing her virginity to Achelous, a river god.
Hippolytus Hippolytus is Theseus's son, who is exiled after a false accusation by his stepmother, Phaedra. He later dies but the goddess Diana restores him to life as a demigod, Virbius.
Hippomenes Hippomenes, Megareus's son, marries Atalanta by tricking and beating her in a foot race.
Hunger Hunger is a personified character. Ceres calls upon Hunger to curse Erysichthon so he cannot satisfy his hunger.
Hyacinthus Hyacinthus is a boy loved by Apollo, who transforms him into a flower after his accidental death.
Ianthe Ianthe is a young woman engaged to marry Iphis but does not know that Iphis is actually a female who is disguised as a male.
Icarus Icarus is Daedalus's son. He dies when he flies too close to the sun while wearing wax wings Daedalus designed.
Inachus Inachus is a river god and Io's father.
Ino Ino is Cadmus's daughter, Bacchus's aunt, Athamas's wife, and Learchus and Melicerta's mother. Juno takes revenge on Ino and her family because Ino is Bacchus's aunt.
Io Io is Inachus's daughter and Jupiter's love interest. Jupiter turns Io into a cow to hide her from Juno.
Iole Iole tells Hercules's mother Alcmena the story of Dryope, Iole's half-sister.
Iolaus Iolaus is Hercules's nephew, whose youth is restored by Hercules's wife, the goddess Hebe.
Iphigenia Iphigenia is Agamemnon's daughter. Diana saves her from being a sacrifice by replacing her with a deer.
Iphis Iphis is Ligdus and Telethusa's daughter. Raised as a boy, she asks Isis to turn her into a male so she can marry Ianthe.
Iphis (2) Iphis falls in love with Anaxarete, but she treats him cruelly, and he hangs himself.
Iris Iris is the goddess of the rainbow and serves as Juno's messenger.
Isis Isis is an Egyptian goddess who transforms Iphis into a male at Iphis's request.
Itys Itys is Procne and Tereus's son. His mother kills him and feeds him to his father in revenge for Tereus's rape of her sister Philomela.
Jason Jason is Aeson's son. Medea helps him win the Golden Fleece. He marries her but later betrays her.
The Lapiths The Lapiths are a tribe who battle the Centaurs at Hippodame's wedding.
Laomedon Laomedon, a king of Troy, is Priam's father. He fails to honor bargains with Apollo, Neptune, and Hercules.
Latona Latona is the goddess of childbirth and the mother of twins Apollo and Diana by Jupiter. She punishes Niobe by killing all Niobe's children.
Learchus Learchus is Athamas and Ino's infant son. Athamas kills him in a fit of insanity.
Lelex Lelex, one of Theseus's soldiers, tells the story of Philemon and Baucis.
Leuconoe Leuconoe is one of the three Daughters of Minyas, who refuse to worship Bacchus. She tells the story of the Sun in love.
Leucothoe Leucothoe is Orchamus and Eurynome's daughter. Apollo loves her and turns her into a frankincense bush after her father kills her by burying her alive.
Lichas Lichas is a servant whom Hercules suspects of giving him a poisoned shirt. Angered, Hercules throws Lichas into the sea, where he turns into a rock.
Ligdus Ligdus is the father of Iphis by Telethusa. He is unaware that Iphis, who Telethusa raises as a boy, is actually female.
Lucina Lucina is a goddess of childbirth. Juno asks her to draw out Alcmena's painful labor as she gives birth to Hercules.
Lycaon Lycaon, the king of Arcadia, tries to prove that Jupiter is a god by attempting to kill him. Jupiter turns Lycaon into a wolf.
The Lycian Peasants The Lycian peasants treat the goddess Latona cruelly, so she transforms them into frogs.
Lyncus Lyncus, the ruler of Scythia, tries to kill Triptolemus, a messenger sent by Ceres with magic seeds. The goddess turns Lyncus into a lynx.
Macareus Macareus is one of Ulysses's companions who is turned into a pig by Circe.
The Maenads The Maenads, Bacchus's female followers, stone Orpheus to death and tear his body apart. Bacchus punishes them by turning them into trees.
Mars Mars is the god of war, who has an affair with Venus. Cupid is their son.
Marsyas Marsyas is a satyr who cheats Apollo in a music contest. The god skins him alive, and his mourners' tears form a river with his name.
Maton Matoa is Tiresias's daughter, who warns the women of Thebes, including Niobe, to worship Latona.
Medea Medea is King Aeetes's daughter. A powerful sorceress, she betrays her father in order to marry Jason. Later she restores Jason's father Aeson to life and kills Aeson's rival, Peleus.
Medusa Medusa is a monster and Gorgon who turns people to stone when they meet her gaze. She is killed by Perseus.
Meleager Meleager is Oeneus and Althaea's son. He kills a boar that attacks Calydon. His mother kills him for murdering his two uncles.
Melicerta Melicerta is Athamas and Ino's son, whom Poseidon turns into a god, along with Ino, at Venus's request. His name is changed to Palaemon.
Memnon Memnon, the son of the goddess Aurora, is killed by Achilles.
The Memnonides The Memnonides are the flock of warring birds that spring from the ashes of Memnon's funeral pyre.
Menelaeus Menelaeus is the husband of Helen. Paris abducts her, igniting the Trojan War.
Mercury Mercury, the mischievous messenger of the gods, is sometimes referred to by his Greek name, Hermes. He and Venus have a son, Hermaphroditus.
Midas Midas is the king of Phrygia. Bacchus grants him the power to turn everything he touches to gold. Apollo curses Midas by giving him donkey ears.
Minos Minos, the king of Crete, is Jupiter and Europa's son. Scylla falls in love with him, but he rejects her.
The Minotaur The Minotaur is a monster who is half-man, half-bull. He is killed by Theseus.
Morpheus Morpheus is the god of dreams, who visits Alcyone with a vision of her husband Ceyx's death.
The Muses The Muses are nine goddesses who each represent one of the arts or sciences.
The Myrmidons The Myrmidons are people created by Jupiter from ants to repopulate Aeacus's kingdom after a plague.
Myrrha Myrrha is cursed by one of the Furies to fall in love with Cinyras, her own father. She tricks him into having sex with her and has a child by him, Adonis.
Myrrha's nurse Myrrha's nurse helps Myrrha trick her own father, Cinyras, into having sex with her.
Myscelus Myscelus of Argos founds Crotona after Hercules appears to him in a dream and tells him to do so.
The Naiads Naiads are water nymphs who are the female deities of springs and rivers.
Narcissus Narcissus is the son of Cephisus and the nymph Liriope, and is beloved by the nymph Echo. A cruel and conceited young man, the gods curse him to fall in love with his own reflection.
Neptune Neptune is the god of the sea.
The Nereids Nereids are sea nymphs and the daughters of Nereus, a sea god.
Nessus Nessus, a Centaur, deceives Hercules and his wife Deianira, leading to Hercules's death.
Nestor Nestor is the king of Pylos, who tells the stories of Caenis; the battle of the Lapiths and Centaurs; and the death of Achilles.
Niobe Niobe is married to Amphion, a king of Thebes, by whom she has 14 children. Latona kills all of Niobe's children as punishment for their mother's hubris.
Nisus Nisus, the king of Megara, is Scylla's father. She betrays him and his kingdom for love of Minos, their enemy in war.
Numa Numa succeeds Romulus as ruler of Rome. Pythagoras instructs him on the nature of the universe.
Ocyrhoe Ocyrhoe is Chiron's daughter. She prophesies Aesculapius's future as god of healing and her own father's death, and the Fates turn her into a horse.
Oeneus Oeneus, king of Calydon, is Althaea's husband and Meleager's father. He forgets to perform rites to Diana, who sends a giant boar to attack his kingdom.
Orithyia Orithyia is the beloved of Boreas, who abducts and marries her.
Orpheus Orpheus, a gifted musician and poet, is Eurydice's husband. After she dies he tries and fails to rescue her from the underworld. The Maenads kill him and rip his body apart.
Orachmus Orchamus is Eurynome's husband. After he finds out about their daughter Leucothoe's affair with Phoebus, he buries Leucothoe alive.
Pan Pan is the god of the forest, who is famous for playing a set of pipes.
Pandion Pandion, the king of Athens, is Procne and Philomela's father.
Paphos Paphos is Pygmalion's daughter, Cinyras's mother, and Myrrha's grandmother.
Paris Paris is Hecuba and King Priam's son and Aesacus's brother. He abducts Menelaus's wife, Helen, sparking the Trojan War, during which Apollo helps Paris kill Achilles.
Peleus Peleus is Aesacus's son and Achilles's father by Thetis. He kills his brother, Phocus, then goes into exile.
Pelias Pelias is Aeson's brother and Jason's uncle. Medea tricks his own daughters into killing him.
Pelops Pelops is cut up and fed by his own father to the gods. They reconstruct his body but must replace one of his shoulders with ivory.
Peneus Peneus is a river god who turns his daughter Daphne into a tree so she can escape Apollo.
Pentheus Pentheus is a king of Thebes. After he shows contempt for Bacchus, his mother and aunt Autonoe mistake Pentheus for a boar, tear him apart, and kill him.
Pentheus's mother Pentheus's mother mistakes him for a boar during the festival of Bacchus and tears him limb from limb, killing him.
Perdix Perdix is Daedalus's nephew. Daedalus kills him because he feels threatened by his artistic skill, and Perdix is turned into a bird that can't fly.
Periclymenus Periclymenus is Nestor's brother. He transforms into an eagle and attacks Hercules, who kills him.
Perimele Perimele, a beloved of Achelous, is killed by her father, Hippodamas. Neptune turns her into an island.
Perseus Perseus, the son of Jupiter and Danae, cuts off the head of Medusa. He later rescues Andromeda and marries her.
Phaedra Phaedra is Theseus's wife and Hippolytus's stepmother. She lusts after Hippolytus but falsely accuses him of seducing her after he rejects her advances.
Phaethon Phaethon is the son of Apollo and Clymene. He recklessly drives his father's sun chariot, causing destruction on Earth, until Jupiter kills him.
Philemon Philemon is Baucis's husband. Jupiter and Mercury bless the couple for treating them with hospitality by granting their wish to die together.
Philomela Philomela is Procne's sister. She is raped by her brother-in-law Tereus, who cuts out her tongue to keep her quiet.
Phineus Phineus is Cepheus's brother. Andromeda's resentful former fiancé, he and his men fight Perseus, who finally turns him to stone using Medusa's head.
Phocus Phocus is Aeacus and Psamathe's son, who is murdered by his brother, Peleus.
Picus Picus, the king of Latium, marries the nymph Canens, but Circe falls in love with him. When he rejects her, she turns him into a woodpecker.
Pluto Pluto, also known as Dis, is the ruler of the Hades. He abducts Proserpine and becomes her husband.
Polydorus Polydorus is King Priam and Queen Hecuba's son. He is killed by his brother-in-law, Polymestor, to gain treasure.
Polymestor Polymestor is the king of Thrace. He kills his brother-in-law, Polydorus, to gain treasure.
Polyphemus Polyphemus is also called Cyclops because he is a one-eyed giant. He loves Galatea and kills her lover, Acis, in a fit of jealousy.
Polyxena Polyxena is Hecuba and Priam's daughter. She dies bravely when she is sacrificed at the demand of Achilles's ghost.
Pomona Pomona is a wood nymph and devoted gardener who is wooed and won by Vertumnus.
Priam Priam is the king of Troy and Hecuba's husband. He dies at the end of the Trojan war.
Procne Procne is Tereus's wife. After Tereus rapes and mutilates her sister Philomela, Procne gets revenge by feeding Tereus their son, Itys.
Procris Procris is Cephalus's wife, whom he accidentally kills with a javelin she gives him as a gift.
Propoetides The Propoetides are women whom Venus punishes for their sacrilege by making them the first prostitutes. They later turn into stones.
Proserpine Proserpine, also known as Persephone, is Jupiter and Ceres's daughter and Pluto's wife. She lives half the year on Earth and half in the underworld.
Proteus Proteus is a sea god who can change shape at will. He helps Peleus find a way to rape Thetis.
Psamathe Psamathe, a sea nymph, is Phocus's mother. She takes revenge on Peleus for killing her son by sending a giant wolf to attack his kingdom.
Pygmalion Pygmalion is a sculptor who creates a statue of an ideal woman. Venus turns the statue into a real woman.
Pyramus Pyramus is in love with Thisbe. He mistakenly kills himself in grief, believing she died.
Pyreneus Pyreneus tries to imprison the Muses. When they change into birds to escape, he falls to his death trying to fly after them.
Pyrrha Along with her husband Deucalion, Pyrrha is one of only two mortals to survive a flood sent by the gods to destroy all living things.
Pythagoras Pythagoras is a famous Greek philosopher who teaches Numa that the universe is defined by constant change.
Raven The raven was once a silver-white bird whom Phoebus turns black for telling him about Coronis's infidelity.
Romulus Romulus is the son of Mars and the founder of Rome, who becomes a god.
Rumour Rumour is the personified deity of rumors and warns the Trojans that the Greeks are coming.
Salmacis Salmacis is a water nymph who loves Hermaphroditus. At her request the gods make them into one body that is both male and female.
Saturn Saturn, the god of agriculture, is the father of Jupiter and his siblings with Cybele, the mother of the gods.
Scylla Scylla betrays her father, Nisus, the king of Megara, and his kingdom for love of Minos, their enemy in war.
Scylla (2) Scylla is a nymph pursued by Glaucus. Circe loves Glaucus and jealously turns Scylla into a monster.
Semele Semele is Cadmus's daughter. A mortal, she has a son, Bacchus, by Jupiter. Juno tricks her and causes her to die while having sex with Jupiter.
Sibyl The Sibyl is a priestess of Apollo whom Aeneas consults. She asks Apollo to grant her long life but forgets to ask to keep her youth.
Silenus Silenus is a satyr and former guardian of Bacchus. King Midas returns him to the god after he is abducted.
Sleep Sleep is the personified deity of sleep and the father of Morpheus. Juno has Sleep send a dream of Ceyx's drowning to Alcyone.
The Sun's Daughters The Sun's daughters, Phaethusa, Lampetie, and Phoebe, are transformed into trees while mourning their brother Phaeton.
Syrinx Syrinx, a nymph loved by Pan, is changed into reeds that Pan fashions into his panpipe.
Telethusa Telethusa is Ligdus's wife. She disguises from him the fact that their daughter Iphis is a girl by raising her as a boy.
Tereus Tereus is Procne's husband. He rapes his sister-in-law Philomela and cuts out her tongue. Procne feeds him their son, Itys, in revenge.
Tethys Tethys is a sea goddess who shows compassion to a suicidal Aesacus by turning him into a bird when he jumps off a cliff.
Themis Themis is the goddess of law and justice.
Theseus Theseus is the son of Aegeus. He slays the Minotaur and later participates in the battle of the Centaurs and Lapiths.
Thetis Thetis, a sea goddess, is Peleus's wife and the mother of their child Achilles.
Thisbe Thisbe is Pyramus's forbidden love. She kills herself when she realizes he mistakenly committed suicide, assuming she had died.
Tiresias Tiresias is a famed blind prophet in Thebes who was once transformed from a man to a woman and back.
Tisiphone Tisiphone is one of the Furies who guards the damned in Hades. At Juno's request she curses Athamas and Ino to make them go insane.
Tlepolemus Tlepolemus is Hercules's son. He objects that Nestor refuses to tell stories of Hercules's great deeds.
Triptolemus Triptolemus is an Athenian prince given magic seeds by Ceres to help grow new crops.
Turnus Turnus is the king of the Rutuli of Latium. He fights and loses a war against Aeneas, who kills him.
Ulysses Ulysses is the king of Ithaca and defeats Ajax in a debate to win Achilles's armor. In another myth Circe turns Ulysses and his men into pigs.
Vertumnus Vertumnus is god of the seasons. He woos Pomona, a nymph, who falls in love with him.
Vesta Vesta is the goddess of hearth and home.
Vulcan Vulcan is the god of fire and forging metal, the son of Jupiter, and the husband of Venus.
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